From Agincourt to Hama, Let the caissons go rolling along

August 2, 2011 – It is beautiful.  Shiniy Syrian Army tanks rolling in to that malignant tumor of a city, Hama.  I am disappointed by the low fatality figures, however.  The more scum dispatched, the fewer the salafists.  I understand that hypocrite western countries are going to impose more sanctions against Syria for maintaining its national unity.  F$#@% them.  Oh, lets not be shy.  Where were those same boot-licking, hypocrite miscreants when the U.S. and England were killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in a war with no justification?  May God Damn Them!  Write to congressmen, senators, ambassadors and U.N. representatives and tell them that you consider them sub-human refuse unworthy of the duties imposed upon them.  Tell them that Secular Syria will survive any intermeddling.  Let them send their ships so that our Yakhont missiles can sink them in the name of Jules Jammal.  Let them know that we are not without friends. Iran, Hizbollah and every Arab who cherishes his birthright will be there with Syria on the beaches, the mountains and the desert to smash their arrogant, pinkish noses.  I am going to lunch to celebrate Dr. Assad’s belated move into that stench-laden, necrotic open wound, Hama.   Send congratulatory messages to the Ambassador of Syria and tell him how much you support the Great Syrian Army.  Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq.  Baybars is Coming!