“Sometimes, an invasive species is introduced to eradicate another species which is causing havoc to a particular ecosystem”

‘Izzaat Ibraaheem Al-Doori

The impressive assault by the ISIS terrorist group on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city after Baghdad, and a commercial hub for the north of the country came suddenly and, according to the U.S., without warning.  The U.S. pretends that it had no warning about this attack, as though the United States abjured any responsibility for Iraq and its people once the government in Baghdad stopped playing shoeshine boy to the American spooks at the inordinately bombastic embassy built in the post-bellum age of fanciful, neo-conservative dreams.  As you shall see, the ISIS attack in Iraq plays right into that sense of American chagrin.

The so-called Syrian foreign “opposition”, no strangers to deception, dissembling and outright lying, immediately pointed a tainted finger at the Syrian government.  They wanted who would listen to believe that the Syrian government arranged for a terrorist organization, which it is fighting in Syria, to invade the largest northern city ruled by an Iraqi government allied with Damascus.

ISIS is an English acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (sometimes translated “Levant”).  In Arabic the acronym is “Daa’esh” for Al-Dawla Al-Islaamiyya Fi-Al-‘Iraaq wa Al-Shaam”.  It’s leader is a fellow by the non de guerre of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi.  It is a Salafist-Takfiri group aiming to resurrect the now-defunct institution of the caliphate.  It’s origins are pure Al-Qaeda with a twist.

ISIS is the creation of the one man who played Alqaeda like a yo-yo.  Bandar bin Sultan, who is now himself defunct thanks to his uncontrolled addiction to violence for the sake of pleasing his Jewish circus masters, utilized Saudi Arabia’s vast network of mosque franchises to recruit young men and women to fight a Sunni war against the largely Shi’i government in Baghdad.  At one time, in 2007, such a plan to arrest the growth of Iranian influence made sense to the mostly unimaginative Saudi muttonheads in Riyaadh, but, as it turned out, with much credit to America’s Mr. Bean, Robert Ford, the entire plan went awry and has become a virulent, metastatic cancer that threatens the Saudis themselves, not to mention the U.S. and its allies’ interests.

Bandar knew that in 2007, when he and Robert Ford, the Mossad and CIA were hatching a plan to oust Dr. Assad and his Ba’athist government, (a plan that had to wait until the unfolding of the “Arab Spring”), that Assad enjoyed robust social and economic relations with Erdoghan of Turkey who boasted, through his dwarf factotum, Davutoghlu, that his nation promoted a philosophy of “great relations with everybody in the neighborhood”.  But, Bandar also knew that Erdoghan chafed at the idea that historically Sunni-controlled Iraq was now led by a Shi’ite government tied to a major regional rival, Iran.  Yet, it didn’t seem likely that Erdoghan could be swayed into abandoning his pacifistic approach for more confrontation to block the growth of the despised heterodox Shi’is.  But, au contraire,  it was quite likely since Erdoghan’s most insistent bete noir was the Kurdish PKK in the southeast – a group with traditionally strong relations with Syria’s intelligence services.  And just as disturbing to the mentally disturbed Erdoghan was the Pesh Mergha’s own deferential position toward Iran.

In its beginning, the group called itself the Islamic State in Iraq which was committed to fighting the invading Americans.  But later, both Bandar and MIT head Hakan Fidan met in 2010 to discuss the group’s functions in Iraq.  Its clear allegiance to Alqaeda was important in order to attract fundamentalist elements to its ranks given Alqaeda’s “prestigious” position in the Islamist terrorist world of mayhem and nihilism.  Bandar is known to have maintained a direct line of communication to Dr. Ayman Zawahiri in the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan.  This line of communication was deemed useful by the CIA – hence, the curious American disinterest in killing Zawahiri, although, as everyone knows, the effort to murder Bin Laden was already in full swing.  Note also, Zawahiri’s even more curious aloofness when it came to matters involving Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Entity. Zawahiri has spent more time ostracizing Syria’s nationalist, anti-Zionist government than vilifying, as he should, the collaborationist regimes in Riyadh and Ankara.  And, he almost never mentions the Palestinians.

