Continued diatribes, Springtime for Baybars and Damascenes, Its Winter for Hama and Homs

August 2, 2011- I have not forgotten the fictional Madame Bassma Kodmani of the fictional Arab Reform Initiative.  She will be dealt with anon.  Once I am done with her, you will be convinced that the only real Bassma Kodmani is some “patrone” in Montmarte. 

Every culture has its famous duos, sometimes husband and wife, sometime dancing partners, sometimes – well, sleazy barflies.  We have Marie and Gover Champion, Ozzie and Harriett, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, Antar and Abla, Edward D. Wood and Victoria Fuller,  Tristan and Isolde and Qais and Laila, and Anthony “Big Fibber” Shadid and his wife, Nada Bakri, both of the New York Times,  reporting from Beirut. A mating of eagles!

Today, the NYT sent the Great Fibber Shadid to Turkey to report about the disgruntled military brass in Turkey in counterpoint to the rising spectacle of Prime Minister Erdoghan and his crypto-Islamist, populist political party.  The suggestion was that Turkey was going back to being the Sublime Porte, once again, or, at minimum, the Sick Oriental Man. But in sending Pinnocchio to Silivri, Turkey, the brainiacs at the NYT, minds teeming with left-wing, Eastern European socialist/zionist zeal,  tasked his wife, the sultry siren, Nada Bakri,  with the thankless duty of producing another nuclear nugget of information based on the exclamations of emigre dissenters, anonymous telephonic sources with names such as “Abu This” and “Abu That” and certain unnamed wesern diplomats.  Zowie! 

This Turkish business got me to thinking about “Khazooqs”.  The Turks were always in the “avante garde” of developing creative modes of punishment.  Now, I have promoted the idea of incinerating the bodies of the salafist criminals of Hama, inter alia, and have even praised the use of their cadavers as subjects for the instruction of anatomy at the Univ. of Damascus School of Medicine;  why I have even proposed using their bodies as fertilizer and, even, as a first course at the Idi Amin Culinary Institute Public Cafeteria.  But now, my ideas have matured.  I think that stripping the bounders naked and sitting them upon a sharpened Khazooq made of white pine might be the ticket.  They call Paris the City of Lights.  Well, the city of Hama will become the City of Khazooqs.  Like a scene from Spartacus with the Appian Way bounded by thousands of crucified slaves, so will Hama’s portion of the North-South Highway be braceleted with an hundred thousand occupied Khazooqs. Where’s your Allah now, man? Huh?  

Nada Bakri, never to be outdone by her foppish husband, propitiated her zionist principals today with another smashing analysis of the plight of the Hamawi Freedom Fighters whose cause is the universal plea for total freedom to oppress others with their boring religion and super-fattening clarified butter. She quotes one named Obada Arwany (may his bones be bleached in Hell) who says that Syrian Army snipers killed one man in his sleep and another while getting in his car.  “The city is like a ghost town.  We were not expecting this at all, we were not expecting this raid at all.  Hama is getting massacred.”  Oh, make it true.  Did the scum lying salafist think that his filthy cadre of reactionaries was going to impose itself on the republic?  You cried for night, it fell.  Now cry in darkness.  (Beckett) 

As far as Deir El-Zor is concerned, I believe strongly that a Scud-B type missile loaded with VTX, right on their numbskull brains, would be the best solution.  Lets clean house.  All rubbish must go.  Ziad Abu Fadel.

What many of you do not know, is that while these farcical games were being played out by the salafist, Muslim Brotherhood Garbage,  the Syrian Defense Ministry had begun calling up reserve units.  Syria has a wealth of reserves.  However, Syria does not have the ability to both use the four (4) Army Groups to defend against the Zionist Abomination and for internal security.  Only, the reserves could fill this need.  Today, I am delighted to tell you that many of our family members have been called up to fight for the unity and freedom of all Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians and Jordanians.  Reactionary vestiges of a dark, ignorant time must be eradicated, once and for all. Dr. Assad, do not falter and do not listen to the cacophany of wolves howling at the moon. We are with you, all the way to the violent, decisive end of the traitors’ path.   
May the true God of rational people be with you.  Ziad Abu Fadel.