January 31, 2012 – RUSSIA’S DELEGATE TO THE U.N. SECURITY COUNCIL is preparing to put the kibosh on the Western-and-Traitor-Arabian resolution calling for the ouster of Syria’s legitimate and popular leader – Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Needless to say, Syria has already rebuffed the proponents of the resolution and thanked them for keeping their bloody hands off her internal affairs. 

SyrPer predicts that China will vote again with Russia for the same reasons offered by Moscow’s F.M., Sergei Lavrov:  the resolution does not call for all sides to refrain from violence.  The U.S. can’t agree to that anymore than the French or Qataris, since they are all smuggling weapons into Syria to kill innocent civilians.  Russia has already made plain her insistence on neutral language which does not even hint at “regime change”.  Russia has made good on its promise of support to Syria by delivering 60 tons of munitions through the port of Tartous, inking a deal for the sale of 36 Yakovlev subsonic training jets and supplying Syria’s military establishment its most sophisticated anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles.  This is not Libya. 

                          These are Yakhont anti-ship missiles and Syria is bristling with them
The deal for 36 Yakovlev jets is puzzling only because this number of training aircraft would be high for a country which outsources its pilots’ training programs.  These jets, however subsonic they might be, are useful as ground attack aircraft.  Who knows right now.  What General Rajiha has in mind for these aircraft remains to be seen.  We do know that Syria bought and paid for a whole wing of MiG 31-B supersonic, multi-role attack aircraft although no one has seen these jets in the air over Syria.  Puzzling.

F.M. Lavrov, in Sydney, Australia, refused a telephone call from eternally slimy Hillary Fathams Clinton claiming he was busy with his mission.  We know the real reason.  He doesn’t want to have to listen to her vapid caterwauling.  Good show and spaseba Sergei Tovarich.


I have received two telphone calls from two sources: one in Banias, a retired Syrian Army major, Tawfiq “Abu Bilal” Sleiman and Dima Ghandour, a Palestinian woman living in Damascus.  In the case of Abu Bilal, he was calling me back after I left him a message with his wife to connect with me.  His wife lost my number and he had to get it from my brother-in-law in Latakia.  Basically, Major Sleiman said that the Syrian army would have little difficulty cutting down the criminal defectors given the qualitative and quantitative superiority enjoyed by the army.  He also confirmed what I had been told by many sources that the overwhelming majority of the deserters were country bumpkins.
His information was that the deserters were surrounded and massacred.  Those who surrendered were taken to military bases for questioning.   

The BBC, NYT and American media are still blowing baloney-laden reports at the public.  What they don’t seem to understand is that their reports no longer make any sense.  The effort to inflate the capabilities of the “Cheaper Syrian Army” is being met with contradictory information on the ground.  Other than some sleazy ambushes of buses and the like, the criminal gangs on deserters have been able to do precious little to affect infrastructure.

Major Sleiman also said, in a cautious way, that Libyan mercenaries in Turkish-occupied Hatay Province were eager to go back home to fight with their own tribes now embroiled in a possible civil war.  He said the Libyans were “humuq” or “stupid” and brought no expertise to the battle.  It appears that the “Cheaper Syrian Army” feels more effective without them.  

Dima Ghandour is a Syrianized Palestinian living in Abu Rummaneh.  She met me once when a friend asked her and her husband to invite me to their home.  Since then, we communicate once or twice per year.  She says that the situation in Damascus is “perfect” with some fear about traveling into the countryside and being accosted by these criminal gangs.  The fighting in Saqbeh last Saturday could be heard in the city but had slowly diminished with the Syrian Army’s rout of the criminals.  Other parts of the Damascus area were blown out of proportion by Al-Jazeera and the Western media.  Harasta was never in the hands of the deserters; Tel Kalakh is firmly in the hands of Syrian security and the rest of the towns are completely Kriminal-rein.   

Dima says she wished the Lebanese would do more to prevent weapons smuggling.  We left it at that and discussed family.