August 14, 2011 – I know. I know.  My mother is a Palestinian born in Jaffa and raised in Haifa.  So I shouldn’t say anything bad about Palestinians.  Right?  Wrong.  If Palestinians in the SAR are going to take sides in the lop-sided conflict with Sunni maniac fundamentalists and takfiris, they can expect nothing but the same.  If they choose to participate in sedition with their crazy, reactionary co-religionists and not with the secular branch of Sunnism, they should be subject to DAVID CAMERON’S RULE:  NO HOMES FOR VANDALS.  No one but our most deserving candidate for the INTERNATIONAL HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD could put it more humanely.  If you abuse our hospitality and involve yourself in anti-social behaviour, expect your home to be demolished.  The Zionist scum-eating Slavic Jews occupying Palestine do this all the time.  The British have now given the technique a patina of acceptability. I’m sure that Bilary Hamhocks Clinton will approve.

This is the real story from Latakia as reported by my brother-in-law Lieutenant Tony of the Syrian Armored Corps, Third Army Group, Retired:  The armored reserves rolled into Latakia on Thursday expecting the usual boring assembly of ignorant trolls shouting the usual sleep-inducing mottoes of a deflated political movement .  But, this time, they actually called for the death of Bashar Al-Assad – the president.  These were Palestinians associated with the deceased mongrel and quondam terrorist, Shaker Absi (He’s as dead as a door nail).  The Syrian Army response was spectacular.  Homes of Palestinians in which terrorists had taken refuge, were blown up by T-62 tanks.  The intruders went up in vapours.  The areas of Al-Raml and the nearby Palestinian camp were surrounded and the population was quickly disabused of any idea that they could get away with this psychopathic behaviour. I’m sure the  kind Dr. Assad will make sure that their homes are re-built at government expense.

It appears that Syrian intelligence agents have successfully penetrated the ranks of these blundering oafs and have been able to anticipate their every movement.  This is the end of any unrest in Latakia.  There may be demonstrations, but they will be very benign by comparison. 

Incidentally, don’t believe that plastic puppet Rami Abdel-Rahman of the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights based at MI-6 Heaquarters in London.  There are no tens of thousands of demonstrators.  According to my source, Tony, there were about a thousand, no more.  The demonstrations are becoming gradually pathetic and anemic.  The Syrian Army Reserves and the 4th Division, now at full capacity for urban pacification, have won the day.  There’s still a chance to save the summer.

The Dutch, led by zionist trashheap, Uri Rosenthal, if you can believe it…Why shouldn’t you?….Here in the U.S., some fella named Cohen runs the Treasury Department’s Department combatting terrorism….declared that his country would be soon deciding on what sanctions to further impose on Syria.  Zowie.  Shell-Pectin drills for oil in northern Syria.  A lot of other companies can do the same.  Take your stinking company and stuff it!  You’re not even Dutch, Uri. You’re a transient on your way to Antwerp’s sewers.
You will not break Syria financially.  Syria is backed by Iraq, Iran and Venezuela.  And don’t be too sure that Brazil won’t come in to take up any slack.

One of the strategies of the opposition in Syria was to expose Dr.Assad’s purported ineffectuality by destroying the Syrian economy.  This was stated clearly by a number of expatriate mouthpieces for the codpieces demonstrating on Fridays.  These traitors were actually intending to destroy the lives of honest, hardworking Syrian citizens in order to bring chaos and anarchy to Syria.  They should be charged with treason and warrants issued for their arrest or liquidation. Now that the Syrian Army and security services have imposed the government’s writ all over the country, it is time to begin the process of prosecuting the traitors.

I want to repeat, once again, that the 1963 Emergency Law should be reinstated.  It was a mistake to concede this to the “ghawghaa'” from the beginning.  It’s a good law that requires some tweaking in order to protect citizens from arrest without probable cause.  However, it is obvious that Syria is still vulnerable to irrational trends which must be dealt with by a resurrected Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi.

Syria has a special branch of its security constellation which concentrates on Palestinians and the Palestinian movement.  These assets should be brought to bear in Latakia where the Palestinians need to learn that their safety and succour are not guaranteed by islamist anarchists-nihilists, but by the established government of the Syrian Arab Republic. Let the terrorists come to an appropriate end.  Abu Jihad, Ahmad Jibril, Secretary General of the PFLP-GC,  should play a role in convincing these loser Palestinians that a “next time” will be the “last time”.  You can’t ask Khaled Mish’al to contribute, he’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He’s in Syria because Iran doesn’t want to lose its Palestinian card in Gaza.  I don’t know.

I forgot to give a hearty thanks yesterday to Lt. General Hicham Ikhtiar of the General Security Bureau.

It is time to address the painful subject of Syrian expatriate physicians and their odd-ball wives in the Western World.  Inasmuch as President Assad is himself a physician with a specialty in eye surgery, the perverse presence of these uniformly constipated, humourless money-sucking hedgehogs requires treatment.  I will do that in my next posting.  I have to edit my son’s paper now so that he can submit it tomorrow. Cheers.  Ziad Abu Fadel.