Recruitment and training were conducted in Turkey.  Today, SyrPer can confirm that over 3,000 of ISIS murderers are Turkish nationals whose names are registered with Fidan’s MIT.  According to our sources, the volunteers for ISI were selected for “obedience to authority” and “self-perceived status as Jihadist hero”.  No requirement for education was ever considered.  It seemed as though the Turks wanted an army of suicide bombers.  They certainly got what they wanted.  And, as long as the ISI did not involve itself in anything other than Iraq, the Turks found the group both tolerable and worthy of guest status on their lands.  Bandar was in total agreement and garnered Zawahiri’s support for the group’s structure and limitations.   But, ISIS was an invasive species.

Ibraaheem ‘Awwaad Ibraaheem ‘Ali Al-Badri Al-Saamirraa`iy, a/k/a Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi. He is 43 years old.


The disaster began to unfold when Abu Bakr took over from his predecessor, Abu ‘Umar Al-Baghdaadi in May of 2010.  During this time, it was known that he was focused on cementing his relationship with the Saudi government while using Turkish territory for training his terrorists.  When it became clear that fellow terrorist organizations were unable to dislodge the Syrian army from most major Syrian cities, Abu Bakr took his army of terrorists into Syria by formally announcing the creation of the ISIS on the 8th of April, 2013.  He was condemned for doing this by Ayman Zawahiri under pressure from Bandar, and ordered Abu Bakr to return to Iraq.  He would not and declared Zawahiri a traitor and a “deviant” from the true path.  To prove his point, he assaulted Al-Raqqa and ousted both FSA and Nusra terrorists while imposing a ridiculous regime of stifling Wahhabist “morals” and fabricated “Shari’ah” laws upon a city already depopulated by his predecessors.

The Syrian government viewed all of this with some measure of contentment.  With Abu Bakr declaring Nusra a “deviant” organization and committing itself to fighting Nusra zealously, it seemed as though a burden had been lifted off the shoulders of the Syrian Army.  Unlike Nusra, ISIS seemed to be localized in areas at the fringes of the Syrian nation.  Its constant battles, especially in Dayr El-Zor, meant that the Syrian HQ could use fewer assets where the enemy terrorists were already doing the job of containing their own growth by a form of mutual self-immolation.  Hence, the ludicrous accusation by the “opposition” that the Syrian Army controlled ISIS.

Abu Bakr now knows that his sole purpose was envisioned by the Turks and Saudis to be a spoiler in Iraq – a method by which sectarianism could continue in order to scupper the Shi’i/Iranian project in that country. Abu Bakr, a known Shi’i hater from his sermons in his native town of Saamirraa` would have been a perfect tool to accomplish the Turk/Saudi goals but for one curious personality trait that caused the plan to come apart: Abu Bakr did not like to be manipulated and was not a team player.  According to reports, he very much resented not being privy to the overall plan.  He also viewed himself in somewhat grandiose terms as an angel sent by Allah to establish a Caliphate of Lunacy on Earth.  His almost Saddam-like efforts to stay alive using survival techniques more appropriate for delusional paranoids were also to be noted and hinted that he was not so sure about his divine provenance.

All throughout this time, from the moment Saddam was booted out of office to the time he was captured by the Americans hiding in some spider hole near his ancestral town of Tikreet, the Iraqi Ba’ath Party’s primary theoretician and Saddam’s right-hand man, ‘Izzaat Ibraaheem Al-Douri, himself a native of Mosul, a well-known Nakhshabandi Sufist, (making him very attractive to the neo-Ottoman Erdoghan) was searching out allies in a very hostile post-Saddam Iraq. That he was personally responsible for helping to exterminate Kurds made him even more attractive to Erdoghan which resulted in a meeting with Abu Bakr in 2011.  Still on the run and wanted for execution by the Al-Maliki government, Al-Douri still controlled a vast network of Iraqi Sunni Ba’athists who operated in a manner similar to the old Odessa organization that helped escaped Nazis after WWII.  In this case, however, Al-Douri was not merely interested in settling his old comrades in Argentina, but, was more invested in removing the Persian-supported “puppets” in Baghdad.

