The BBC and Ziad; Latakia is returning to normal; Failed U.S. and U.K. Policies

August 19, 2011 – The bankruptcy of U.S. and U.K. policy is proven by the desperation of their latest gambit.  Asking the Syrian president to step down is meaningless because both these countries have gone out of their way to marginalize Syria at every level of international relations.  When they come now to exert influence, they find they have nothing but a failed record to rely upon.  The U.K. earns special blame here because British foreign policy has always been smooth, perceptive and characterized by finesse, albeit with a malicious facet at times.  U.S. foreign policy, on the other hand,  is clumsy, awkward and built on force, not the streamlined deployment of knowledge and preciosity.  When the brits get snookered into another American fiasco, shame on them.  They’ve had plenty of notice.

We don’t care about Obama and Clinton.  When it comes to foreign policy, they are a pathetic pair.  Dr. Assad will remain the president of the Syrian Arab Republic, and soon, Mr. Obama will be losing his second election for the presidency.  He will take Madame Clinton down the same sewer.  Iran will have inherited the Iraqi Republic and the U.S. will have to explain the deaths of 4,600 Americans and 400,000 Iraqi civilians.
So much for American prestige.

I am on the BBC network today at circa 11:30-11-45 a.m. Michigan time.  I will present a defense of the Syrian government.

Aida just talked yesterday to her sister, Umaymah, in :Latakia.  Everybody is sick of the demonstrators who have turned out to be criminals abetted by some worhhless Palestinians, Jordanians and a few Saudis.  They have been caught and the situation is turning gradually back to normal.  The American-sponsored policy of activating salafist terrorists in the SAR in order to put fear into the Syrian government, and thus, to cause it to distance itself from Iran and Hizbollah is a total ABJECT FAILURE.  I shall visit you again.  Ziad