The Slow Road Back to Qatana

August 11, 2011 – Hama has been freed completely from the salafist infestation.  Those salafists and takfiris who have been captured alive will wish they weren’t.  I saw a thorough video report of Hama and it looks as though our tanks are on their way back to Qatana.  The Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights, with its fictional one-man raporteur, the salafist Rami Abdel-Rahman, claims that Syrian tanks and armored vehicles are now heading to, Saraqeb, of all places.  I believe that if they are, indeed, heading to Saraqeb, it’s probably for an ice cream break after some dusty days of dispatching criminal takfiris in Deir El-Zor.  What a glorious morning!  Finally, the scum is on the run.  And so are the Saudi, Kuwaiti and Bahreini ambassadors to Syria. 

Now, look people, it doesn’t take a genius in polysci to figure out that the Saudi regime is the most oppressive, politically and socially, in the world.  It takes less of a genius to know that Bahrein is hardly a country steeped in the democratic tradition with its minority Sunni slavemasters lording over a 70% population of Shi’is.  And Kuwait.  Little Kuwait. Well, the less said the better.  The Bahreinis have to follow the Saudi suit because Saudi Arabian “troops” (if those uncoordinated slugs can be called that) rescued them during the Shi’i “intifada”.  The Kuwaitis have no choice but to follow Saudi Arabia’s lead lest Iraq once again make claim to that pesky, Limey-created province south of Basra.

I have known many Saudis in my life.  The ones I knew were mostly at the University of Michigan back in the early to late 70’s.  If I mention their names, I may hurt them somehow.  They do not deserve anything of the kind. I can tell you this, however: not a one of them had any respect for the fake royal family in Riyadh.  The other Saudi Arabians I met were real trash – lazy trash.  They viewed work as something shameful and had other non-Saudis do their drudge-chores.  To me, their pretension to higher status was lamentable for they had the uniformly characteristic qualities of street Arabs, gardeners or sewer maintenance workers. Their withdrawing their smelly ambassador from Damascus was an act of some taste unexpected from such historically louse-ridden bedouins.

Dr. Umar Farroukh of the Lebanese University, Department of History,  was once asked in the late 60’s why it was that Syrian Arabs were taller, better looking and more durable than the Arabians to the south.  Dr. Farroukh smiled at the audience and said that when the Arabs came out of the Peninsula during the Islamic invasions, only the strongest and most durable of the male warriors were selected.  So, the garbage remained behind and multiplied, leaving the present generation right there for all to see.      

I was delighted to hear Syria’s delegate to the U.N., Mr. Jaafari, tell the western European numbskulls there that they were “hypocrites”.  I’ve been saying that for months.  Let him say it again and again, without fear.  Let him tell the Oreo-Cookie President of the U.S. that Syria will not break with Iran or Hizbollah.  Syria will not betray the land of Palestine.  Syria will continue to arm herself with the best equipment she can find and afford. Let him also tell them that their little, takfiri-engineered unrest in our cities was a complete failure. That their agents are being dry-roasted over a thousand barbecue spits and their ashes scattered to the four winds.  Let them know that Syria has friends.  No matter what the Russians have said recently, they will not abandon their only friend in the Mediterranean or the millions of Syrian Greek Orthodox who people the entire Levant and the world.  China is with us.  Iraq has been remarkably cooperative in keeping its border under control and advancing money to the government of Syria.  Iran, what can I say, has been a stout and reliable ally in the battle against the salafist insurrectionists. While I do detest theocracies; I must say that a good friend is hard to find and Iran is exactly that. 

The Lebanese government is a disgrace.  This confessionalist system has got to go. 

I am calling for JUDGE OCAMPO of the INTERNATIONAL COURT to investigate British P.M. David Cameron and other baby-ass-faced members of his regime for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the barbaric suppression of the pro-democracy riots in London.   Judge Ocampo, as you know, is the leading contender for SyrianPerspective’s Annual International Hypocrite of the Year Award.  However, his recent silence might now disqualify him from this undesirable distinction. 

Back to zionist Anthony Shadid and his wife-sidekick-in-crime, Nada Bakri, of the zionist rag, the NYT.  Please read his Monday article carefully.  It is titled: “SYRIAN MILITARY MOUNTS ASSAULT ON ANOTHER CITY” (NYT, August 8, 2011).  The article is pure fiction, made up by a malignant liar who clearly could not get enough milk from his mother’s teat. 

This stinking agent of zionism writes that Deir El-Zor was the scene of “mass protests, with hundreds of thousands in the streets…..”  What? Did he see hundreds of thousands?  Is it possible that such a large number could be assembled in a city like Deir El-Zor?  Hundreds of thousands!  Only Rami Abdel-Rahman, fictional one-man member of the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights and agent of MI6 could have delivered such balderdash.  Quoted directly by Shadid,  it is designed to infuriate the reader.  Let’s face it, it Deir El-Zor has hundreds of thousands in the streets, then, the whole country is at war. 

Shadid is a bold liar.  If he watched Syrian television, he would have seen tribal chieftains complaining about salafists and takfiris infiltrating the city to drum up support for their farcical insurrection.  If there were hundreds of thousands, why did the Syrian army pacify the city so quickly?  Syrian tanks have already been redeployed back in their garrisons.

He also talks about international condemnation without explaining that western nations only have been carping about the government’s tactics.  He claims that Dr. Assad has made it clear that he will keep power “through violence”.  That slimey, unsanitized codpiece of a journalist did not want to mention what he already wrote in other articles:  that the insurrectionists are armed.  How can the government treat with defiant, armed rebels calling for the ouster of the president?  You idiot, Shadid.

But keep reading and you’ll find one lie after another.  He makes up quotes from people with noms de guerre like “Al-`Aqaa’idi”.  He was talking by phone to a salafist and didn’t even know it because he can’t speak good Arabic.  He even mentions that King Abdallah “The Lazy” could not take the violence any more and withdrew his ambassador.  What?  Is this Arabia.  I recall the kind and gentile manner in which the Saudi security services made fertilizer out of “pro-democracy” activists so many years ago.  Wow.

I am calling on the Syrian government to make it impossible for that liar Shadid and his wife to continue slandering Syria.  Whether it’s from the Lebanon or elsewhere, this zionist agent and his shameless wife must be checked.  Ziad Abu Fadel