But, he did not have the support structure needed to oust Al-Maliki, so, he found an odd alliance in ISIS through the offices of Erdoghan and Bandar.  Our readers should note that the taking of Mosul was accomplished by former Iraqi Ba’athist officers suspiciously abandoning their posts and leaving a 52,000 man military force without any leadership thereby forcing a complete collapse of the city’s defenses.  The planning and collaboration cannot be coincidental.

With ISIS allied now with Saddam’s remnant Ba’ath, it’s easy to see why the Saudis might be terrified.  It was the Saddamist Ba’athis who invaded Kuwait.  It was Al-Douri and Taahaa Yaaseen Ramadhaan who lobbed pieces of lettuce at the Kuwaiti delegate during the Iraqi-Kuwaiti talks before the invasion that was prompted by Kuwait’s insistence on being repaid for moneys advanced to the Iraqi army for the war against Khomeini’s Iran.  If you want to know why Bandar fell out of favor, this is one of the reasons.

And now Erdoghan has to deal with a real reversal of fortune.  His beloved Nusra organization is being quickly snuffed out by ISIS and the Syrian Army.  Right? …………Enter Iran with talks of a new relationship with Turkey that will put a limit on ISIS’s growth while assuring the slow disappearance of the Nusra in Syria.  Erdoghan is desperate – his policies in a shambles thanks to Hakan Fidan’s missteps and ill-advised liaison with Bandar.  The Turkish prime minister is facing serious internal problems which are deliberately ignored by the Western media, but, which exist despite that.  The ISIS menace could just as easily blow-back into Turkey supported by a less-than-allied PKK, but, all with the one singular purpose of destroying Turk infrastructure.  And Erdoghan sees only suicide in an accommodation with the Kurds.

The U.S., like Syria, is enjoying the mess.  Don’t believe for a moment that the Pentagon isn’t pleased with the ISIS performance.  If the U.S. had plans to stay in Iraq for an infinity of time with a huge military, this would seem to be the time to reassert that desire.  Enter Iran, again.  Do not be surprised to see the Iranian government now as involved with Al-Maliki as it is with Dr. Assad.  Once again, we are talking about the break-up of the Fatimid Crescent which Iran views as an existential issue.  And watch how Russia deals with Iraq’s need to revamp its army.  Maybe its time for the U.S. to improve its relationship with Dr. Assad and declare the elections a “great success”.  That would require an intelligent government, sadly.

Watch for an agreement to pull Nusra, inter alia, out of Aleppo in the next few weeks.  And watch the SAA move eastward toward Al-Hasaka, Al-Raqqa and Dayr El-Zor in that same span of time.  It may be that ISIS has done more to help the people of Syria than it ever wanted to.  While we wish Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi a swift death, we must thank him for all he’s done. ZAF



For those still building a file for war crimes against Erdoghan, look at this one:

What’s happening to the FSA?



  1. Interesting. But a direct question- you think this is really a cross-border organization?

    You write: " regime of stifling Wahhabist “morals”"- from what I understand the mostly foreign fighters of ISIS in Syria are exactly attracted by this: absurd "laws" of a self-imposed elite by violent idiots who have no future in their home countries and some NATO-mercenaries.
    A mix of perverts, who like to cut heads and steal and rob and boast ideology based on IQ 90.
    Hated by all Syrians, that is for sure.

    In Iraq it seems different- support by locals, consisting of mostly Iraqi nationals (it seems) and militarily with more reason.

    Is there really one ISIS or was there more a fabricated myth in order to scare people, because the Iraq story went mainstream, worldwide.

