MAJOR NEWS ALERT: (7-6-14, 12:10 p.m.)  The towns of Kafr Sagheer and Tal Sha’eer are hours away from falling into the hands of the legitimate Syrian government as the Syrian army continues its massive, unstoppable onslaught in northern Aleppo after destroying the criminals cannibals in Al-Shaykh Najjaar and its Industrial Zone.  A huge battle is taking place now.  Our prediction of a full encirclement and annihilation of the Nusra rats within 11 days remain on track.

News just in confirms the SAA has completely liberated the Infantry College near these 2 towns.

Fearing a complete meltdown, the Joint Operations Room of the Syrian People (yawn. Al-Ghurfa Al-Mushtaraka Li-Ahl Al-Shaam) has risibly called for a “full mobilization” while the Council of Free Aleppo is being monitored as it calls for “immediate assistance” to stop the Syrian army.

Even their communications now can be heard by ham radio operators just to show you how broken the defenses of northern Aleppo have become.  The Turks can do nothing.  These criminals are about to face justice.


Industrial Zone at Al-Shaykh Najjar:  The news has been out since Thursday and you all know that the pincer is closing rapidly around the remaining terrorist cannibals in northern Aleppo.  We predicted this and will adhere to our timetable given to you a few days ago: Aleppo, the city, should be liberated completely in another 12 days.  The evacuation plan has been partially successful, but, many will not leave their valuables or real estate to the predations of the remnant scavengers still waiting for their pot at the end of the rainbow – a rainbow which is becoming increasingly incendiary.

The delousing of Al-Shaykh Najjaar also brought the clean-up of the towns of Al-Muqbila, Al-Raheema, Al-Rahmaaniyya and the hills surrounding all these locales.


إحكام السيطرة على المدينة الصناعية في الشيخ نجار بحلب بعد دحر الإرهابيين منها

Fighting reported intense in all these areas: Old City, Al-Sha’aar, Hanaanu (about to fall), Maare’, Layramoon, Al-Mallaah Properties, Kafr Hamraa (terrorists almost out of ammunition), Al-Zurba, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Bani Zayd, Tal Rif’aat, Al-Muslimiyya, Al-Jubayla (remants only), Shaamer, Faafeen, Baabees, Ba’eedeen, Al-Jandool, Tal-Qurraah, Huraytaan, A’zaaz.

Tal-Jabeen:  Confirmed, an 8-vehicle convoy loaded with arms and ammunition was destroyed.  The warehouse to which the convoy was headed, in some fanciful resupply plan hatched in Turkey, was also vaporized by SAAF.  The number of terrorists killed is in the 20s with many wounded and captured.  No more details about this evolving incident.


Kuwayris near the airbase:   A 23mm cannon mounted on a Mitsubishi flatbed was made salvageable for junk yards and its 3 terrorist passengers on their way to a pleasant eternity with 72 Virginians.


‘Ibteen:  A 23mm cannon and its flatbed were rendered useless last night by NDF.  No details.


Al-Haadher:  Another Saudi Arabian miracle of engineering was sent to the Modern Art Museum in Hell when a pickup truck carrying a 23mm cannon was destroyed by SAA.







Another example of Cameron’s idiocy; but worse is the Telegraph’s failure to address the issue of the Russian Navy docked at Tartous.  For Pete’s Sake!  Won’t they ever wake up to that fact?

More on this from Penny. More shock and awe. Aw shucks!:

Enjoy this story of an ape who likes to kill Britons with explosives:



  1. This is great news indeed. Have mentioned before on Syrper, once Aleppo is encircled, SAA will free up hundreds of cities in the northern and eastward of Aleppo very quickly, there is a thin line resisting and this thin line is about to collapse all together, the fact that the SAA is advancing past the Industrial city toward the northern border and Al Bab is a confirmation of this fact. Well done SAA, a master strike, congrats.

    • Ariston: SFP carried an article about an airborne assault and airstrike on an ISIS encampment about 30 clicks outside the city; 300 insurgents were reportedly killed, with several of the leaders taken prisoner by SAA. According to the article, the shit storm hit before the enemy had any notion there was anything going on. Appears to have been a well planned and executed operation.
      SAA knew where the enemy was and, apparently, who was in attendance. Nice work all round.

    • The number of dead rats in Al-Shaykh Najjaar is in the hundreds. I don't have any accurate figures. I have heard of air strikes in Al-Raqqa, but my sources are all in Damascus or Latakia. My original source in this area disappeared on me over a year ago. Ziad

  2. On FB, Syrper posted a trooper who got beaten with a hammer by a woman then a small kid jabbed his this the video ?....there's also another an unfortunate guy in here...


    RIP young brave man & the other fellow.....

    • Thats why i say drop leaflets then bomb the whole city to pieces, leave none alive not even their kids as they will grow up and be terrorists just like their parents, i know it's cruel and inhumane but i look at it this way, at least Syrians will live in peace knowing the evil and their spawn cannot attack or kill ever again.

