March 12, 2012 – FIRST POST – This news just came in and complemented a series of contacts over the weekend:

Syrian army tanks and APC’s arrived in Idlib, by-passing incident-free Hama, and caused the terrorists in the city to declare a “strategic withdrawal” from the city.  My source, Monzer, in Damascus tells me in “code” that the order to withdraw did not come from the so-called FSA (Cheaper Syrian Army) led by bumpkin-ne’er-do-well, Riad Al-As’ad, but an unidentified non-Syrian who spoke through a translator.  The order supposedly came from Hatay Province in Turkey. 

Here is the “Battling Bumpkin of Idlib”, Colonel Riad Al-As’ad with Burhan “Le Pipe” Ghalioun standing to his left.  To Ghalioun’s left in “Toxic Tessy”, the Colonel’s chief advisor on cosmetics and make-up.   
There are reports coming in that many of the Libyan mercenaries whose loyalty was bought by Prince Hamad of Qatar are becoming increasingly unwelcome among the withering ranks of the deserter army led by said Colonel As’ad.  They are hopelessly incompetent and rely on Allah for their training.  Well! That can’t be good.  The number of Al-Qaeda terrorists coming across the border from Iraq has been reduced considerably by intensive Iraqi-Syrian cooperation on the border between the two countries.  Syria has also been using pilotless drones to monitor the Turkish border and the drones have paid for themselves in gold.  The day before yesterday,  a whole unit of deserters and their civilian confederates were intercepted trying to cross into Syria from Hatay and were massacred.  They were carrying “sophisticated” communication equipment and some RPG anti-tank launchers.  While the Turks claim to be averse to arms smuggling into Syria, they do turn a blind eye to that activity.  They think it makes them seem “sensible”.

The news coming out of Homs describing the slaughter of 40 or more women and children is true.
Grisly pictures of children with broken arms, burned flesh and vicious blows to the body have sickened all Syrians.  However, this is not the work of the Syrian army or militias.  This is the modus operandi of the islamist killers who have been tasked with creating the impression of wholesale slaughter by Dr. Assad’s forces. Those of you who followed events in Iraq, especially during the heyday of Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi, will remember the grotesque nature of his style – video beheadings, deliberate mutilation of corpses and the signature mass killings of innocents.   


Syrian Perspective wants to pull the shroud off the mystery surrounding the militia referred to in the Western media as “shabbiha“.  Some news outlets are using the incorrect translation of “thugs”.  This is totally unacceptable.  The term “shabbiha” means “phantoms” or “ghosts”, even though the word is not found in any dictionary.  It cannot mean anything else, though.  The word is derived from the Arabic tri-literal root: “sha-ba-Ha” which referes to ghosts or phantoms.  The noun “shabaH” means simply “ghost” or “phantom” with the plural being “AshbaaH” or “ShubuH”.  The feminized plural of “shabbiHa” does not exist in any dictionary.  It is a solecism or neologism typically invented by Lebanese clowns in Beirut. 

The word “shabbiHa” is a play on the word “shabiba”, or youth: a reference to the Ba’ath Party’s Youth Organization.  The Shabiba is made up of young men and women in the Ba’ath Party who receive, besides ideological training,  paramilitary training.  The Shabiba is known for instilling in its members: loyalty to the party, maintaining excellent physical conditioning and alertness for evidence of activities deleterious to the state.  They are referred to as “phantoms” because they normally wear balaclavas or full masks to hide their identity.  They have proven to be excellent fighters and intelligence gatherers. 

The suggestion in the Western media that the militia is all Alawi is false.  All young people in Syria,  be they Sunni, Shi’i, Christian, Druze or Ismaili can be members of the Youth Organization if they pass a vetting process.  We hope this has clarified the issue.