July 13, 2011 – Back from a sleep-inducing lunch with the NYT.  Although it is a zionist rag with pretentions to liberal thinking, the NYT is a conduit for the slow asphyxiation of the Palestinians.  I still subscribe to it because my choices would become the Detroit Free Press and/or the Detroit News.  Ghastly!  Then there is USA Today.  Bummer. 

We must find someway to convince Iran to send shoulder,-fired anti-aircraft missiles to Colonel Qaddafi’s miserably equipped army.  You must admit that seeing French jets crashing in the Sahara would be exhilarating.  My suggestion is that any French pilot who bails out be and is caught be fileted, cooked and eaten in front of cameras as an added touch of forbidding savagery most appropriate for a people whose major claim to fame is forcibly stuffing geese to fatten their livers (the geese’s, that is).
The only problem is Al-Imam Moussa Al-Sadr whose death in Libya remains a bone of contention between his Shi’a adherents and the Qaddhafi government.  The Iranians are probably happy that he’s in a bad way.  They didn’t  cry any tears over Saddam either when the U.S. did what Iran couldn’t do for decades – overthrow the bad-boy of Baghdad.  But it is time to mend fences.  After all, every Pan-Arabist secretly relishes giving the French and British a stiff kick in the shins.  So must it be for our Persian friends. I propose sending a huge amount of anti-aircraft missiles to Qaddhafi via Sudan and Chad.  As an added dollop of venom, I am asking the Syrian government to send the entire male population of Hama to Tripoli, Libya with their promise to never come back.  If they insist, they can take the noria with them.