  3. After killing 590 and taking 230 prisoners in the last part of the liberation of Aleppo Industrial City, the SAA grabed a huge cache of weapons and its manufacturing sites. This is huge victory, no matter what a rat thug band is made of, they need boots on the ground, and losing 800+ in a 3 hrs battle will drain any band from vital resources. We can expect a very fast move from the SAA in northern Aleppo after this total annihilation Islamic and Al Nusra Front, very very very demoralizing defeat for any living rat. Congrats SAA.

    "While combing the Industrial City in Sheikh Najjar area in Aleppo countryside, the army units discovered weapons caches and workshops for manufacturing explosive devices and varied rocket shells.
    SANA reporter said these caches included hundreds of mortar rounds, Grad rockets and anti-armor shells.
    Earlier on Friday, the army restored security and stability to the area."


    • The SAA is not historically very big on publicity. Only SANA and ANNA have been allowed to embed with the SAA and only in rare circumstances. In general, the SAA does not publish photos or videos. Ziad

  5. The infantry school was the HQ of the Islamic front right? Capturing that would mean there HQ is gone or at least on the front line (north of Babinnes). Looks like the 2nd defense front (after Al Safira) has been broken. Looking at ISIL capturing villages it seems there is no line of defense left till Azaz. Only the Nubl/Zahra line is left. Or am i wrong in here.

    Hananu about to fall? Am i right and is that a high density residential area on the eastern outskirts and incredibly hard to attack (and easy to defend)? If so... Huge.

    • Kjel, what you say makes sense. Hanano was under fight for several months, though environment but the SAA seemed to have inched daily, it is vital as it is one short way to encircle Aleppo, it is my understanding that the SAA is trying several levels of encirclement, from Hanano cutting through Haydarieyh toward the Kurds in Sheik Maksood. Another lower from Hanano through Shakhur toward Hamidiyeh. And longer one from Hadarat (Kindi Hospital that the SAA heros were martyred last December) through Shqayyef toward the almost freed Al Layramoun. SAA seems to active in all of the 3 routes, my best guess is that the longer will be faster, emptier terrain vs urban warfare in the others, it should happen any week now since the SAA is hundred meters close to Kindi Hospital, Owaija is uder heavy attack by the SAA then there is only Shqayyef left to link with Al Layramoun through the ringbelt.

    • The main battle lines in Hanaanu are drawn inside the Youth Residencies. It's fighting block by block with much material cost to be reckoned. There were many command and control hqs uncovered. The key now is 'Anadaan which will open up the world to the SAA. Ziad

  6. Greetings to Ziad the mentat.
    Great to hear the pincers are biting the rodents' behinds. I will count the days down like the Twelve Days of Christmas!
    Uri Avnery, an unusually-readable Khazaristani, has regaled us with Mileikowski's latest folderol concerning ISIS. 'We must fortify the Jordan Valley!' A recipe for total war; the Likudists never run out of them!
    Regards to the team,

    • Die WAcht am Jordan, eh? Avnery made name by touting peace proposals with the Palestinians. Most people say he's a hypocrite. Don't believe Abdullah will go to war over anything. He's a Hashemite. Ziad

  7. Seems other outlets picking this up including the mouthpiece himself SOHR

    Syrian Troops Advance in Largest City

    FARS also reporting Morek liberated.?

    • Fars says the southern part, so it is not clear all Mork is liberated, will dig more into this, it can be a game changer for Idlib area since yesterday the mount Arbeen overlooking the road to Saraqeb, that would give quite a strong control o M5 highway and it would mean death to the rats fighting Khan Shikhoun. Interesting news.

  8. That is great news that Aleppo will be liberated from the rats soon. Far less depressing than Libya.

    Not much good news from Ukraine. Willy Wanker took Lugansk, the pro Russians forces fled to Donesk, so there are now no militants and the Ukrainian army continues bombing the remaining civilians. Also in Kramatorsk. There is a clear pattern of punishing civilians because they don't like the coup. But then we saw this in Libya and Syria. No doubt the CIA likes it like this, not to mention the leaked document of RAND Corp about creating concentration camps and exterminating people. This has actually come about in Lugansk.

    Come on Vladimir. Must be time for a Georgia & Crimea. Take back the whole stinking country and send the Nazis to Siberia.

    • Frank, more and more the Ukrianain conflict is getting similar to the Syrian one, at least on the fact that cold blood and wise military decisions are made to fight an unfair and not justified war against, in the Ukrainian, case a criminal coup regime. Russia is playing a tough job, a silent game to break EU from the US, and he is making good strikes on that, unfortunately the Novorossya people are suffering meantime, the decision to retreat from Lugansk was wise one, Novorossyia can not win this war in open field or small cities against artillery and fighter jets, they need either better weapons to fight them (which I believe it will be tough for Russia to send them) or bring the guerrilla warfare to them, in the West (I find it difficult now since Russia would not support at this moment), so at the end Novorossiya has to fight hard and hold as they can to buy time.


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