December 22, 2011 –

Some “observers” from the Arab League have begun to arrive as a “forward team” to prepare the groundwork for the full complement of mostly CIA-approved monitors.  Syria is betting that after the monitors get a good look at the terrorists attacking civilian infrastructure in the country, they will report back positively about the government’s efforts to establish law and order.  The jury’s still out on this one.  As our readers know, SyrPer is opposed to any accomodation with the Arab League or Syrian traitor organizations.  But Russia and Iran appear to support this next step.

The Admiral Kuznetsov is in the Mediterranean with a full load of fighter-bombers to assist in protecting Syria’s northern flank with Turkey.  If the Turks are getting itchy, they had better be forewarned: Syria’s SCUD missiles have tested for high accuracy in 80% of trials and are programmed to hit plump, high-value targets in Turkey.

The attractive nature of the Ataturk dam as a target for Syrian missile testing cannot be denied.  Two SCUD-B’s would annihilate Turkish energy supplies for vast areas of the country and provide significant opportunity for swimming instruction for the local population 

Syrian security forces have surrounded, then captured or killed about 30 deserters near the area of Idlib.  My sources say that the identification of the terrorist gathering site was due to the unassailable stupidity of “Colonel” Riad Al-As’ad who actually made communication with a corporal by the name of Shadi Uweis over a cellular phone.  According to my source, the good colonel warned Uweiss that his group was targeted for liquidation and that he had better move quickly.  When Uweiss’ group started to speed its way to the Turkish border to join the Cheaper Syrian Army,  they fell into a snare prepared by Syrian Air Force Intelligence.  The number of actual dead is not known.  If you believe the BBC and its staff of lying weasels, the number is 250 or so.  My source says that that is not possible. 

                                                Typical lying weasel working for the BBC