December 15, 2011 SECOND POST – MNS REPORT FROM NEW YORK – Brunhilde Liebesbombe reporting – WINNER OF THE TONY BLAIR INTERNATIONAL LIAR’S AWARD GOES TO SURPRISE CANDIDATE.  The Board of Governors for the SyrianPerspective Institute has unanimously awarded the coveted Tony Blair Liar’s Award to none other than,  Rami Abdel-Rahman, of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based in Coventry, England.  The award which is named for the former U.K. Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recognizes singular achievement in the field of fabricating evidence and facts.  Mr. Blair, himself, immortalized his own name by lying so many times to the British public that a song was composed based on an American classic:  “Bliar, Bliar, Pants on Fire.”

    Tony Blair, above, attended the gala ceremony honoring Mr. Abdel-Rahman, sporting an Arabian-style goatee which he said made him look “all the more dishonest”.  That remark drew some thickly raised eyebrows from the hirsute Arab audience. 

Mr. Abdel-Rahman claims to be of Syrian origin with a Syrian wife and Syrian child all living together in Coventry, England.  Besides dodging Syrian warrants for his arrest,  he claims to run a book store in the English city where he apparently concocts his ornate lies about events in Syria.
Some experts doubt his existence and point to a plethora of evidence indicating a fictional side to this Abdel-Rahman.  Fifi Fecund of the Board of Governors claims that he is, in fact, a creation of MI6, the UK’s Secret Service, and, specifically an image sprung from the teeming and turgid brain of Sir John Scarlett.  She points to the various photos of the man which demonstrate the connivance of a major intelligence service:

In this photo of the winner, he seems to be dressed in a Bulgarian-tailored suit made for him during the premiership of Leonid Brezhnev. 

In another photo, allegedly of the same man, Mr. Abdel-Rahman appears dressed like a stevedore in Marseilles. 

                             In another photo, he looks like everyone’s bookkeeper or dentist. 
Whoever he may be, his award is final.  Ms. Fecund explained why Abdel-Rahman received the prize and not everyone’s favorite candidate, New York Times reporter Anthyony Shadid, who enjoyed shoo-in status until today’s announcement. 

“Oh, Tony Shadid would have been fine,” Ms. Fecund said.  “He has the statistics on his side.  He and his wife kept fabricating stories from Lebanon to keep their cushy jobs with the NYT.  But Abdel-Rahman was a more interesting figure because we don’t really think he exists.  That was the ‘mystery” element that put him over the top.  Of course, his lies and alleged money kick-backs from that fat prince in Catarrh didn’t hurt either”.

The Tony Blair Liar’s Award is a bust of “Martine, the Goddess of Lies” formed from gesso and cardboard with touch-up by master oil painter, Geoffrey Fripple.

Mr. Abdel-Rahman will now receive not only the Martine Bust, but also a years supply of hot peppers for his lying tongue and a lifetime subscription to “Mercenary” magazine.

After the event was over, Mr. Blair stepped out into 43rd Street and was greeted by a young chap who apparently recognized the great talent with which the former P.M. was blessed.