September 14, 2011 – This is my second post for today.  I just read the BBC World Service internet report which I thought would be more objective after so many efforts by yours truly to show them that the “activists” and “human righs organizations” upon which they so often rely are agenda-driven propagandists.  In any case, it is said that the English are stubborn.  The report today is almost entirely false. 

The first point is that Ghiyath Matar died while in custody after torture.  False. He died of a heart attack while in custody because he would not promise the police that he would stop organizing illegal demonstrations.  When he refused to so promise, he remained in lock-up and suffered a heart attack.  He was “REPORTEDLY” tortured if you believe the professional liars at Human Rights Watch.  Amazingly, no one at HRW is even asking about the people kidnapped and murdered by the criminal salafists in both Hama and Homs.  I guess Christians and secular Sunnis don’t count for much when the propagandists are trying to unseat a powerful and resilient president. 

The crackdown in northwestern Syria is overblown.  It is merely a clean-up operation in the Ghab area with the purpose of collecting illegal weapons smuggled into Syria by American-, English- and Saudi-sponsored murderers.  Rami Abdelrahman, know-nothing professional liar and fantast who will die in England before he ever sees Syria. That is, if this fellow really exists.

I am delighted Ambassador Robert Ford continues to embarrass himself after receiving the Egon Krenz Memorial Pied Piper of Hamelin Award.  He looks so self-righteous in his pastel tinted shirt and tie with a strained look of bereavement plastered to his face; trying oh so hard to conceal the fact that he is a paid agent of the Saudi snakes who bankroll his addictions.  This man is without shame.  He is indifferent to the Christians who refuse to receive him in Damascus.  He couldn’t care less about the secular Sunnis who try to avoid him at all cost.  He is the ugliest of Americans and a traitor to progessive thinking.  I believe that Colonel Hafez Makhlouf is dropping the ball when he lets this rodent out into the damascene countryside to spread his toxic oleo of oncogenic microbes.  General Rustum Ghazali should also pay attention – or maybe, he and Col. Makhlouf like the fact that he brings out the swamp-encrusted vermin into the light of day.  That’s why he won the Egon Krenz award.  Okay.