November 9, 2011 – THE UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, that laughable Navi Pillay, has started barking through spokespersons in an effort to deflect attacks on her credibility.  You see, the UNHCFHR (pronounced Unhakfahr), has counted 3,500 killed using its American-supplied abacus board.  Isn’t that figure incredible?  So round.  In truth, the UN is getting its information from both the State Department’s Office for Mental Manipulation in Washington, D.C., and that redoubtable maven of schlock, RAMI ABDEL-RAHMAN, whose existence is truly in question.  With so-called “activists” calling in on monitored telephone lines and reporting ordinary, natural deaths, the numbers are going up astronomically to 3,500!!!  I think that many die in Darfur every day.  Maybe Madame Pillay,  tea service maid for Mrs. Clinton and chamberpot “coolie” for the Obamas,  can explain why blacks don’t count for much when the whole humanitarian farce is based on Iranian ties to Syria. 

We at SyrPer once again would like to extend an heart-felt invitation to Syrian Transitional Council Impressario, Burhan “the Pipe” Ghalioun, to join both Shapur Bakhtiar (former p.m. of Iran, assassinated in Paris) and Salahuddin Bitar (co-founder of the Baath Party assassinated, also, in Paris) in the lower reaches of Erebus.  Seeing that Mr. Ghalioun already suffers from vascular disorders which have appropriately and mercifully evolved into life-threatening diseases, it might be time for the eminent traitor, Muslim Brother advocate, criminal and purveyor of hate, to get on that train to the infernal regions.  He does live in Paris under the protection of MAGYAR CUCKOLD SARKOZY and the vaunted Surete.  Oh, but that won’t help him when the powerful trio of the Grim Reaper cum Ankar and Nakeer come flying by.  Do the world a favor, Mr. Ghalioun:  Take your Comadin pill.  No. take 40 Comadins with some Drano.  It’s worked for others.

Al-Jazeera is now the laughingstock of the journalistic world.  Defections of some of their most renowned reporters (Bin Jiddo, Kulayb, Nammour, Azer) and firings of traitorous Filastizi bootlickers like Waddah “Yamma Yamma” Khanfar (his last name means “snorter”) with subsequent appointment of incestuous spawn “faux” princes from the “Second-Rate” (Al-Thani) Tribe of Prince Fatso to its managerial staff have transformed Al-Jazeera into the  National Inquirer of the satellite news world.  The New York Times, no slouch when it comes to lying and chicanery,  produced the husband and wife duo of ANTHONY SHADID and NADA BAKRI.  Both claim to be in Beirut repoting about Syria.  In truth,  my sources tell me they are nowhere to be seen and are belived to live on a barge in Nicosia.  Another source, Fayyad, told me that he lives under the protection of that universal adolescent, SAAD HARIRI.  SHADID, as you all know, is the shoe-in winner of this years TONY BLAIR ANNUAL LIAR’S AWARD.  His reports have brought calumny and disgrace to the NYT.

But, Ziad, is it possible that the BBC,  honored repository of all journalistic credos of the loftiest elevations, bulwark of assiduous objectivity, sober-minded tower of truth, justice and the British way, could be exposed as another journalistic strumpet?  YES! Fool.!  It’s coming soon to a theatre near you.  Wikileaks is broke, to be sure, but not done with, yet.  SyrPer is prepared to expose the relationship between PRINCE PUDGY and the ever destitute BBC whose deprivations have forced its supervisory staff to accept lucre from the corrupt and slippery palms of Madame Banana’s Husband.  With most English soccer teams in the clutches of the sleazy, lazy and snotty Arabians, only the BBC remains a target for their boundless cupidity.  Its coming soon.  Heads will roll.  Tweedle Cam will exude unctuous, self-righteous indignation before a rattled people – a people rankled by scandal after scandal emanating from the ethereal reaches of Britannic culture.  The French will have a field day.  Edith Cresson will be rehabilitated and lionized for her perspicacity. There will be sniggering across the channel.  There will be gnashing of teeth in Albion.   

MERCURY NEWS SERVICE REPORT – URGENT – NICOLAS SARKOZY CALLS ZIONIST PM MILEIKOWSKI (AKA NETANYAHU) “LIAR”.  Original report filed by Winnifred Ortt-Cukesnookshire from Geneva.  This just in, French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, is overheard by a
clutch of reporters calling Zionist-Abomination prime minister Mileikowski (Netanyahu) a “LIAR”.  The diplomatic world is abuzz with speculation as to whether the French Prez. really said that and whether the statement is true.  Is PM Mileikowski a “liar”?  Obama seems to think so.  It is reported that when the American leader heard Mr. Sarkozy’s vituperation,  he said with his trademark smile: “Yeah, but I have to talk to him a lot more than you do.”  Jewish voters, always sensitive to anything having to do with their Slavic zionist settler state, have filed thousands of protests demanding a retraction of the statement.  SHLOMO BLATTLAUS of the American Jewish Zealots Association weighed in with:  “We all know Bibi (i.e. Netanyahu) is a fibber.  But that doesn’t mean people have to torment him.  It just isn’t nice.” 
ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN, representative of Florida, known to suffer grand mal seizures whenever any zionist politician is defamed, screeched out in a Florida hospice, the Bar Kochba Home for Slavic Jews:  “We demand all French products be sent back to Mr. Snarkusy (sic) along with that statue in New Jersey, the one with the lady holding the paint brush.”  Reports are that the French Foreign Ministry is an hive of activity with the main task at hand: “Putting the right spin on this”, as Monsieur Kiko Rongeur said to this reporter.  Alain Juppe, the Foreign Minister, speaking to reporters at the Quai D’Orsay commented: “Non.
Il est vrai,  et le President a raison lorsqu’il a dire que le Premiere Zioniste etait un menseur pathologique.  Car, je ne crois pas les relations diplomatiques entre nos pays souffrirent une derangement serieuse.  Merd! Mon aeroglisseur est pleine avec les anguilles!”  Whereat he sped off in his paisley Citroen.