SECOND POST FOR NOVEMBER 20, 2011 –  There is no question any more, the Russian fleet, with a full complement of battle cruisers, is beginning to arrive in Latakia Harbor to defend the Eastern Mediterranean against the malicious depradations of the Turks.  My sister-in-law, a nurse who works in a hospital in the Sheikh Daher quarter of Latakia, has already seen Russian sailors who are a part of an advance team walking around the city. 

This mammoth undertaking by the Russian Federation demonstrates the new muscle being flexed by President Medvyedev with the certain approval of the incomparable Vladimir Putin and the Chief of Staff,  General Makarov. 

Syria is Russia’s only guarantee of warm water ports in the Mediterranean which, otherwise, would turn that sea into a private lake for the hated British and American navies.  Russia is also aware that there is an economic game to all this that concerns underwater natural gas reservoirs, a pipeline terminus at Banias and the entire central asian monopoly on readily available natural gas for Europe.  The Qatari-Turkish-American stratagem to cut Russia out of the market has been exposed.
The Turkish threat to use its navy to bully Cyprus, Lebanon and Palestine into accepting its domination is now a distant memory. 

As I write this post now,  the Syrian army, buoyed up by a stunning Russian display of naval and air power on the coast, has begun to MASS ON THE TURKISH BORDER TO STOP THE FLOW OF ARMS INTO SYRIA.  No one should be surprised to hear that Turkey, a vicious enemy of the Arab people – a race of mindless pygmies from the lower intestine of Asia,  has been training and arming the so-called “free syrian army” led by Colonel Fluff (a/k/a Colonel Al-As’ad).  Although we have no confirmation yet of this,  the Russian fleet will be accompanied by an aircraft carrier.  The Turkish ploy has been uncovered and now the time for response is at hand. 

This man is no intellectual midget.  His experience in intelligence with the KGB; his knowledge of languages and cultures,  make him more than a mere adversary to the mono-dimensional Barak “Cream of Wheat” Obama or the baby-faced twerp,  Tweedle Cam.  (I am getting more news. I have to close for a moment. I’ll be back).