January 14, 2012 – Here’s the news fresh from Damascus:  Zabadani is now defector-free.  In coordination with the Lebanese army across the border, defectors who were infesting the tourist resort of Zabadani have been put to death and to flight.  The ones who fled across the border into Lebanon found themselves in the cross hairs of Lebanese army snipers who spent little time dispatching the traitors.  In the meantime, Syrian army regulars supported by special forces cleansed the town to the approbation of the citizens who have been living in a state of terror for over one month.  This disaster is particularly bitter for former Col. Riad Al-As’ad who has now lost almost 80% of his traitorous troops.  He is now relying on civilian terrorists who are thoroughly undisciplined and curiously vulnerable.

This T-72 tank is rolling through the town of Zabadani after having routed defectors who were terrorizing the inhabitants.
In the meantime, the BBC reported falsely that there were pro-FSA demonstrations in Aleppo.  Wow. Isn’t that incredible because we have much family in that city and not one has reported any unrest, much less a demonstration.  What a shame to watch a formerly respected news outlet being used for failed psychological warfare.  It’s now been months since anyone has mentioned to me reporting from that venerable news source.

General Dawoud Rajiha, now Syria’s Minister of Defense, has boarded the Admiral Kuznetsov as it docked in Tartous yesterday.  The Kuznetsov is in Syrian waters to send a message to Turkey and France (and now even the Arab League) that this territory is being claimed by the Russian Bear and you’d better not disport with this beast.  The Kuznetsov is fully loaded with Russian state-of-the-art Mig 31-B fighter jets and a whole spectrum of electronic warfare weapons.  It is accompanied by eight battle cruisers.

                      Russian sailors like these are now enjoying the warm climate in Tartous
The Turks have now joined the Chorus of Liars with their two stories of weapons bound for Syria. In one story, which if believed, makes all parties seem maladroit, Turkey claims it intercepted a weapons-laden convoy of trucks bound for Syria through Turkish territory.  Those of you who are familiar with geography know that it is easier for Iran to send shipments through Iraq than Turkey, which of late has adopted an hostile attitude toward Syria.  Iraq is an Arab country which enjoys
good relations with Damascus and Iran – so, by force of logic, Iran would send shipments of weapons through Iraq, right?  In truth, Turkey is dancing to an American tune now and follows CIA Psychological Warfare strategy.

The second story is even more hilarious:  Turkey claims that a Russian-flagged ship stopped at Limassol, Cyprus for some mechanical reason and was searched by the Cypriot authorities.  After determining that the ship contained “dangerous cargo”, they let the captain leave with the promise that he was not going to Syria.  What a pile of hogwash!  The Turks, claim that they would have seized the ship and its contents if they had the opportunity.  Such a Turkish action, would have been a cause for war between Russian and Turkey – hardly an outcome desired by the treacherous Turks.

I will post more in my next page.  I do not want to lose text now.