August 25, 2011 – Those who were chagrined by Ambassador Ford’s unauthorized trip to Hama and, now, to Jassem, can take comfort in the following exclusive from the Mercury News Service.  Our sources in Syria tell us that while the Foreign Ministry is “miffed” at the behaviour of Mr. Ford, the security services are not.   This is why he has had the freedom to travel around the country for his shameless displays of American empathy with criminal behaviour.  As it turns out, every time he goes anywhere, he “gets the rats out like a fire on a ship”, says Abu Khansa to our reporter.  “It’s great, he leaves after exposing terrorists, and we arrest them.  It’s so easy really.  By the time these people get out of prison, they won’t have the biological ability to procreate.”  As Mr. Abu Khansa put it blithely.  Moreover, his telephone at the embassy is constantly monitored so that when he calls his “contacts” anywhere in Syria, they get on the security radar.  “Mr. Ford is quite an idiot”, said Mufleh Khorshid Ali, a Syrian security agent, “he does more for our cause than ten thousand spooks”.  So, thank you, Mr. Ford for your officious intermeddling.  If you’d like to visit your friends, you might have to wait another twenty years.  (Mercury Services)

Like you, I was very upset that Qaddafi et Fils did not make a last stand in Tripoli and, thus, kaboshed the whole Alamo-like production. They are at large someplace, probably reorganizing their troops and marshalling assets.  I despise Qaddafi, as I’ve told you before because he brutally murdered on of my favourite professors, but I hate British and French imperialism even more.  I hate Arab compradorists even more than the imperialists.  This category includes Saudi “royal” dungheaps and the rest of that cabal of low-class vomit populating the Persian Gulf – especially PRINCE DRUM SON OF DOUBLE-DRUM HUSBAND OF MADAME BANANA.

Qaddafi, like Saddam Hussein, had no friends.  Unlike Syria, with its solid row of stalwarts like Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela and (sometimes) Turkey, Qaddafi just couldn’t cobble together even a pygmy-list of allies.  Hated to the core and vilified,  he only had the tentative support of sub-Saharan villagers who were grateful for some police station or sewage plant he financed for them.  When his chips were down, with the British and French pretending to defend civilians from the air,  he could call in no favours.  Everybody, north ot the Sahara,  wanted him dead.  But he may surprise some of you.  The Libyan insurgents are remarkably ignorant and tribalistic, and may yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

I took note that Anthony Shadid of the NYT is in Tunisia, no doubt to deliver his contagion of lies in the service of his slavonic zionist principals in the Big Apple.  I really wish the Libyans had done him in when they had the chance. If I only knew at the time that Shadid would become the leading candidate for the TONY BLAIR INTERNATIONAL LIAR’S AWARD, I would have sent the Libyans a nastygram laying out the man’s credentials which would have sealed his fate.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.