SECOND POST – March 6, 2012 – “DANNY” IS KNOW AS DANNY ABDEL-DAYEM.  If the facts are told about this charlatan,  it may get me into some trouble.  So, we are going to lay out this miscreant’s bio in a way that will not offend some of my sources.  

That’s him in the picture which one of my sources says was staged in England by a public relations firm hired by Qatari Prince and universal child molester,  Drum son of Doubledrum Husband of Madame Banana. The trick is to figure out whether Anderson Cooper knew he was talking to him in London and not in Homs. My source, Sami, says that Cooper must have know from his own technicians that the call was not going to Syria.  The evidence is building that Anderson Cooper is, also,  on Prince Pedophile’s payroll and may have received significant deposits of money in a foreign bank account.  Cooper would have a very hard time explaining to the IRS funds coming from the Emirates. 

Coooper, seen here, trying to look masculine is anything but.  His portrayal of the “Arab Spring” has brought shame and opprobrium to journalism.  He should work for the BBC. 
Danny Abdel-Dayem, as he calls himself, does not exist in the records of the Syrian census or Ministry of the Interior.  His whole existence was invented by people in London who work for MI6 in cooperation with Langley’s Office for Psychological Warfare. 

Abdel-Dayem now claims to live an “impoverished” life in Cairo where he is planning to collect money for the effort to overthrow the government of Dr. Assad.  SyrPer has learned that he is not in Cairo.  He is, instead, here in the United States.  His purpose appears to be to collect more money for himself and his band of procurors.  If he is Syrian, which he is not, his future is truly dank as he heads ineluctably to that place where all traitors find their last cravat:

We will be publishing more on this poseur as information keeps coming in.  ZAF