Thomas Friedman, In Fantasy Land

August 5, 2011 – The scenes of Syrian soldiers mopping up after the trail of salafist sludge was inspiring.  They are now going house-to-house looking for shivering little rodents who were of so insisent and demonstrative yesterday.  They claim theere’s going to be more demonstrations today.  This must come to an end.  The miscreant American ambassador, Robert Fraud, has to see that his unlawful visit to Hama will lead the population of that festering boil to the bowels of Erebus. 

I saw liar Robert Fraud yesterday on the tv.  He was talking to the empty-headed zionist-hired congressional scum we refer to as our representatives.  He is inarticulate and ignorant.  He is also a spy for the Saudis.  He does their bidding like a good ‘ol white boy.  Bad Alawis.  Good Salafists.  Fraud doesn’t care because he knows there’s a nice fat electronic transfer listed on his bank account in Panama.  He must think of retirement, of course. 

This sonofabitch actually went to Hama with forged documents purportedly signed by a major figure in Syrian security.  He presented it to checkpoint after checkpoint.  At that time, he was an agent provocateur.
He should have been treated accordingly- with all the ceremony appropriate for a terrorist.

Does anybody believe that Robert Fraud believes that the Hamawis believe in democracy?  Someone at the Company must have told him that Hamawis are Hanbali-type muslims who prefer to spend their daylight hours bating secular Sunnis, Christians, Alawawis and Druzes.  Fundamentalist Islam is now the vogue at the Department of State with HILARY FAT-HAMS CLINTON joining with Dr. Ayman Zawahiri of AL-QAEDA in a cacophanous litany of vituperation aimed at toppling the Syrian government.  Well, Phooey!
Dr. Zawahiri, who looks like death warmed over three times, and Madame Clinton make a lovely pair.  Maybe they should invite him to Foggy Botton for brunch or maybe, the Fogg Museum for caviar and buttered toast.

Unlike virtually everyone who writes or talks about 1982 Hama, I was actually there, both in 1982 and 1983.  Unlike Anthony Shadid, feckless, wreckless dreck-reporter for zionist NYT and his hopeless wife, Nada Bakri, I do not have to quote anyone about the subject of Hama.  But people like Shadid, who have a zionist agenda or who have to satisfy the zionist agendae of their handlers;  like Thomas Friedman and Guinness-snorting Liam Stack and that feeble-minded brit, Jim Muir, think they are so clever when they quote individuals who know next to nothing about the siege of Hama but give them the ammunition to damage the Syrian government..I guess it makes good copy.

Let me tell you how I was in Syria in February 1982.  I left for Damascus in January 1982 to see my relatives in Tripoli.  I was a new attorney at the time and had vacation hours built up. When I arrived in Damascus, I looked up a Ba’athist friend of a friend who lived in Muhajireen.  He was absolutely delightful and hospitable.  That second night, we went to Mazzeh and had dinner at a restaurant whose name I could not remember.  That night, he told me that I would not be allowed to go to Tripoli because of the situation there in the Lebanon. I explained that I had to see my counsins, some of whom were preparing to apply to emigrate to the U.S.  In any case, I told him that I wanted to visit my birthplace. 

Although, my family, the Abu-Fadels, hail from Mount Lebanon, specifically from a village named Ain ‘Unoob, and before that from `Izraa, Syria (where our last name was “Al-Qindeel”), I was born in Tripoli and have very fond memories of that city.  I insisted on going.  And he told me, that I must not because my security could not be guaranteed there.  He was polite but very decisive.  As it turned out, it would have been difficult, nigh impossible,  to hire a cab to go to Tarablus (Tripoli) because of the political situation.  I was deflated.

In an effort to save what I might from the trip,  I hired a private cab and travelled to Tartous.  This is a city I really like because it is so much like Tripoli.  It’s smaller, of course, but it is on the Mediterranean and has a fine culinary tradition.  The people of Tartous are also a lot less vulgar and more cordial than the Tripolitans.  I hired a room for three days thinking that that was sufficient to allow me to contact my cousins and to finagle a hop to my hometown. No such luck.  There was some firebrand sheikh in Tripoli who was roiling the waters, so to speak, and I was warned by the concierge at the hotel about going to Tripoli.   The concierge was clearly a security official of low status.

I have to go for about an hour to file something.  I will continue as soon as I get back.  Happy Ramadan to all my secular and tolerant muslim friends.  Ziad Abu Fadel.