THIRD POST – February 9, 2012 – Continuation of Weekly Brainteaser:

2.  What do these two men have in common?

a.  They were separated at birth by a Mongolian midwife;
b.  They never smile in front of a camera;
c.   Both have Khazar blood and belong to the jewish race;
d.  Both lived in the United States and worked on pheromone research;
e.  Both are non-indigenous to the Middle East.

3.  When Sergei Lavrov visited Damascus on Tuesday, he dined on what favorite dish?

a.  Curry flavored falafil;
b.  Stuffed wild boar with orange peel;
c.  A Damascus Coney Island;
d.  Armenian Khash Khash Kabob;
e.  Lebanese Borscht.

4.  Franz Kafka wrote the novella: “Jackals and Arabs” because:

a.  He thought the title was catchy and would sell like wildfire in Vienna;
b.  He was sick of writing about insects and wanted a book about mamamals;
c.  He was jewish and thought the Arabs of the Peninsula resembled wild dogs;
d.  Jackals and Arabs is an Austrian expression meaning “Sauerkraut and Spatzle”;
e.  He always found Arabs cavorting with jackals at international events.

5.  Peninsular Arabs use their right hand to do what?

a.   Sip Chartreuse Green from a pony glass;
b.  Pick their noses if they are right handed;
c.  See which direction the wind is blowing;
d.  Slap their wives and children;
e.  Wipe the left hand after using it for hygeinic purposes. 

6.  Betty Crocker was denied a license to market products in Qatar because:

a.  Qatar will only allow advertisements with naked boys on the cover;
b.  Betty Crocker products are “kosher” but not “halal”;
c.  Betty Crocker is an Arabic term for “trollop” or “hussy”;
d.  Betty Crocker is owned by George Soros who is not a 14 year old boy;
e.  Betty Crocker will not wear a kerchief or hijab over her hair.

7.  President Abdallah Gul of Turkey is poster boy for what organization?

a.  The Ankara Bubblegum Manufacturers Organization;
b.  “Midnight Express” Bastinado Quartet;
c.  “Why Cook Tonight Call Turkish Delight”;
d.  “Turkey is not some American Vulture Organization”;
e.  The Anatolian Cretinism Prevention Society. 

8.  Moby Dick is:

a.  An ascot worn by middle class children in grade school;
b.  A savory variant of the British favourite, Spotted Dick;
c.  A man who bullies others in a bathhouse;
d.  A Blue Whale with antlers;
e.  None of the above.