December 12, 2011 – Syrian sources report a major coup in the north of the country near Idlib where a nest of foreign criminals was identified by army intelligence units.  It did not take long for Syrian special forces to surround the inept criminals who were dispatched to the depths of Hades – all 40 of them.  In the aftermath, the Syrian officers investigating were shocked to learn that the majority of those killed carried Libyan passports.  They were allowed in to Turkey with the knowledge that they were going to join the ranks of Syrian clown, Colonel Riad Al-Asa’ad, the commander of the cheaper syrian army. 

Libyan oaf, Islamist know-nothing and professional savage, Abdel-Hakim Belhadg, who met with the Cheaper Syrian Army in Turkey to coordinate the relegation of the Islamic World to the 6th Century. 
In the picture of Belhadg above,  he is smiling because he thinks the criminals Syrian commandoes killed three days ago are going to heaven to drink nectar and disport with themselves in a mindless paradise of earthly pleasure. 

Besides the stunning reversal of fortune for Col. Hayseed in Hatay, Syrian security has been consistently defeating efforts to smuggle weapons and ammunition into the country.  Even the deserters admit that they are running out of ammo, hence, the stealthy military build-up around Homs.  Two weeks ago, according to Samir Bitinjani, a friend, several luminaries from the ranks of merchants in Homs took this matter up with the Interior Minister, Mohamad Ibrahim Al-Shaar, and told him that they wanted the riff-raff liquidated once and for all or the government risked seeing a Brazilian-style hit-squad scenario opening up in the city.  This sort of anarchy was rejected outright and it appears that the minister hurriedly went to Dr. Assad and expressed his view that a “green light” had to be given to eradicate the terrorist presence inside Homs.  As I am writing this post, the 4th Division from Syria’s First Army Corps and elements of the Second Army Corps are taking position for a final, lethal and decisive assault on the rodents holed up in the city.

Elections for local committees are going fine in almost all regions of Syria with no fatalities reported, although, the BBC, unable to contain its Schadefreude had some new bloke blather about “expectations are for a meagre turnout” and all the other silliness the hapless news service metes out to an innocent and unsuspecting public. 

 ARAB LEAGUE SANCTIONS, UTTER FAILURE.  Syria’s confidence in her ability to weather the economic sanctions imposed by the Arab League is best exemplified by the massing of Syrian forces on Turkey’s border and the closure of crossing points to Turkish traffic.  The Turks imposed a 30% tax on Syrian goods coming into Turkey, but that was all.  In truth, Syria’s biggest trading partner today is Iraq whose president and government are firmly on the side of Syria.  Jordan, as we wrote accurately, has asked the Arab League to exempt it from the sanctions regime for the most obvious reasons: economic implosion.  With Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Jordan, Iraq, India, China, Lebanon all lining up in support of Syria, the only fear is the Syrian lira being weakened by European and American banking strictures.  These can be resolved by sinking a few oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

As far as seizing Syrian assets in the Gulf states, two can play at that game.  Syria has billions of Qatari, Saudi and Kuwaiti dollars invested in infrastructure and tourist projects in the country. We recommend divvying up the spoils with those whose assets were confiscated by the Arabians.

Some marginal evangelical “christian” organization in Florida has convinced Lowe’s to withdraw sponsorship of the TLC show: “All-American Muslim”.  This has caused quite a stir with a California legislator demanding corrective action.  Lowes has promised to meet with him to discuss his concerns and the allegation that bigotry is playing a role in all this.  You can imagine the intellectual level of these so-called christians.  Will the saints spare us.