December 6, 2011 – Ambassador Robert Ford is (oh will the angels help us?!!) going back to Damascus.  This poseur who keeps telling everybody he’s fluent in Arabic (which he is not) just hasn’t had enough of the murder and mayhem he ignited when he left his embassy and traipsed off to various cities to incite all those rioting, bigoted criminals.  One of the curious upshots of his misdeeds, however, was the service he performed for the many Syrian security agencies by bringing the rats out in the open, so to speak, and keeping traitors on the telephones so that the police could i.d. and arrest them if necessary. 

                            Ambassador Ford seen here waiting for a tomato to land on his face.

Ford’s services were so effective that he was awarded the EGON KRENZ MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR SERVICE TO SYRIAN SECURITY.  Egon Krenz was formerly the head of the Stasi, East German secret police, who achieved renown for his superior record catching spies and wall-jumping miscreants.  The medal was awarded to him by Lt. Gen. Ali Mamlouk himself. The medal is also known as the PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN AWARD.

Even Eric Chevallier, ne’r-do-well, sexually ambiguous French ambassador to Syria, has returned to his lair to aid Mr. Ford in championing the cause of reactionary ideologies while trumpeting Gaullist principles and love for all things gringo

      Eric Chevallier in a photo taken during an orgy at the French Embassy in Damascus in 2010.  
It remains to be seen if Dr. Imad Moustapha, the Syrian Ambassador to Washington, D.C., is also returning to his post after a tit-for-tat withdrawal six weeks ago.  While I have no problem with Moustapha’s return,  I really do believe that Ford should be stripped of his credentials and sent packing to some other locale where he can foment discord and spread around his peculiar type of venom.  It is strange how his return coincided with Syria’s unwise accession to the Scarab League’s demands for observers in the country.  I believe that this is a recipe for a new Pandora’s Box of evil.  I think Dr. Assad and his crew are falling into a trap.    

I will know something is wrong if the Arabian ambassadors also return.  For many months the citizens of Damascus enjoyed clean air without the foetid stench of putrescent, diseased skin, indifferently eructed by the so-called Arabian diplomats – a condition attributable to the fact that bathing is taboo among those people. 

    Mr. Robert Ford nearly collapsed after a close-quarters meeting with Qatar’s ambassador in the Syrian capital.