SECOND POST OF THE DAY – MAY 29, 2012 – I am still waiting for a call from “Bilal” who lives in Damascus.  He left a message with my wife indicating that a call would be forthcoming about the situation in Al-Houleh.  The capital is abuzz with speculation about who was responsible.  Even dyed-in-the-wool Sunnis have their doubts about the government wanting to stoke sectarian fires with such an assault.  The details of the Al-Houleh event will fleshed out for our readers very soon.  By the by; some really nice comments from readers concerning my diatribes on the Yahoo newspage.  (Hint:  SyrPer has information that Saudi “Prince” Muqrin is the puppet master behind the events in Al-Houleh).  Just wait.

           Your day is coming, you murderer!  You will be exposed for the sociopath you really are! 

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE’S WEEKLY BRAINTEASER:  Readership is booming!  And with that, arrive constant complaints about not enough mind-bending exercises for our self-important readers.   But Mercury News Service is announcing that all readers who take the Weekly Brainteaser and obtain a score in excess of 90% will be given Honorary Membership in QUENSA, the world’s most prestigious “Genius Guild”! 

Guten Gluck!!    

1.  Saudi Arabians who live in Texas are normally referred to as:

a.  Dowdy Arabians;
b.  Human waste;
c.  Rowdy Arabians;
d.  Rag heads;
e.  Howdy Arabians.

2.  No matter how ridiculous, who was the tallest man to play Jesus Christ on the silver screen?

a.  Willem Dafoe;
b.  Arnold Stang;
c.  Divine;
d.  Jeffrey Hunter;
e.  Max Von Sydow;

3.  What great baseball player will be remembered only for the way he constantly scratched his groin?

a.  Ty Cobb?
b.  Ty Hardin?
c.  Cy Vance?
d.  Sly and the Family Stone?
e.  Rocky Colavito?

4.  Who was named the “Female Peter Frampton for the Geritol Generation”?

a.  Liberace?
b.  Johnnie Mathis?
c.  Tiny Tim?
d.  Sal Mineo?
e.  Florence Henderson?

5.  Bayonne, New Jersey, is world famous for what product?

a.  Ringworms?
b.  Glowing hair rollers?
c.  Stiffs at the bottom of the river?
d.  Pate de Foie Gras?
e.  Nothing?

6.  Who is the philosopher who posited the following syllogism:

     “All Arabs are liars; since I am not an Arab: I cannot be a liar” 

a.  Omar Khayyam; he was Persian and could not lie;
b.  Timugen, a/k/a Genghiz Khan!!!  Don’t tell him he’s a liar;
c.  Tony Blair; bad choice, he’s just a pitiful liar;
d.  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the Prince of Lies;
e.  Benita DeCastro Alfredo DeDorito.

7.  Which of the following famous men was born in the State of Michigan?

a.  Gaius Caligula?
b.  Tarzan, King of the Apes?
c.  Amin Ziad Fadel;
d.  Robin Williams;
e.  Two of the above.

8.  “Soup a l’oignon avec fromage gratine et croutons“, is what?

a.  A female medical condition which cannot be mentioned explicitly in this honourable publication;
b.  A line no person from Arkansas can pronounce without causing severe dyspepsia;
c.  A typical French dish that costs a lot and provides no nourishment;
d.  Marie Antoinette’s last testament before her beheading;
e.  Onion soup with grated cheese and cheap croutons.

9.  Armenians are known for their “hot” foods.  What is their favourite hottest dish?

a.  Sujuk sausage.  Man, it’s really spicy!
b.  Basturma!  The father of Italy’s Pastrami!
c.  Shangleesh cheese with African peppers.  Whew!
d.  Banquet Enchilada t.v. dinner with Hungarian hot peppers!
e.  Roasted Turk!!

10.  Frank Sinatra uttered immortal lines in ontology, what were they?

a.  Cogito ergo sum?
b.  I think, therefore, I am?
c.  To do is to be;
d.  To be, is to do;
e.  Doo bee doo bee doo, doob doob doob deeba, daba da ba daabadaa…..

The winner of this week’s Brainteaser will be invited on a fishing trip to none other than…..Lake Howe!!!
in Northern Michigan.  Fishing license, of course, not included.