February 28, 2012 – If you read the Yahoo news page and click on anything having to do with Syria, you are going to learn that Americans are picking up the media-hype and are rejecting it.  My “Long live secular Syria” which I have posted in my daily responses to Yahoo’s invitation for reader feedback has resulted today in one reader declaring the same thing.  What this tells you is that Americans are being convinced that some pie-in-the-sky figure bandied by the “opposition” is anything to be concerned about.  7,000 or so people is hardly the 300,000 plus killed by Geo.W. Bush and Company in Iraq.  Moreover, people are very suspicious about government machinations when it comes to those countries in the Islamic World.  Happy for me and for Syria. Long live secular Syria under the leadership of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.    

Syrian delegate to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, a Dr. Al-Hammoui, walked out in anger today after giving the members there a good drubbing with appropriate words condemning Western efforts to arm and finance the islamist terrorists in Syria.

But there is better news.  Syria’s 4th mechanized armor division under command of Maj. Gen. Maher Al-Assad has received all requisitioned T-72 battle tanks and is moving through the city of Homs like butter.  The area of Baba Amr which the Western media keeps mentioning as a center of resistance to the government was liberated a week ago. This news came from my wife’s nephew, a sergeant in the 4th Division, who reported to his mother in Latakia that only a few blocks remained to be cleared. The news reports in the West are puzzling. 

We at SyrPer support the new constitution but have some reservations about it: one, is the requirement that the president be of the Islamic religion.  We here believe in true secularism without any tinge of religion except as it might be an inspiration of part of a custom.  We also oppose term limits since a good, enlightened leader should not have to step aside because of some artificially imposed limitation.  

Over 8,000,000 Syrians voted in the referendum.  This is about 60% of the total population of
eligible voters. We think it’s pretty good if compared to other countries.   

Russia and China are more adamant about Syria today than ever before. It is clear that the referendum answered their questions about Dr. Assad’s intentions and good will.  While the West might pooh-pooh the referendum using shameful and tendentious words like “farce”,  we at SyrPer believe that other countries like Venezuela, China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Ecuador and even, India, will disagree.  We have more than half the population of the world behind us.  Nothing to be ashamed of. 



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Agreed! From a fellow Syrian Australian 🙂