January 5, 2012 – Sorry to have missed the last two days.  I’ve been very busy receiving information and producing translations of documents. 

SYRIAN BLOWHARD AND MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALIST BURHAN GHALIOUN has now broken the barrier of silence.  Ghalioun has now formally asked the Western nations who prop him up to (1): establish a no-fly zone over some parts of Syria and (2) establish safe zones for the terrorists who are destroying the lives of ordinary Syrian citizens. 

Burhan Ghalioun seen here is dying of ischemic heart disease and will not make it through this year. Some Syrians are privately hoping that the scarf he is wearing above will be replaced by a noose.
What this buffoon can’t understand is that the western nations who have been predictably attacking other nations in the Third World are on the verge of bankruptcy.  They are watching a civil war unfold in Libya after touting their great victory there over tyrant Qaddafi.  They know that the Russian fleet is docking at Latakia and Tartous.  They also know that the Syrian army is not the Libyan army.  Syria possesses large numbers of Russian-manufactured, high-velocity S-300 anti-aircraft missiles within units of the Air Defense Command that is completely loyal to the Syrian government.  The West has not encountered the S-300 anywhere in the world and has no specific counter-measures.

Syria deploys many batteries of the S-300 and will bring down any British, French or American fighter bombers flying in her airspace.  French pilots taken prisoner will be cooked.
So much for Burhan Ghalioun and his fantasies.  I do not believe that Europe is willing to get into WWIII over Syria or the so-called Syrian Transitional Council of Convicted Felons.

THE EUROPEAN UNION has agreed to place an embargo on Iranian oil and to stop dealings with Iran’s Central Bank.  That Alain Juppe of France, its foreign minister, is a clown should not be lost on anyone.  Just as Sarkozy’s polls are going down to the toilet trap, Mr. Juppe is leading a European push to emphasize continental seriousness over Iran’s nuclear program.  With Europe writhing in the midst of an economic plague brought on by its most indolent and hedonistic members,  this would hardly be the time to subject citizens to more travail that is waiting because of inherent economic conditions.  

Iran has vowed to close off the Straits of Hormuz.  Iran can do this and choke off 20% of the world’s oil supply.  But American officials who are never named are saying THEY HAVE A PLAN!  Whatever that plan may be, its not going to be perfect and ships will be sunk in the straits corking up the only egress from the oil rich region. 

Well, there you have it.  But the U.S. has a plan!  We know Iran deploys its own silkworm-type, anti-ship missiles which have been successfully tested at very high speeds.  We know Iran has thousands of human assets in Eastern Arabia who are capable of sabotaging oil delivery.  We know Iran has a very serious ground-to-ground missile arsenal capable of reaching any target in the gulf.  So what is the American plan to keep the straits open?   The plan is not to enforce the embargo.  It has to be.

Italy has already petitioned the EU for exemption from the embargo lest it lose hundreds of millions of dollars in pre-paid loads of oil from Iran.  If Iran gets miffed, it may keep the money, hold off on the delivery to Italy and sell the Italian share to India.  This would leave Rome in a real bind especially at a time of real economic upheaval.  I think the Europeans are stupid. 

AND THE WINNER IS:  Over two hundred people participated in the weekly Brainteaser and now is the time to announce the winner.  TONY BLAIR!  Mr. Blair, former P.M. of the U.K. seen above wearing a jewish yarmulka, scored an amazing 100% on the Brainteaser making him the first Englishman to achieve this unprecedented score.  It is testament to his durability, after bringing England to rock bottom with his insipid defense of military policy in Iraq and the calamitous destruction of Iraqi infrastructure, that he has now re-emerged from his feckless wanderings in Palestine as a true torch-bearer for professional liars and unrepentant apostates and murderers.  Good show, Mr. Blair! 

Sheikh Hamad seen here evaluating a stable of Eastern European male orphans for Prince Fatso

The prize for this weeks winner is a fully paid, frill-laden ticket to Catarrh as a guest of Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem of the Second Rate Tribe.  There, in Catarrh, Mr. Blair will be on the receiving end of everything he deserves for his mismanagement of England’s foreign policy and murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  Have a great time, Mr. Blair.