SECOND POST – December 16, 2011 –  I can’t help but wonder why Yahoo and BBC don’t permit viewer responses to articles any more.  I know why.  And they can’t tell you.  It’s the way information is being manipulated by the media as part of a western government campaign to keep people away from the truth.

I just read that Rami Abdel-Rahman, professional prevaricator and grifter, told some news outlets that 23 security people in Dera’a were killed by Syrian army defectors.  Wow! That many?  According to Abdel-Rahman, who can’t even set foot in Syria and whose every contact is monitored by the Syrian Political Security Bureau, it was a “coordinated” attack to avenge the killing of some people the day before. I had to check this out.

I called one of my contacts in Syria using a secure line to his home in Damascus.  A secure line means one which is not going to be targeted by the ubiquitous NSA or any British affiliate because of prior suspicions  It was no big deal.  My contact, Samih, told me that no major event had taken place in Dera’a, or, at least, nothing worth mentioning other than a peaceful demonstration which broke up in a few minutes. 

Abdel-Rahman also blurted out that at least 200,000 people demonstrated in Homs.  Geez! That’s a lot of people for a town like that.  So I called my redoubtable friend in Fayrooza,  George, who thanked me for my concern but told me that the turn-out for the demonstrations in Homs was small and that there was a counter-demonstration demanding a halt to all the demonstrations.  Abdel-Rahman is lying.

A Slovakian delegation of academics is visiting Syria and has already reported its finding to its home country.  The evidence is clear: there are no remarkable disturbances in the country.  The western news media is kicking up dust and dust only. 

An Egyptian delegation of writers and scholars visited Dera’a yesterday and reported seeing all things normal.  This, despite the fact that Abdel-Rahman stated that today’s attack on security personnel was in retaliation for some attack on civilians two days earlier.  The Egyptian delegation will report to its government that nothing was seen meriting any concern.

But Abdel-Rahman’s lies continue to be published by the disreputable western news media.


Ahmad Chalabi seen above with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Vice President Dick Cheney and a female bodyguard and consort of Ms. Rice’s,  takes a break in the hot tub offered by the Manassas, Virginia Scottish Inn, an establishment owned by Haliburton, of course. 

With awards and ceremonies taking place almost every minute,  Ahmad Chalabi, whose greatest feat was helping to engineer the American and British invasion of Saddam’s Iraq through incessant fabricatiions and manipulation of deadly lies, was reportedly miffed by the award yesterday of the Annual Tony Blair International Liar’s Trophy to Rami Abdel-Rahman, and not to Anthony Shadid of the New York Times.  Not to take things lying down,  Chalabi immediately established his own award program and gave the now-coveted MESOPOTAMIAN PINOCCHIO PRIZE to a deserving
Anthony Shadid.

                                Shadid seen here accepting the award at a Beirut radio station 
Shadid was visibly stunned by the award and could hardly control his body functions.  One jallab

                                   Ahmad Chalabi listening to Shadid’s acceptance speech

vendor said to this reporter that “Shadid started to twitch, itch, shake and wobble, all at the same time, then proceeded to urinate on my cart”.  Once Shadid regained control of his senses, he made his way to the WLFOR radio station for his acceptance speech.  There in Jounieh, he said:  “Oh, God, please make this next year an even better year for lying.  Create new sources for me.  I want to thank Prince Drum son of Doubledrum for all his support, both moral and financial, and especially Ahmad Chalabi who will always remain for me the very best in our field of disinformation.  I love you Nada, my faithfully lying wife.”  With that Mr. Shadid accepted his award – an IOU in the amount of 50,000 Lebanese Lira signed by Ahmad Chalabi.   Hortensia Swillfrumper contributed to this report.

BRUNHILDE LIEBESBOMBE RECEIVES WURLITZER PRIZE FOR JOURNALISM – Developing story from New York City. Our own Brunhilde Liebesbombe (above photo) has been tapped for the prestigious Wurlitzer Journalism Prize citing her “almost unbelievable work” in the tranmission of news throughout the world.  More news to come about this evolving story.