Dr. Bashar Al-Assad was the picture of confidence during his speech with the Syrian state-operated satellite channel.  It started 2:00 P.M. our time in Michigan and ended about 2:45.  The interviewers were a man and a woman who spoke in literary Arabic and the President responded in literary Arabic accordingly.  His answers were calm and decisive.  There wasn’t even a hint of anxiety or anger.  To the contrary, he talked like someone who had just been given a clean bill of health by the Mayo Clinic after some quack told him he had pancreatic cancer.

The NYT carried the usual malarkey from Anthony Shadid co-writing with his wife, Nada Bakri, from (it is claimed) Beirut.  He is not in Beirut!  In the article, Shadid proves he doesn’g know Arabic since he mistranslates some of the statments of Dr. Assad.  The NYT is becoming a mediocrity with reports written by people like Shadid who has now been caught lying on at least twenty occasions by making up stories of contacts with sources in Syria.  The sources do not exist!

Like the analogy to the pancreatic patient mentioned in the foregoing,  the Russian delegation and Iraqi/Iranian visitors have made it all too clear they stand behind him all the way.  Syria fears no economic repercussions because the damnable EU-Europeans and the US have made themselves so irrelevant that their exclamations are nothing more than pontifications expectorated by a COVEN OF SENESCENT SPINSTERS.

Syria doesn’t fear European threats to stop buying their deep-sweet oil.  Syrian oil is reportedly different because it is deep in the earth and quite appropriate for specialized industrial uses.  Well!  If the bloody Europeans don’t want this oil, (read “Germans”), Syria will sell its oil to the Chinese, Japanese, Russians or Indians.  There’s a huge market out there.  As Dr.Assad said in his interview, we are looking “eastward” for other markets.   Syria does not need Europe.  The Europeans are following the Pied Piper of D.C. straight into the miasma of missed opportunities.  I like that.

Dr. Assad stated honestly that the demonstrators are becoming increasingly violent.  He failed to inform the listeners that, by most accounts, the demonstrators are becoming fewer in number.  But he did say that he could not reveal a major security victory because it would affect future operations.  I know exactly what he is referring to.  I will not reveal the security coup which was achieved only one week ago.  The sedition in Syria is about to end with a bang, not a whimper.

When asked directly about the EU’s and USA’s demand that he step down:  he was so calm that, if interpreted correctly by yours truly, he was conveying an insult worthy of Oscar Wilde to the Baby-Ass-Faced P.M. Cameron, Schmaltz-Frau Angela Merkel, MAGYAR CUCKOLD SARKOZY, WRINKLED CRONE IGNORAMUS ASHTON and MAESTRO PEDOPHILE BLOVIATOR BERLUSCONI.  Dr. Assad seemed to have cared less, brushing off their suggestions the way one flicks a flake of dandruff from one’s lapel.

As my friend, John Peters, Esq, wrote tartly to the Washington Post:  who in the hell are Obama and Clinton? Their poll figures are so low that they may be prime candidates for illegitimacy themselves!  In both cases, the argument for illegitimacy is particularly poignant, I would say, because its hard to tell from Obama’s background how “rightly and properly” his birth occurred, and with Mrs. Clinton’s notorious cigar-wielding hubby, William Blythe Clinton,  still running around unchecked, one cannot but wonder about his own legal status. 

Dr. Assad said something also that I’ve been saying since the get-go.  Syria is not Libya, Egypt or Yemen.
The Syrian people, as a whole, respect and want their president to remain in power.  This is proven by the fact that the army remains completely loyal to him.  The army is so loyal that he was able to complete the rout of the salafist criminals with only the 4th Special Division, the security services and 30,000 reservists called up for the purpose of snuffing out the rabies-infected, frothing, barking hounds of violent islamism.  Syria manufactures its own Scud missiles, inter alia.  If Hizbollah has 40,000 missiles, imagine the number Syria has.  Syria has a full complement of Russian made, state-of-the-art S-300 anti-aircract missile with a radar spectrum second to none in the Middle East.  Syria has Russian Yakhont ground-to-sea missiles made just for those pesky English and French ships pathtically tormenting Colonel Muammar “Bad Boy of Benghazi” Qaddafi.  Syria also has Iran’s version of the Chinese Silkworm missile as an added bonus for those JOHN PAUL JONES WANNABEES.   Syria’s army is made up of Four Army Groups, each with three fully mechanized divisions commanded by officers totally loyal to the state.  So when asked by reporters if armed intervention is an option, every western blowhard has said “NO!”.  Dr. Assad gave the appropriate appraisal in his interview.

I don’t care any more about reforms in Syria.  Most Syrians don’t care either.  They want to work and make money for their children.  These salafist-scoundrels, who almost destroyed the summer season for the Syrian businessman are on their way to a new kind of hell.  You’ll not know the hell by looking into the blue eyes of Dr.Assad.  All you’ll see there is a physician with an excellent bedside manner.  Instead, you see it in the raging,  coruscating orbs of seasoned officers carrying the bodies of slain comrades from the Syrian Army in funerals stretching from Latakia to Deir El-Zor.  I know the hell to which the miscreants are going.  I have designed it for them.  My collaborator is Christopher Hitchins.

Once again,  I want to thank the Iraqi government for the sincere and effective use of its capabilities to help Syria to break the back of the western offensive led by the wasted president of the U.S., Barack H. Obama.  I did not expect such support.  Syria must never forget the assistance given by Iraq at the right time.

The evidence is pouring in.  Your read it here and nowhere else.  Anthony Shadid, the new Salim Al-Louzy, is not in Beirut although the NYT keeps writing that in his by-line.  Moreover, it appears that Rami Abdelrahman of the “London-based” Syrian Observatory (sic) for Human Rights is a sham – a non-existing fictional character created by MI6, notably Sir John Scarlett (ret).  If asked to produce him, MI6 will have to find a real human and train him well so he can regurgitate the same web of lies he’s been spinning for the last 6 months.  Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq.