December 17, 2011 – The BBC, never a slacker when it comes to picking up inane stories, has reported that 23 or 27 Syrian soldiers were killed in the area of Der’aa by army defectors who, wanting revenge, set up an elaborate ambush with heretofore unheard-of cunning, and managed to catch the Syrian conscripts and officers unaware.  The slaughter was reported with much fanfare; Aljazeera anchormen seemingly delighted, with a sense of vindication percolating into our living rooms from their studios in Prince-Fatso land.  Rami Abdel-Rahman reported this to the BBC who dutifully included it in their Middle East Page.  A significan kill was reported by Aljazeera which actually named an officer: Major Al-Uwwaji, a Syrian paratroop commander.  BUT THERE WAS ONLY ONE PROBLEM WITH ABDEL-RAHMAN AND ALJAZEERA’S REPORT.  There was no ambush of any kind in Der’aa.  AND!!!!  Major Uwwaji appeared on Syrian t.v. addressing Aljazeera’s lying about his death.  It was ZEINAB AL-HUSSNI REDUX.  Does anybody at BBC or Aljazeera have any shame? 

All actual, eyewitness reports from Homs have constradicted the Rabelaisian lying of the BBC.  There were no acts of violence in the area and business was pretty brisk.  Any demonstrations must have been extremely poorly attended.

These Homsi girls are typical of the generation of secularists nurtured by the Ba’ath Party.  Their fate in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood is singularly dark.    
An Iraqi delegation arrived in Damascus to help foster a better atmosphere for settling any disputes in Syria concerning governance.  The delegation came with the suspected approval of Tehran and Moscow.  The unrest in Syria, while not debilitating, is causing concern about the coming year’s expected record tourism season.  Syria does not want a repeat of 2011 during which tourists stayed away because of programmatic dishonesty in the western media.  The Iraqi government has indicated that it has been in touch with the “opposition” – that laughable cabal of sterile academics, convicted felons and renowned highwaymen – and is prepared to play the role of “mediator” in the conflict.  But we, at SyrPer, know what is going to happen already.

Burhan Ghalioun is so much in the pocket of the French and American intelligence services that he cannot act independently.  The French and Americans do not want a peaceful settlement because that means Russian control over the natural gas reserves off the coast of Lebanon and Cyprus.  France is so desperate to break the monopoly of Russian energy giant, Gazprom, that a peace deal in Syria would be viewed as a major strategic defeat for its own energy policy. 

Does this man look like he’s long for this world?  Burhan Ghalioun is a wanted criminal in Syria. 
Only the internal opposition led by Kilo, Abdel-Azim and Luay Hussein, has the freedom to act independently and come to a rational conclusion.  The exiled opposition has no such flexibility.  Moreover, there is the military dimension; the army deserters are starting to play a bigger role in the way the U.S., France and Turkey are plying their statecraft.  SyrPer thinks that the Syrian Transition Council is going nowhere and Mrs. Clinton is promoting terrorism to open doors for it.  The American plan is to oust Dr. Assad and replace him with obsequious old-catamites like Ghalioun. That’s what the bankrupt and cynical western strategy is.

Mrs. Hillary Fat-Hams Clinton reacts positively to false news of a successful ambush by Syrian army defectors in Der’aa.  The news was, of course, false.  

AL-JAZEERA has lost most of its stars because of terrible, dishonest reporting and creeping, reactionary Islamism.  We will have a full story about why Joumana Nammour and others jumped ship before the veil was pulled down on them.  Only the stubbornly venal, hypocritical Khadija Bin-Qinna remains on the air for the disgraced Catarrh-based news service. 

Bin-Qinna, seen above in a later photo,  put on the hijab in some cock-and-bull demonstration of Islamic purity.  Virtually all men agreed that she looked more “sexy” in her hijab than without it, a reminder of woman’s vanity – I mean – adopting the sacrosanct as a veneer for the meretricious.
This Tunisian divorcee is known to be quite a lot of fun in her Jahiliyya teddy.  Ask Prince Podgy.