Russian and Chinese Hyprocrites, Lebanese Yellow Stripes and U.N. Bigotry

August 4, 2011 – The Chorus of Elders has spoken; Syria is to be condemned for violence against its own citizens.  Russia voted for it along with the Chinese.  Neither one of these permanent members of the Security Council has a good record on human rights.  In fact, their record is shabby, at best. Lets not forget Russia’s humane treatment of all those Chechens.  And remember the Chinese love affair with Tibet and the Uighers of Xinjiang Province.  Kindness that defies words.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  Syria never voted against these two countries in any forum.  To think that they would betray Syria today when she needs the support of powerful allies, is an instruction in the logic of treachery.  President Medvyedev has shrunk in my eyes to the point that he ceases to look like anything discernable. 

This Ban Ki Moon, reminds me of a honey-dipper.  You know, the fellas who clean the latrines at campsites.  Where was he when the Chinese army swept into Tibet?  Being Korean, was he afraid that he might offend the Han mobsters crouched a few kilometers from the borders of his motherland?  Or, did he spend too much time pickling kimchi and complaining about the cost of cabbage.  This constipated codpiece of a man has the style of an old Russian apparachik in Bulgarian business suits.  He is the obverse of white bigotry; he is non-white but wants to be a white bigot.  How can we help him? 

I saw pictures yesterday of Hamawi terrorists shooting at Syrian troops.  It was disgusting.  Peaceful protesters, indeed.  I so much wanted the turret of one of our T-62 tanks to turn around and send them into Particle-Land. 

Let me, once again, warn the Syrian government about this business of dead bodies.  You must not leave the dead bodies of the criminals in the streets where they can be collected and transmogrified into another cynosure of  bereavement.  They must disappear.  The best way is cremation, pulverization and, finally,  dispersal in the atmosphere.  Inasmuch as their stinking tissue is an environmental pollutant, a concern for green people like this writer, it must be done this way.  Failing that, an occasional flight over the Indian Ocean might also solve the problem.  Do not leave bodies.  It’s very messy.

I want to say this clearly:  Thomas Friedman has never been to Hama in May 1982 or at any other time.  He is a liar.  I will prove this to you in my next posting.  I have to go now to do some shopping for my wife.  Drudgery without end.  ZAF