September 15, 2011 – Another Thursday before the inevitable Friday that brings out fewer and fewer angry young Sunni males into the streets who think that by advertising their intellectual squalor they bring greater pressure upon the president to resign.  This is essentially their strategy.  That they haven’t caught on to the in-built failure factor to their plan is testimony to their incompetence as humans.  Some of them have now resorted to violence remininscent of that in 1982 when Muslim radicals put bombs on trains, assassinated prominent Alawis and kidnapped any pretty girl they could get their hands on.  My brother-in-law has a sister in Homs who has a relative from the Ballan family.  This is not the Ballan family of Suwaida, hence Muwahiddin Druze.  They are Christian.  The young man was kidnapped by takfiri thugs two weeks ago and has not been seen since.  We pray that he is safe although it would appear, as time passes, that those chances become slimmer and slimmer….as they are for Adnan Bakkour. Syrian forces continue to capture and defang this vicious, salafist movement.  The Homsi areas of Bab Al-Sibaa and Al-Khalidiyya remain dens of rabid vermin with their little caches of arms.  The population of Homs used to be sympathetic to the insurgents when they protested peacefully.  The news of horrific acts of murder has turned people away from the killers and made almost all Homsis informers for the Syrian government.  It will take time for the Saudis and their equally porcine Qatari relatives to understand that money won’t bring you happiness.  It will take even more time for the sick regime in Riyadh to understand that Syria is historically a nation of diversity.  We don’t like Wahhabism.  We view it as a form of social retardation.  We think men who don’t let women drive or let people see movies at a theatre or who behead sorcerers are pure remnants of Australopithecus. Ziad.