March 8, 2012 – The Western Media is having a colic over the supposed of a deputy oil and mineral wealth minister who appears on a short film announcing his resignation from his post and the Baath Party.  He condemns the Assad government for killing islamist criminals and claims that he is doing this despite the fact that he knows his “home will be burned” and his family will be persecuted.

             Here is Abdo Husam-Eddine, all spruced up for the camera announcing his resignation

Here is the truth:  Abdo Husam-Eddine was discharged from his post by Dr. Assad through the Ministry’s leader and was given two weeks to clean up his office.  There are two deputy ministers of petroleum and mineral wealth. His performance at this job was so substandard that the president was pressured into firing him.  That’s why the defection.  But there is much more.  Husam-Eddine was caught accepting bribes from Indian businessmen who wanted first dibs on Syrian oil supplies destined originally for China.  So much for his “integrity” persona.  Reaction in Syria is one of “shrug-shrug” and let’s get on with business. 

I can report to you now that elements of Syria’s 4th Mechanized Armored Division (logistics units)are arriving in Idlib as I write this post. My military contacts have indicated that this campaign will be short-lived since the islamist criminals are fewer in number and less concentrated that those in Homs (Baba Amr).  The actual assault could start as soon as the T-72 tanks arrive along with special forces units. 

Pleased to inform my readers that the Lebanese security forces have arrested 18 weapons smugglers based in Tripoli.  This will be a serious blow to the terrorists in Syria.  According to Lebanese t.v., the Lebanese Army and Deauxieme Bureau came upon a significant cache of light weapons and anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles obtained from Israel.  It appears the weapons were originally possessed by the Palestinians and seized by the zionist killers.  My information, aside from the Lebanese media, is that the cache was worth $21,000,000.00.  The financing for this, inevitably, gravitates to that swindler/traitor, Saad Hariri although no direct evidence has been adduced.     

That Danny character who snookered (?) Anderson Cooper into believing he was an “activist” in Homs, has now become a laughing stock, no less risible than the former Iraqi Information Minister: “Baghdad Bob”.  On Yahoo and other chat-sites,  people are referring to him facetiously as “Danny the Syrian”.  I have been quick to point out to them that he may not be Syrian at all.  In any case, the jig is up. 

In the picture posted above, you can see the mysterious “Danny” being comforted by the “houris” of his dreams at a hotel near London, U.K.  (Photo, courtesy of Shepperton Studios, London).

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Khalil Rammal
Level 0 - Anonymous

Great fact checking Ziad. Great work.