September 20, 2011 – SECOND POST TODAY.  I just back from a Chinese restaurant and found a fax from Chuck, a friend and reader, who noted on the cover sheet that he was shaking from laughter as he sent the copy through.  Chuck and I go back a long way.  A few months ago we were discussing how the U.S. government tries to affect events with a broad spectrum of instrumentalities.  One of those ways, as we talked, was mass psychology and “targeted media aggression”.  Needless to say, some of the media reports can be so preposterous that they can have the opposite reaction to what was intended.

In today’s NYT, a hilariously titled:  “U.S. IS QUIETLY GETTING READY FOR A SYRIA WITHOUT AN ASSAD”.  Oh. please.  It is clear that Americans in Washington think the Syrians actually read the NYT.  It may be true that the Syrian Embassy in Washington sends a summary of reports every week or each day by diplomatic means, but the receiving party doesn’t have to take any of it seriously.  I know that the NSA and CIA monitor everything and spy on everybody in the capital.  It wouldn’t be surprising that the people at the Company think that they can rattle Dr. Assad by plugging a stupid article in the NYT with a premise so out of touch with reality that he might lose his cool, so to speak.  No way.

In converasation after conversation with real Syrians who live in real Syria, the American-Saudi-British-Qatari plot has been annihilated.  While it is true, that some sunnis continue to “try” to obtain arms, their efforts have met with consistent failure.  Thanks to Lebanon, whose army and Hizbollah militia are devoted to protecting the border with Syria, tens of would-be smugglers have been caught and vaporized by the Syrian security apparatus.  The Turkish border is very secure for the best of reasons:  if the Turks relax their surveillance, Syria can do the same and facilitate the percolation of PKK terrorists into southeastern Anatolia.  This is not something the Turks want, at all.  The Jordanians likewise face the same problem of a potentially miffed Damascus arming insurgents to go and take on the Hashemite Dynasty in Amman.  The only serious problem here is Iraq where the two armies try hard to police an extremely porous border.  Their work has paid off and salafist scum are on the run there.  With new technology from Iran and the help of Russia,  Syria is on its way to making the next Friday a “Day of Fruitless Yelling”.  The author of the article in the NYT must have received a fat check from the Saudis.  She is inept and clueless about the subject and should be declared incompetent by a probate court. The NYT is a disgraced institution that peddles vapor in a cup. 

Good news to make Qataris smile:  my wife just talked to her sister Umayma in Slinfeh at about 9:30 Syrian time.  Our building is completely filled except for my apartment which is not to be leased to tourists.  We have a full complement of Jordanian, Lebanese and Aleppan visitors who are enjoying the safety and beauty of the Syrian mountains on the coast.  So, Madame Clinton, Zur Holle fahren! (Sorry no umlauts)  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.