MAY 29, 2012 – The BBC’s Ben Sutherland called yesterday around 10:00 a.m. EST to ask me if I would appear on some “special” concerning events in Syria.  I agreed and learned that I had to wait five hours for the show to start filming, and, then, some more time before I would have a “minute or so” to express my views on events in Syria.  It was Memorial Day here.  Tony the Greek, Bob the Bear, Sal and yours truly had decided to meet at Dunleavy’s in Allen Park for a hot day’s worth of beer at around 3:00 p.m.  The BBC got me to buy a Skype system which was installed for me by Mark the Brit and his son, Jacob plenty of time before the start of the BBC programme.  I communicated with Ben Sutherland a few times by phone and e-mail until our ducks had gotten adequately into a row.

But, a Mr. Atkins called me and feigned politeness by apprising me that “it’s only about 25% that you’ll be on the programme because we have too many guests”.  He also lauded himself for being so civil in calling.  When I told him that I had friends who were to meet in a bar, he said ruelessly that I might opt for that instead.  I waited until 3:15 p.m. and left my office and my SKYPE (with Sal) heading for a more reliable environment than the BBC’s turgescent namby-pambies.  Later, at about 3:45 p.m., Ben Sutherland called me on my cellular and asked “what took place?  What’s the situation?”  I explained Mr. Atkins’ call and informed him that I was hopelessly involved with a Canadian Whiskey and beer. 

No, this is not Ben Sutherland trying to destroy my career.  He was very polite and constructive; unlike that fitfully phlegmatic harbinger of melancholy, “Atkins”.

Only one thing about this sordid contretemps is worth mentioning:  Atkins tried to give me solace by mentioning that a Russian blogger would take the position that “both sides were at fault for the Houleh massacre”.  This was in response to my frontal attack against BBC propagandism.  You see, I told Atkins that someone should be on the programme to defend the Syrian government.  Because Atkins is a propagandist for the West, and ergo for the anti-Iranian Axis, he was satisfied that any arraignments could be mollified by a Russian’s wishy-washy attribution of blame to “both sides”.  But, I queried:  “When you report about U.K. Pakistani Muslim atrocities, you don’t bring people on who blame both sides!!  Do you?!!”  He had no adequate response to that.  The BBC has sunk to its lowest levels.  It is doubtful that this once revered organization will ever regain its former stature.

I have calls into Syria and will address the so-called “massacre” issue anon.  My reports, as you all know, will come from the highest echelons of the Syrian security establishment.    


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