    • Dear Wrongo, even the Sunnis in Mosul left by the tens of thousands when they heard ISIS was coming. These radical Islamist apes enjoy little support except among the minority that shares its views. ISIS is definitely trained in Turkey. Ziad

      • Thats a very detailed explanation of isis...thanks Z.I can really see Turkey suffering some serious blow back from these freaks once the Iraqis get organised and start exterminating SAA style.Skunk pussy rime allaf and other fake Syrians are still peddling the fairy tale that Bashar and SAA dont fight isis and that they are his pawn to try and convince us that the Syrian rebels are all terrorists.The lengths these people will go to justify selling their souls for saudi dollars is unbelievable.
        Youre also spot on Z when you take the western narrative to pieces.They present it as a mass Sunni rising...but hundreds of thousands of Sunnis have fled from these raping,killing,beheading cannibalistic hyenas.

      • Ziad, it is too scary. But you seem to be right.
        The videos appearing on Youtube seem to indicate that ISIS in Iraq are indeed the same terrorists as in Syria. With Chechens, foreigners and sadistic saudis included.

        And then- yes, Turkey supported ISIS in Syria, like the NATO.
        And then- Turkey could never and would never support such groups without NATO consent.

        But then- this story is so big that the backgrounds cannot be concealed. Very interesting times and potential for a lot of discussions in future.

    • This piece as usual in US press, omits the real cause of chaos in the region and who it serves. And it pretends that all of the middle east turmoil began in 2007 (due to some marine is SE Asia called Caraluci who has been covering for the Zionists and diverting from those who started Iraq War.) WAKE UP, look what's out there--

  2. Thank you for this well written article, Ziad. ISIS, Erdogan and co are a disgrace to humanity.

    Whilst looking through twitter I came across news of skirmishes in Assal Al-Ward and the loss of an army base near Nawa, do you have any information on this? A map of the Daraa governorate would be great!

  3. Thanks Ziad for the history lesson and the last paragraph of Mike Whitney article over at counterpunch points out what you say that Amerika is happy with the outcome. If isis wins then China who buys half of Iraq's oil will be cut off.

  4. Every westerner should read this twice. Stunning. Note how maliki not playing ball is transformed to him purging his government and acting in a backwards tyrannical way by western mongoloid trisomy 21 having media retardates.

    I understand isis ran into a bit of a buzz saw in samara with a report that the iraqi forces managed to destroy over 100 vehicles. Looks like the turkish body shops may be busy soon. I hope they take saudi paypal accounts.

    • Apparently a turkish opposition mp dropped a bombshell in the form of a memorandum detailing overt support, lodging and logistical support for the savage hordes.

      of course this is no surprise to my dear friends here but to see it in black and white is important.

      • I'm a Westerner. Reading your site only confirms my suspicions about Western involvement in, if not being the outright cause of, the instability in MENA. Every day on the MSM, what little coverage there is of the situation there, and Ukraine for that matter, is all war propaganda, obfuscation, or even bald-faced lies. Everything we hear in America is a lie. Our politcians give inspirational speeches about how the 'terrorists' will never win, and then they create DHS, and TSA. The turn the FBI, ICE, BP into "anti-terror" (WTF?) agencies with virtually unlimited powers to harass the people with no recourse.
        If ever we were hated for our freedoms, we should certainly be beloved now, as our (illusion of) freedom is mostly gone.

  5. The zionazis may try and use their "al qaida" assault on Iraq to start bombing Syria. It's the sort of thing the bum bandits would try.

    СМИ: США могут нанести удары по Сирии из-за террористов в Ираке (Media: U.S. could strike on Syria because of the terrorists in Iraq) (trans)

    "The USA consider delivering air strikes on the positions of militants of the terrorist grouping "Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant" (LIH SB), not just in Iraq, but also in Syria, writes the Guardian, referring to its sources.

    Officials of high rank, who wished to remain anonymous, told the paper that, in particular, as one of the options considered part in antiterrorist campaign aircraft of the Navy or air force, or aircraft of both departments. The duration of this campaign is also a subject of discussion. While most of all, as the newspaper notes, officials are more inclined to engage in the operation of manned aircraft, not UAV, reports RIA "Novosti".

