September 17, 2011 – There is a big story developing as I write this post on Saturday.  I heard about it while reading the nauseatingly repetitive news wires on Al-Suriyya.  An Israeli spy has been caught – and not some ordinary spook trying to steal our recipe for “dandurma” – no, this bloke is one prize hog.  He is involved in the assassination of Imad Mughniyya.  This is heady stuff.  I tried to catch the programme at 3:30 a.m. our time in Michigan, but saw nothing other than some typically, nay, relentlessly sleep-inducing levantine soap opera.  I hope the programme will air today.  I love watching slavic-zionist creeps squirm.   Gordon Thomas should be watching this very carefully.

Colonel Hantoush, whose ravings to the BBC and NYT in southern Turkey made him the favourite son of all Baath hating journalists, spies and Saudi Peeping-Toms during the summer slow-news season,  has now disappeared from view after blowing the lid off the so-called “dissident” movement in Syria.  To his credit, he doesn’t deny having an inimical posture toward the government of Dr. Assad.  He merely posits that the shadowy network of “freedom fighters” is exactly that – shadowy.  They make grandiose promises about liberating Syria and providing arms, but in the end, deliver nothing but used undergarments donated by gypsy fugitives from France.  He, as I stated before, will be subject to Syria’s Code of Military Justice, as in any other country, and will be found guilty of dereliction of duty, desertion, sedition and, possibly, treason.  These charges usually result in a command performance before a firing squad.  Yet, I think that in the merry old days of Dr. Assad, he will have his sentence commuted because he made the mistake of being caught and ,then, fessing up to everything like a real soldier.  He has done immense damage to the band of clowns pretending to be a real “opposition group”.  I have heard that Prince Fatso of Gutter and his long-suffering incapacitated Banana-Wife are inconsolable over the revelation that their efforts are being supervised by Gibbon monkeys. Congratulations, Madame Banana.  Oh, and I’m sorry, Prince Fatso, too!

Yesterday, there were a few small demonstrations outside Homs which couldn’t even qualify as a queue-up for the annual Walmart Thanksgiving appliance sale.  I am pleased that the otiose boors who used to inform these minor eructations of bile are now properly seated before their televisions to watch Syria’s security people do the Mr. Clean on the rest of the grit and grime.  As I told you before, accurately, the reserves called up for service to quash the mini-insurrection, are now furloughed back to their normal lives after performing briliantly in the service of Syria’s flag.

OH, WOE! The Arab League is talking about suspending Syria’s membership in that bogus, useless and meaningless organization.   That’s right.  Unable to extract any concessions from a resilient Syrian government bent on dispatching the race of Morlocks sent by the Dumbkopfarabischeschlechtleute; and unable to influence the Russian, Chinese, Indian, South African, Venezuelan, Iraqi, Iranian and Lebanese posture of support for Syria, the inflated sows of the Arabian Peninsula, their heads covered by the same rags they use to swipe their noses,  have threatened to suspend Syria.  OH, WOE, INDEED! What will Syria do now?
How can we live without membership in that cabal of overweight, neurasthenic, dyspeptic murder of crows?  I’LL TELL YOU WHAT!  Dr. Assad, before you demean yourself by having to send Mr. Mouallem to protest any such action,  SUBMIT SYRIA’S WITHDRAWAL NOW!  Don’t let these low-class, overpaid gardeners for American neo-con jews get the jump on you.  Show them the power that Syria wields as the “Beating Heart of Arab Nationalism” and put them to flight with one sweeping gesture of majestic, icy aloofness .  Don’t wait for these fulminating, frothing, rabies-infected currs to act.  Be proactive.   All progessive Sunnis, Christians, Alawis, Druzes, Ismailis, Turkmen, Armenians, Siryan, Yazidis, Iraqi refugees, Palestinians and, yes, Murshidis, stand with you all the way.    

Never to be outdone in the world of garish display, Rifaat Assad, brother of Hafez Assad and uncle to Dr. Bashar Assad, is now trying to play his hand at bloody knuckles in Syria.  Rifaat symbolises everything that the Syrian opposition despises.  When he was commander of the Defence Brigades tasked with protecting the government in Damascus, he gained the animus of almost every Syrian from every sect because of his randy behaviour, amoral treatment of young women he fancied, and charmless exploitation of business opportunities no doubt available because ot the consanguinity issue. He became a billionaire while he was a mere Colonel-Major in the Syrian Army. He lavished money on those few blunt instruments who remained loyal to him in Latakia Province and left in disgrace to establish himself in Marbella, Spain where he bought a hotel and some media outlets.  He is now involved in the dissident movement.  He is now financing some armed groups in Syria whose role is to help him, in his fantasy world, to return as a conquering saviour.  If he returns, it will be as a Romanus Diogenes, strapped to an old camel at the Hippodrome.  I will have more invective to hurl at this pathogenic popinjay later.  I have to finish a legal brief for Monday.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.