FIRST POST: March 25, 2012 – Reuters has published hilarious reports about Syrian army tanks using children as shields in the battle against the Cheaper Syrian Army near Saraqeb and Idlib in the north close to the Turkish border. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can read through this and realize that it’s propaganda designed to inflame passions against the Syrian army and the government.

In truth,  our reports differ greatly from those of the Western media. Our reports come directly from Syrians who are actually in the country.  True, they are uniformly pro-government; but, let’s be brutally frank, they don’t exaggerate; they don’t attribute atrocities to the FSA in a manner so hyperbolic as to shock the conscience. 

The news is as follows: No activity of any kind in both Latakia and Tartous provinces for the last three months. Some fighting in villages around Saraqeb with the large city itself having fallen to the army days ago.  Fighting is light around Idlib; the terrorists seemingly out of ammunition as our army continues inexorably toward the border.  Erdoghan and Obama discussing “non-lethal” support for the terrorists: according to reports, this would include communication equipment which could increase the lethality of FSA terrorist attacks.  In the south of the country, there are reports of occasional clashes between the army and terrorist units.

In Jassem, near Dera’a,  security services discovered numerous IED devices and light weapons. The same is true near Saraqeb.  Sappers and other explosive experts have been able to easily disarm or control-detonate these lethal weapons.  Syria has one of the world’s best engineering units for laying or disarming mines, and the like.  

I have learned that the Syrian president has issued an order to all military units involved in suppressing the islamist uprising to use “all force necessary” to eliminate the threat, including air power.  There will be no accommodations or cease fires while these terrorists are operating inside Syria.  Kofi Annan can emit all the hot air he wants, but he is not going to affect the determination of the Syrian army to eradicate the islamist terrorist campaign.  

Some clean-up taking place today in Bab Al-Sibaa in Homs.  This is to be expected because some of the terrorists were able to percolate out of Baba Amr after the Syrian 4th Division laid waste to their safe-houses and liberated the inhabitants.  They are unable to escape Homs which is effectively cordoned off from the rest of Syria by both armored units and Ba’ath Party Militia.  The orders are direct from the Presidential Palace in Damascus: “Give no quarter and wipe out the terrorists completely”.   

There is no reported fighting in Hama.  Reuters and other Western news services are misrepresenting and misreporting the news.  Hama is completely calm today without any unrest or terrorist acts.  

Russia has told Kofi Annan, who is the U.N. and Arab League envoy to the Syrian situation, that the opposition must lay down its arms and stop attacking government installations and employees.  Russia will not otherwise support his role.  Balance is extremely important to Moscow and any effort by Annan to single out the government of Syria will fail.  While they do have confidence in his independence and objectivity, he appears to be acting like the shoeshine-boy for the nabobs in the West.   

Annan, (pronounced like “cannon”) is at sea, to say the least, when it comes to the Syrian situation. SyrPer predicts nonetheless that he will support Damascus after he is properly immersed in the situation and realizes that the opposition is mostly islamist militants.