Hama, Independent City-State Enclave of Retrograde Thinking

July 21, 2011: Our Canaanite-Phoenician history is replete with the ancient hallmark configuration of independent city-states made famous by the Greeks.  But we had them also, a condition that made conquering ancient Syria so easy.
Today, I believe we have an impetus to rediscover this old system and reinstate it.  The City of Hama would be an excellent specimen for a trial run.  I think the Syrian government should build a wall about 20 feet high and ten feet thick around the entire city of Hama!  A king or mini-Caliph should be appointed to run the affairs of the state.  A treaty could be entered into allowing Hamawis access to the port of Banias or Tartous so that they won’t feel too isolated.  The citizens would enjoy a nationality of their own; passports issued under the title: “Grand Duchy of Hama”; taxeds collected for the city to provide services.  And all this on one condition! That they never participate in anything Syrian.  That they leave all Syrians alone and make no efforts to convert us to their kind of Islam or way of thinking.  Without this, it is my belief that no success can be engineered for this place.

Anyone who has been to Hama knows that the city is cloaked in a lugubrious pall of religiosity.  If there are women, you would never know it unless those black VW bugs are actually females.  They seem to merge in with the automobiles crowding the streets and avenues.  The men all wear a dour, sullen, mien of conformism as though the Koran specifically prohibited demonstrations of happiness, nay, even satisfaction.  With no contentment written on their faces, Hamawis, daily their way through life with a kind of intestinal distress etched on them.
No human being in Syria can tolerate this kind of ritual unhappiness.  If Dr. Assad is not willing to bring the city down to hills of powder, then let us be rid of Hama by divestment.  We can do it and the Hamawis will be very pleased to cooperate.  This way they are rid of Alawis (the real theme behind the unrest) and Alawis, Secular Sunnis, Christians, Ismailis, Druzes, Armenians, Circassians, inter alia, will be rid of them.  They can have their bigotry all sanctified in a constitution and we can list Hama as some geographic aberration like Hatay.  Oh please let it happen.

Another city which would be a good candidate for divestment is Albukamal.  In truth, it is a Mesopotamian city with a thick, Iraqi accented Arabic.  No levantinism here.  Just pure desert, Adnani detritus.  Either cede it over to Iraq or build a wall around it.  Deir El-Zor is another fit for divestiture although I do like the Euphrates River and bridge going into the city.  Perhaps, we can convince the DeirZorians to move to Hama where they can share their preordained gloom in a rainbow of accents. 

DAVID CAMERON: British P.M. Cameron looks like a baby’s bare bottom to me.  All powdered up or oiled to perfection, he sports the classic Brittanic weasel sort of charm.  So earnest and sincere sounding, you’d think that Eton offers special classes in aristocratic unctuousness; the kind made famous by Champion- Weasel-Catholic-Apostate Tony Blair!  Poor Scottish Gordon Brown never got to Eton and had to live his life snorting boorishly like some coffee-vendor in Hama.

My mother, Rose Shaya, was born in Jaffa, Southern Syria in the 1920’s.  My father, Amin Salim Abu Fadel,
was born in Haifa, Southern Syria of a father from Ain Unoob, Mount Lebanon.  I have very strong roots in Palestine and share with many people the revulsion at the creation of the Zionist Entity in the midst of Natural Syria.  Imagine, then, my horror when I was listening to NPR radio in my car as it was announced that Tony Blair, former P.M. of England, was appointed by the European Union as special envoy to Palestine-“^%%#$$^^^&”.  I started speaking to myself in German. “Wirklich?” “Nein, dass ist unmoglich”,
“Warum? Einer Englander?”  “Scheisse!” (Sorry I have no umlauts).

Indeed.  What did Ali Abdullah Saleh tell an American diplomat once about the English?  “You are fast and earnest when you want something from us.  But, cold and British when we want something from you.”  The Iranians have an expression when they want to signal doubt about the intentions of a suspicious party to a contract:  “Smells of British”.  That’s what they say.  Ziad. 






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Divestment? How about Dr. Al-Assad invest in some-sort of reform that does not involve firing weapons upon civilians? The quality of life in Syria rivals that of a Monk in Tibet. The health care sector is an abomination of all things human. The financial sector is filled ambiguity and disillusion. Bashar speaks of “reform”, but the only reform I see is that they do not use AK-47’s anymore. I would not trade one dictator for another; Bashar is very intelligent and is very articulate. It’s insulting to read about his “barbarism”; truthfully, IMO, Bashar’s education vastly exceeds that of any… Read more »