April 7, 2012 – SYRPER IS BACK ON TRACK.  FIRST POST – Thanks to the glorious power of technology coupled with scientific rigour, we are ready to annihilate the enemies of enlightenment and the minions  of fake deities. 

The news is getting better every day for us:  The infestation of islamist murderers in Douma has been surrounded and snuffed out.  Douma is a formerly fashionable investment site for many Damascenes who liked the distance from the capital’s hurly-burly, noise and pollution.  But, with the arrival of armed terrorists, many of whom are not even Syrian, the suburb was turned into a fortress for reactionary killers.  The President, has ordered his generals in security to finish off the unrest before the April 10, 2012 deadline arranged by the U.N. representative Kofi Annan.  We don’t believe that a complete erasure of the menace is possible in such a short time.  However, a significant and possibly lethal blow to the esprit de corps of the criminals is virtually certain.

Reports about Syrian refugees “flowing” into Turkey are interesting only because the Syrian army is permitting these people to evacuate areas which are presently targeted for “cleansing”.  They will return soon enough unless the purveyors of propaganda convince them to stay in Turkey while their applications for green cards are being processed. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Russia is basking today in unprecedented glory.  Its policies in Syria have been completely vindicated and success is coming to the Kremlin in larger and larger increments.  Sergei Lavrov, the cunning and organized foreign minister of the Russian Federation, is hosting a meeting in Moscow of some of the opposition which has broken away from Burhan Ghalioun and his cabal of Islamists.  
With this event, it is easy to see how the French strategy has fallen apart.

Burhan Ghalioun, the “leader” of the “Syrian National Council” reacts to his French minder’s comment that the money donated to his organization is now “up for grabs”.
Turkey’s Prime Minister, who has just been voted by our readers “DUFUS OF THE YEAR”, continues to vituperate while he prosecutes generals of the Turkish army for plotting against him and his islamist party.  What Erdoghan does not know yet is that the Turkish citizenry is becoming weary of his political adventures.  Turks liked it just fine when he was touting his “friends with everyone” policy. That has blown up in his face, as Iraq reconsiders its friendly ties to the Turkish Republic; while Iran jousts for an alternative situs to Istanbul to host the upcoming G-5 + Germany meeting to consider Iran’s uranium enrichment program; while Syria closes all contacts with Turkey and its once financially vibrant Southern underbelly and while the PKK begins to absorb new weapons arriving at its bases in Northern Iraq.  

                            We really like this picture of “Dufus of the Year” nominee, Erdoghan.  
To all readers who are Syrian and plan to visit this year:  Don’t be afraid to go! The army is now asserting complete control and ground supremacy over every inch of Syria.  The merchants of the country have been demanding security and will now get it.  The islamist threat has been defused and re-routed back to Arabia.