SECOND POST – March 19, 2012 – MERCURY NEWS SERVICE ANNOUNCES THE SECOND MOST UNDERRATED MOVIE IN HISTORY: “THIRST” (1979).  SILBERT SAVANTE, movie critic and cineaste, professor of movie history at St. Xavier Du Defaulte College, special to MNS.

Our previous announcement of “The Silent Partner” as the first installment in our series listing movies which are, sadly, ignored by the public and critical community,  met with unexpected accolade and approbation, and to such an extent, that we rushed this installment in an effort to satiate the ravenous appetite of our readership for more insightful reviews and commentary.     

Arguably,  the most intelligent vampire movie in history, it is a Marxian allegory depicting the rabid and predatory nature of the rich despoiling the purity of the masses.

Directed by Aussie visionary, Rod Hardy, the credits do little to educate the viewer about the horror about to unfold in a movie whose miraculousness lies in the very low budget it trumpets through a visibly proletarian style, oh so contemptuous with a tongue-tip thumping at the cheek, and a classic, European reliance on good script, acting and mise en scene.  Don’t expect glamorous Hammer-like erubescence nestled in a viscosity dribbling lovingly over a busty wench’s decolletage.  The main character, Kate Davis, played by Chantal Contouri, is quite flat-chested unlike most women one encounters in these kinds of films.  But her waif-like shape serves her well the way that characteristic blended with Audrey Hepburn’s gamine appearance and childlike vulnerability.

Ms. Contouri has looked better.  Here she is in the throes of knowledge that she is in fact the descendant of a race of vampires – all very aristocratic, of course.

But it’s not only Ms. Contouri who chews up the scenery with her chaste and sincere revulsion at the knowledge she is the scion of a vampiric cult of plutocrats: of Elizabeth Bathory, herself; but that exemplar of British constipated acting, David Hemmings, as pontifex maximus, who leads the ceremonies praising HYMA, the source of life in a gothic scene predating Kubrick’s own masked ball in Eyes Wide Shut, who also shares in the glory of phantasmagorical squalor and jaded excess.   

Add to this stew the very American “poor man’s Jack Palance”, Henry Silva, and the die is cast: this movie will entertain you no matter what your mood.  With ham bone acting under the control of Mr. Hardy and a great script by John Pinkney, notable for its nuanced shadings between the evolving evil of Ms. Contouri and the natural goodness of the “cows” herded up on the vampire farm to be sucked of their blood.  A scene just before such a communal feast has one young and eloi-like young man implore the heroine “not to drink too much” because his girl friend is weak and anemic today. 

The efforts to present this movie as some kind of dreory horror film is exemplified in this poster which appeals to teenage boys or their long-suffering pedophile guardians ad litem

One of the in-your-face Marxist diatribes comes in the form of a Who’s Who parade of luxury vehicles descending on the farm to jointly partake in the sanguinary reveries offered up in this smorgasbord of the rich man’s instinctual cruelty and the meekness of those who should not inherit anything!

This movie is great and deserves a lot more than this review. Unfortunately, it was not marketed well and has been largely forgotten by the scum of the earth.  We, however, who uphold the highest standards of good taste and refinement can tell our readers that they couldn’t do much better than seeing this masterpiece.  It is the Second Best Underrated Movie in History.        


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