October 31, 2011 – My friend and colleague, John, Esq., has sent me an article in the Washington Post which pretty much supports what I’ve been telling everybody – Dr. Assad and the modernists in Syria have won the battle.  It wasn’t much of a battle anyway, really, I mean, some anti-minoritarian villagers along with entrenched takfiris trying to dislodge an army, a security force, a police force, a political party in power for close to 50 years.  I must confess, sometimes I titter at the sight of these so-called “defectors” pointlessly sniveling about their “movement” and the tens of thousands of troops they have battling the evil Assads and their confederates.

Let there be no doubt:  The Syrian Army is cohesive and well-disciplined.  It has four army groups (Fayaliq) and remains stalwartly on the government’s side.  The BBC cannot undestand that armies usually stand with the majority, after all, the conscripts and most officers are from the society they serve.  It was natural for the mini-army in Tunisia to stand aside while rioters shooed away President Ben Ali.  The army and General Rashid Ammar were fully aware that the people, as a majority, had risen up.  And so it was true, also, in Egypt.  General Tantawi, as putrescent and senescent as he looks, could not cast a blind eye to the fact that the majority of Egyptians were afire over the persisitence and hauteur of Mubarak and his son’s.  The army could not but support the people. 

But in Syria, General Dawoud Rajiha, and the entire Syrian General Staff, have thrown their full support behind the president.  The BBC cannot absorb this fact: that the Syrian General Staff, high-ranking officers and middle-ranking officers know that the majority of Syrians do not support the uprising and prefer stability and growth.  Unlike this writer, most Syrians appear to want some reforms.  But this is hardly, in their view, a casus belli.  To almost all Syrians, the prospect of fracture along ethnic, sectarian or ideological lines is anathema.  This is why the merchant and entrepreneurial sectors are staunchly behind Dr. Assad.  The Russians know this very well.  But not the BBC, a news service, once venerable which has turned venal. 

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ADNAN BAKKOUR?  I know. But I’m afraid to tell you.  One friend in Aleppo has told me that he has been BEHEADED by his salafist captors.  We don’t really know at the present time – but he hasn’t been urging anybody on tape to rise up and kill christians, alawis, druzes, ismailis or Secular Sunnis.  What could have happened to that trophy hostage the islamists kidnapped from Hama?
Why no more tape recordings? And where is the self-righteous BBC with its stentorian jeremiads elegizing poor Mr. Bakkour? Where is Jim Muir?!!

Nada Bakri, of the NYT, allegedly in Lebanon under the protection of Saad Hariri,  who is, himself, under the protection of MAGYAR CUCKOLD SARKOZY,  wife of TONY BLAIR LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD NOMINEE ANTHONY SHADID, showed us a picture of some hayseed Syrian “asylummed” in Turkey by the name of “COLONEL RIAD AL-AS’AD”.  There is some `deja vu’ here.  It sounds like COLONEL HANTOUSH OF THE FOREIGN LEGION.  Remember Colonel Hantoush whose inability to properly organize his lies resulted in the BBC mentioning his deviations.  Yes, you do. Well, now it’s COLONEL RIAD AL-AS’AD of the Free Syrian Army with his legions, all of 50-60 grizzled veterans of sheepherding and manure-spreading in the pastures of Syria.  He claims, just like Hantoush, that he could not obey orders to shoot at “unarmed civilians” and that he was there to protect “freedom-loving illiterates” and “pro-democracy hypocrites”.  What he did not tell the NYT and Madame Menseuse Bakri was that he had applied for emigration to Britain.  He wanted to live a pastoral life with that fictional, but sturdy,  bastion of  fabrication, Rami Abdel-Rahman, of the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights, there in lovely Coventry where he could join other Sunni expatriates and “tent-up” his own grossly unaesthetic wife, BAAAAHIYA, in defiance of British infidels. 

What ever happened to Colonel Hantoush?  I asked and was not given an adequate answer.  I interpret that as “he gave a command performance before a firing squad”.  I hope his soul is burning in hell.  Or, he’s in oblivion. 

We got back from our dacha up north yesterday after having winterized the family boat and deployed our formidable pile of bait for the deer I’m supposed to shoot this season.  It was very beautiful with the leaves all but fallen in an ochre-infused cascade of blinding shades of red.  Michigan is very comely in the autumn if you think of her as a woman. 

MERCURY NEWS SERVICE ALERT – Ardeshir Arakho-Mastokhiar – exclusive from Doha.  Syria’s delegation to the Arab League’s Doha conference on Syrian unrest had to leave the country sudenly after a truculent Prince Fatso openly derided the delegation as “malicious devil worshippers”.  The portly prince, known for his bizarre selection of misnamed wives, was “simply overboard” as described by his spokesman, Prince Son of Fatso, who attributed the outburst to frustration with his inability to “get anything done in Syria “.  Last month,  the prince was finally returned to Gutter after exploding when he heard that the Syrian army was wiping out Guttery-supplied terrorists near Idlib.  He was spirited to Germany where he was,literally, put back together again under the supervision of world-famous “industrial” surgeon Rolf  VonKorperfulle.  Problems arose shipping him back when he was required to utilize an entire frigate devoted to whale research – a ship flagged in Syria and owned by Rami Makhlouf, cousin of President Assad.  The trip was reportedly a disaster as the porcine prince struggled to keep himself from relapsing into “chronic-retro-explosiveness”.  Yesterday, in Doha, another episode began for the unlucky prince and his ditzy-dutiful wife, Madame Banana.  The Syrian delegation arrived safely in Damascus.