February 20, 2012 – Syrian security agents active in the area south of Damascus have arrested 14 army deserters and their confederates after the latter raised a white flag, Syrian state television reported.  My sources tell me that 5 of the terrorists were killed in that operation and that a “significant” cache of weapons was seized.  Some of the weapons were clearly to be used to make IED’s.  The style of terrorism is beginning to resemble Iraq.

In Idlib, Syrian security killed about 7 terrorists as they were getting into position to hijack a fuel tanker near the railroad tracks three miles outside the provincial capital.  The reports indicate that Syrian security was aided by an army Hind helicopter which spotted the criminals and alerted ground-based forces.

Dr. Assad has not given the green light for the assault on the Baba Amr quarter in Homs.  We know that the die-hard islamists holed up in the slowly dissolving protection of its buildings are running short on ammunition, especially after a tunnel was found which used to be a conduit for the transfer of weapons from Tripoli, Lebanon, to Homs.  It is also becoming increasingly clear that Syrian army units from the elite 4th Division are only going to enter Baba Amr with tanks after every RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher) has been secured.

Business in Lebanon is brisk if you want to send an RPG into Syria.  One drawback might be the elasticity of your neck after the Syrian border patrol catches you. 

Here’s a photo of Jamal Anbari of the “Cheaper Syrian Army” carrying an RPG anti-tank launcher. He is trying to look tough and menacing in this photo-op for murderers.  He was killed three weeks ago when his partner had a misfire with another RPG and broasted the two together. So sad. 

The Al-Mazzeh quarter in Damascus is quiet.  The reports being disseminated by many Western media, based on Al-Jazeera fabrications, are false.  My friend Monzer, who reads my blog and loves to see his name mentioned, now calls me frequently to report on events.  He says the people of Al-Mazzeh reportedly visited an “alderman” and apologized to him for any disruption of life.

The area of Jisr Al-Shughour, a city located in the north of Syria’s Wadi Al-Ghab (like the Bekaa Valley) remains an area of concern because the Turks refuse to police their borders with Syria. The Turks are deliberately manning the traditional entryways into Syria (which Syria closed two months ago to stop arms trafficking) but not well-known smuggling routes.

Whatever the case may be, the majority of weapons smuggled into Syria today are from Lebanon.  The Lebanese have never had an effective harbor security agency or system.  You can bring in most anything as long as you pay a proper “service fee” or “bakhsheesh”.  Tripoli is the primary port of choice for sending in anti-tank missiles, Semtex explosives or AK47 automatic rifles.  But I have received intelligence also from Mahdi who says that the Port of Jounieh, just north of Beirut, is also being used by the Hariri mob.  Some smugglers in Tripoli have complained, apparently, about Syria’s spies in the Jabal Muhsin area casing and surveilling known docks where weapons have been delivered.  The Syrian government, still, has issued nothing but praise for Lebanese Army Chief of Staff, General Jean Qahwaji and his efforts to stanch the flow of weapons into Syria.      

Tripoli is my birthplace. Here’s a nice view of the “Al-Mina” area where most ships dock to deliver goods to this Second City of Lebanon. I am ashamed that my birthplace is not used as a drop off point for terrorism in Syria.  
China has warned the West that actions taken by its leaders are aimed at fomenting a civil war in Syria.  The Chinese are very much on the same page here as Russia.  Interestingly, the Syrian government has given the Chinese embassy in Damascus continuous access to security information that the Chinese have interpreted as proving American complicity in the terrorism affecting Syria.  The Russians regularly receive these kinds of updates.  When Sergei Lavrov, the Russian F.M. speaks, he knows about which he is talking. 

The Arab League meeting this Friday in Tunisia to garner military support for the anti-Assad murderers will fail.  SyrPer is predicting that Algeria will make a big stink about sending arms to the treacherous terrorists being aided and abetted by the U.S., France, the U.K., Saudi Arabia and the child molesting enclave of Qatar.  The advisor to President Bouteflika, Mr. Belkhadim, has already warned that the Arab League is “not a league and certainly not Arabic if it supports the destruction of one of its own members.”

President Abdel-Azziz Bouteflika of Algeria is expected to tell the Qataris and Saudis to “buzz off” if they propose sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria.  Algeria recently came across a huge cache of weapons in its eastern desert smuggled from war-torn Libya.  Algerians know terrorism.

Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan and Jordan will also oppose any such talk of “weaponizing” terrorism.