FIRST POST – March 27, 2012 – News round-up.

The United Nations has reported that the Syrian opposition is using children as soldiers.  The desperation of Col. Riad Al-As’ad has reached the very bottom.  He now joins the Lord’s Resistance Army and other African savage organizations in marshaling the services of teen-age boys to do their fighting.

Two British subjects were killed by Syrian forces as they tried to infiltrate the Syrian territory last night.  The two were detected by drones which caused security forces to concentrate around the terrorists and this resulted in a firefight with a happy ending for SyrPer.  The two were shot dead and their bodies collected for cremation.  Facial i.d. disclosed the men were of Arabic descent and later investigation confirmed Algerian origins.

Iraq is bracing itself for a perceived up-tick in violence with the arrival of Arabian child molesters from the Peninsula to attend the poorly-conceived Arab Summit in Baghdad.  Iraqi security officials have disclosed disturbing information about movements of terrorists into the fire-zone.  We at SyrPer normally do not support these vicious terrorists unless, of course, they are out to dispatch Arabian pedophiles and perverts.  In any case, good hunting.

Kofi Annan, the U.N.’s special delegate for the Syrian situation, has declared that Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad reacted “positively” to his 6-point plan.  The plan is not going to work; but that’s okay because the Syrian security people have developed extremely effective ways to disrupt and kill the foreign criminals trying to inject themselves into our situation.  In any case, the Syrian exiles will reject the plan because the French don’t want to end the conflict.  That is, until Sarkozy is unelected and thrown into one of Paris’ many cesspools.  We hope Francois Hollande is smarter than Sarkozy.

Congratulations to Libya for a wonderful revolution.  We understand that some hoodlums shot up the 4-star hotel in Sabha yesterday and that shots were fired at an airliner.  Hurray for the Arab Spring!  Hurray for the interim Libyan government.  God I wish Qaddafi was back.

Hurray for the anarchy taking over Egypt.  The army has got its money now from the U.S., all 1.3 billion in another American demonstration of crass hypocrisy.  Now the army is condemning the Muslim Brotherhood for sedition and “bad-mouthing” the existing government.

Hurray for the Tunisian revolution.  It appears that Shari’ah law is not going to be adopted, yet, in Tunisia.  One of the problems is, naturally, no one knows what Islamic canon law is.  Another catastrophe is avoided.   Whew!

A Sunni Damascene former friend met up with me last Sunday as I was picking up some vegetables and fruit for my wife at a local market.  It all started off famously until the conversation got to Syria.  In truth, I have many Sunni Syrian friends and none of them harbor any animosity toward Dr.Assad himself.  This fellow was quite the opposite. I got to see a side of Sunni sectarianist that I had not seen anywhere else.  He regaled me with some crazy nonsense about Hizbollah being in Syria. He attacked Iran as a foreign power occupying his country.  He came close to damning Shi’is and, in general, gave me a picture of a people without any direction or compass.  He also cursed “merchants” as tools of the “regime”.  Boy!  What an intellect.

We, at SyrPer, are watching carefully the vituperations of a University of Oklahoma professor named Joshua Landis who has made some irresponsible statements concerning the Syrian situation.  We at SyrPer suspect this man is not quite what he pretends to be.  We will have more on this shortly.