Korean hot air; Hamawi engineering; Thomas Friedman Fraud Plenipotentiary; More Shadid misdeeds

August 3, 2011 – Crazy day.  Thomas Friedman, phony Arabic-speaker and Slavic Zionist with German name, wrote a piece today in the NYT hilariously titled:  “The New Hama Rules”.  Oh, boy. This man is really suffering from precocious senility for as we speak, Syrian tanks have entered, and Syrian soldiers have hunkered down right at the city center in Assi Square.  SO MUCH FOR HAMAWI ENGINEERING OF BARRICADES. What a joke!  The BBC reports, always risibly, that there are piles of bodies in the city.  This is always based on creepy, mysterious people who claim to run human rights organizations like the Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights, Insaan and now the Arab Reform Initiative.  The usual hyperbole from seditionist garbage is quoted: “There’s going to be a massacre”, or “It’s going to be worse than 1982”.
I wish.

Friedman is the bete noir of another blogger, Professor As’ad Abu Khalil, of USC.  Abu Khalil just can’t get enough of Mr. Friedman.  He has labeled him every epithet that can be politely put into print.  I do not share the same sense of decorum.  Friedman is a blithering, self-promoting arsehole who pretends to know Arabic (which he does not) and have a real sympathy for both Palestinians and Jews.  His charlatanry in the Arabic language is best proven by the fact that he is never heard speaking Arabic on any television program. Friedman, like so many American diplomats, puts Arabic on his resume; and that’s as far as it gets.

If you read his article today in the NYT, he says things which are demonstrably cock-and-bull.  He refers to the 1982 crushing of the revolt in Hama as one involving “Sunni muslims”.  He doen’t tell you that those Sunni muslims were terrorists operating under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Does this mean that Mr. Friedman, like Madame Hilary Fat-hams Clinton, is now on the side of salafist and fundamentalist islamism?
Yes.  They are.  Despite all the platitudes he espouses, Friedman is a zionist and promoter of imperialism. He wants the Arabs to remain backward – in the thrall of unrelenting, retarding, Hanbali salafism.  They want the Arabs to remain shoe-shine boys for white people so that westerners can think of them always as oriental and exotic.

But Syria, which has now turned a major circle in its redeployment of reserves, has shot all that down.  Syria’s army is powerful and loyal.  Despite the scuttlebutt about dissenters and deserters in the army, their numbers are few and they are frivolous.  The army knows that the seditionists represent only a small fraction of the Syrian population.  This is why Sunni conscripts are completely reliable.  Their own mothers and fathers are not involved in this treason. The army will annihilate this minor seditionist pestilence and send it to that great quarantine in Hell.

Boo hoo hoo hoo.  What happened to all those fat asylum-seekers in Southern Turkey?  I mean, talk about exagerration.  The zionist press talked more about these obese twelve thousand knuckleheads than the dying hundreds of thousands in the Horn of Africa! Boo hoo hoo.  Are they all back yet?  Yes. Another 350 returned the day before yesterday.  Only the deserters are left behind to face their inevitable court martials.
I wanna judge’em! I wanna judge’em!  One named “Hantoush”, claimed to be some Colonel in the Syrian Army.  In truth, he was the janitor at the central mosque in Jisr Al-Shughour. It is believed that his motivation for lying was to get a visa to Langley, Virginia and then hop a train to Canada.

Anthony Shadid reported from Egypt today about Pharaoh’s trial.  Boring.  But, he sounds more credible when he is away from Beirut.  He sounds more believable when he’s not carrying out the orders from his zionist handlers.  Shadid is a disgrace to journalism.

Abdullah Gul, President of Turkey, has made some ugly and insensitive remarks about events in Syria.  He should be careful.  I don’t want to bring up ugly history, but the Turks have yet to take responsibility for making 2 million Armenians disappear.  The Turks may have to explain their own three-decades-long torment of the Kurds.  Be careful, Mr. Gul.  You’re a nice guy.  Don’t let the Europeans, whose company you cherish like a good little wog, pull the wool over your eyes.  They killed 58 million people in World War II and are in no position to tell us Syrians how to conduct our business.

The stupid greaseballs in Italy recalled their ambassador in protest over events in Syria.  I am demanding the withdrawal of our Syrian ambassador from Rome in protest over the Prime Minister’s pedophilism.  He has buggered a young Moroccan lady from a fine family.  He should not be permitted to trap and exploit our children.  This sexual predator, must be stopped.  I am calling upon Mr. Walid Mouallem to take those steps necessary to put that pederastic blowhard in his place. 

I was in Hama in 1982 and in Hama in 1983.  I know what happened and I do not lie like Mr. Shadid, Friedman and all the other riff-raff being passed off as serious journalists  I will tell you about Hama when I have a chance.  Long Live Secular Syria.  ZAF