August 18, 2011 – I just saw today’s NYT.  On page 4 is an article by that irrepressible, fork-tongued, fiction factory, Anthony Shadid.  Just look at it.  Note the small introduction in italics:

“This article was reported by an employee of the New York Times from Syria and written by Anthony Shadid from Beirut”. 

The New York Times has no employees in Syria.  So, they write that the employee is from Syria.  Does that mean he is a Syrian national, not necessarily in Syria?  And, this employee can’t write his own articles, right?  He has to have Shadid write the article for him.  Isn’t this strange?  The NYT is now fabricating articles with impunity, or so they think.     

It is becoming clear that Shadid is not in Beirut.  My friend, Abu Mahdi, tells me that Shadid cannot be in Lebanon because no one has ever set eyes on him.  There are organizations looking for him.  He is probably in Tel Aviv or Cairo but has his by-line cite Beirut as his headquarters.  He may be in Cyprus also.  Whatever the case, he is in the lead for the annual TONY BLAIR INTERNATIONAL LIAR’S AWARD.
The article itself is hilarious.  The place names are all gummed up like a wet roll of toilet paper.  The references to cadavers is particularly indicative of fraud because the Syrian security people no longer leave bodies to be collected by civilians.  That only promotes public bereavement which often turns to demonstrations.

Good news from Latakia.  If everything goes smoothly tomorrow, the curfew will be lifted and life will go back to normal.

The NYT has again outdone itself.  In an article about Turkey titled “Turkey Bombs Kurdish Targets After Deadly Ambush on Convoy”,  the reporters refer to Syrian refugees as though there were any left.  Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo.  Ziad Abu Fadel