    As the publication said the representative of the Pentagon that the air strikes on Syria is also considered as a possible scenario, as IGIL, who fought against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad, "went abroad." "Perhaps destroy his head. But we must destroy and heart... We consider any variants", said he..."

    Looks like the zionazis are trying to weasel in direct support for their terrorists in Syria by using their terrorists' actions in Iraq as a pretext. The zionazis controlled and trained these "al qaida" terrorists when they were in Syria, Jordan and Turkey, it would be quite a stretch to imagine this same terrorist proxy army all of a sudden organised this invasion of Iraq on their own. They acting under zionazi orders, the same as they always do.

    If the bum bandits do strike at Syria, I hope it results in a lot of flamed zionazi aircraft and captured pilots who can then be tried and then executed for war crimes.

    • I don't see that US airstrikes will happen in Iraq. The Iraqi Army is coming forward and fighting successfully. But if US did do airstrikes, it would be foolish to not follow ISIS convoys and vehicles into Syria and destroy them there. Remember reading about the Korean War where US pilots had to stop chasing MIGs as soon as they hit Chinese airspace. Or the Apache Indian wars where the Indians pillaged and killed Americans and then crossed the Rio Grande River into Mexico where US troops could not follow. But, I cannot see Obama making a decision to get involved anyway.

      • Thus far there have been no airstrikes on Syria for a reason.
        The same reason there will continue to be no unfriendly aircraft over Syria, regardless if Iraq is being bombed or not (I actually can't see US/NATO bombing their own assets in Iraq, unless it's to maintain a particular deception).
        Iraq will need to solve it's problems on it's own, as Syria has (with some valuable assistance from it's real allies). They will also need to work together to counter the destruction that has been designed for them.
        It appears the 'west's' plot is unraveling in Syria and the Iraqi front offers another base for managing their failing efforts. Nothing to rally the troops like a few unbelievably quick conquests in a row. According to all the media bs, their monkey-boys are on a roll and are steamrolling towards Baghdad!
        Again, I believe that Syria is the problem for the west, not Iraq (it's already been disassembled) - what's taking place in Iraq is designed to affect their failing plans in Syria.

        • Keeping Syria and or Iraq in chaos
          nixes the already signed Iran-Iraq-
          Syria pipeline from startup
          The chaos keeps Russia as secret
          boogeyman for dumbed down
          western idiot box viewers.
          Its beyond obvious US,Nato,
          Saudi,Qatar and Israhell scheme
          this entire ME murder,death,kill
          With treacherous nations like
          Turkey..willing to throw in with
          the betrayal
          Theses nations...and even Jordan
          are and murder
          from a distance
          In the history of warfare has there
          ever been a rigged game with so
          many players

          If the Saudi oil fields went up in flame
          that would change the game and become the Mother of all Pivots : )

        • Your wrote: "Thus far there have been no airstrikes on Syria for a reason."

          What is that reason? Do they have operational S-300 systems or were you alluding to something else?

      • Dear Victor,
        Not good examples.
        The US were the murders, who proactively and systematically oversaw the destruction of Korea and the genocide of the American native tribes. Both Korea and Apache were right and justified in their fight. Also the USSR were flying the planes for the Koreans from what I have read. Chasing Migs into china could have brought the Chinese in and the start of WW3.
        Moving forward in time to Syria
        The chance of a mis strike against SAA positions would be highly probable and deliberate and would then be used as an excuse to attack Syria using all of Nato forces in the area should Syrian forces respond.


        Another Aussie

      • So you're still too dense to get it that ISIS is a proxy created force as per Ziad's article. The US is not interested in destroying this force, they're interesting in using their presence for there own interests. Besides the Iraqis are capable of handling these created monsters.

        If you wish to waste your time responding, be my guest, but I won't be reading it.

