In a stunning miracle of creation, James Proscia, former attorney in the mundane real world of patent law and chicanery, has recreated himself and become a spiritual guide for all those souls searching for their true identities.  He was separated from himself at birth but found the true person in Maharishi  Shree Proscia Rajneesh, Guru of Mumbai and Raj of Flatbush.  Hare, Hare, Hare Krishna!!!

Guru Proscia is coming to Detroit and will inaugurate the new Ashram of Self-Glorification on Hill Street in Ann Arbor on April 1, 2012.  His Holiness will officiate over auto-conquering mass prayers to Shiva and Quiva, Vishnu and Kali, Rhada and Ganish, Buddha and Siddhartha, John and Yoko and Pluto and Mickey. He will also share his valuable time with young penitents who wish to continue on the path to inner awareness through the technique patented by the Great Teacher and Guide, Guru Proscia.

Ashram Headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, where Guru Proscia spends his days and nights meditating over Hudson River Blue Fish prepared for him by Confucianist Chef, Gwa Hoo Kaw, of Chinatown. “It is the food of goodness and triumph.”

       We present our imposing Ashram located at 5th and Ocean View Drive in lovely Brooklyn.  It could not have been rented without holy lying.

“Beauty is what I say it is, Beauty is what you take from me, Beauty is in this bottle, Beauty is in the white foam that collects at the top of this golden elixir.”  Guru Proscia to the Athenians in the Baghavad Rita of 2012.  “The froth only promises the milk of Nirvana”, Guru Proscia to the Chicagoans before they cruelly tried to beat him to death after a brilliant sermon on “The Incorruptibility of the Corrupt”. “What any man should possess, he should give to his Teacher. I am his Teacher. I want to possess everything he owns”.   Guru Proscia from his hospital bed after another altercation with cannibals on the island of Basilan in the Philippines. “Ugliness is an old hag. An old hag in the dark is acceptable.”….and so many other aphorisms, psalms, fables. sermons and outright lies in which only real truth emerges.

“Do not believe that lying is wrong. For lying is almost always better than the truth. When you think about how many times you tell the truth and are wrong, why not just lie if it profits you. Contrary to what you learn in church, God supports the liars because they are strong.” 

Leon Panetta, former Director of CIA and now Secretary of Defense, took Guru Proscia’s course at the Ashram in Brooklyn and here is what he had to say:

“In my business, untruth is the way of the world. It grates on you if you’re a good Catholic. But, thanks to Guru Proscia, I began to understand that lying was something good.  My guilt was erased and I became what the Guru called `a made man’.  Spying and lying rhyme, he once told me presciently.”

Leon Panetta seen here with Mulla Bulla Abdullah of Kandahar.  “My lies were sincere and the Mulla appreciated them.”    

You now have the chance to improve your life and chances for wonderful karma with Guru Proscia’s new “Brooklyn Neo-Hindu Transcendental Ethics Course”. “Do you believe in the truth or are you just afraid of lies?”  Guru Proscia, our Teacher, says: “I will teach you how to accept and believe in your own lies.  They will have a life of their own. It is the way to success through conquest of the morons who inhabit this earth. Let’s crush them together!” 

Join Guru Proscia tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. at the Whitney Restaurant for cocktails and discussion of the new mission in Ann Arbor.  Requirements: all participants must understand Brooklynese or any variant of the patois dialects spoken on the East Coast, especially in Northern New Jersey.  Donations are accepted.  Namasteh.

Disclaimer:  This paid advertisement by the Other World Ashram Foundation does not represent the views of Syrian Perspective or any person known to our organization.      


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Please join the meditation today at Game Time.

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