  6. More good news from Islamic Invitation Turkey. 288 ISIS are dead from Iraqi army retaking towns today. Looks more and more like ISIS military advances are as Americans say, "a flash in the pan." As other posters have noted, without air cover ISIS is burnt toast. If you read about the Mongol Huns invading Europe in the 5th Century the similiarity is shocking. The Huns could only terrorize and destroy. They brought no stability or civilization with them and in months they burned out and vanished from Europe.

    • A) the Huns were not Mongol (go get educated as to who the Huns were), they were caucasoid/altaic,

      B) they sure beat the crap out the Germanics tribes, turning them into grovelling vassals and lower ranking mercenaries in their Horde - that's why to this day people confuse Huns with Germans (because the Germans were their pawns, ground-troops, slaves and joe-boys).

      C) there is no similarity by a Saudi/British/CIA created group of psychopaths and a horde of invaders that were in Europe running for their lives trying to escape the Chinese.

  7. Great article! ISIL has a lot of followers within the salafascist movement in the Netherlands and Belgium, they come from the same circuit as the guy who murdered Theo van Gogh ( Anti Islam moviemaker), and they all were recruited by a Syrian man who was on the payroll of the AIVD ( dutch intellegence service ).

    • Ha! Neighbour, interesting and didn't know that.
      It seems like the same situation as here in Germany- ever growing salamist movement, more or less open support for ISIL, free travel to Syria back and forth and intelligence service involved in recruitment and organization with single salafists in the front row.
      Amazingly some of the 9/11 environment (planned in Germany) is also involved.

      So- what is the conclusion?
      Coincidence? Are they (in France, Belgium, Austria and UK it seems similar) "planning" that? Together?

      If you tell me- "Oh, they cannot do anything because of our laws..." and then surveil every single citizen- then I would declare you crazy.

    • Thank you. The Moroccan who killed Theo should have been thrown into a Dutch oven. That the AIVD pays for services like this should alert the people of the Netherlands to the cancer inside its governmment. Ziad

      • i think the salafascist movement in Germany is bigger, especially in Berlin, there is a Syrian shop full with French mandate flags at Sonnenallee ( streetname ) , and this is also the place where terrorists gather, you can see them walking in and out, some even without their legs. Once i saw a chechen looking salafist man without a leg and it was obvious it didn't happen in a car accident, i asked him if he was a chechen and his face immidiatly turned white because he did not expect someone to know, then is spat in his face, ( i always do when i see salafascist scum walkink around ) The police does almost nothing to prevent this people from acts of terror , only thing they use the Syria crisis for is to loosen laws that would violate European privacy rights. They fullfill the agenda of the extreme right wing Israeli sponsored populists and they are used to implent privacy violating law on citizens wich are then used to find drugdealers , because in Europe the biggest drugdealers are intellegence service personell , since they are competitors of GLADIO like organisations ( google Gladio staybehind organisation and it will explain a lot of what is happening in Ukraine at the moment) here is a video of some of these Salafascist scum we have in western europe walking around

        • You didn't spit in anybody's face,filthy arab monkey.First of all the ISIS split from the jew funded nusra group and took advantage of the funding they were getting from the jew monarch in Sadia Arabia and the Jewsa.This conspiracy bullshit your spouting is nonsense.The bottom line is the Jewsa has nothing to gain by having a militia group to invade Iraq again,since its already split into three.Now the jewsa has to ally themselves with Iran,which doesnt look good with the PR trying to get in a war with Iran.Bottom line is I hope ISIS succeeds and executes all ZOG commissars that come in their path,next stop Jerusalem.Baghdadi understands the bigger picture and is seizing upon an opportunity.The hypocrisy of the author is astounding,he criticizes Saddam loyalists for helping ISIS and paints a dark picture on Saddam,yet Assad is the same thing as him.Iam guessing he is pro shiate rather then pro Baath.PS quit the Nazi wording in your articles.

      • Well, the AIVD had infiltrated the Hofstadtgroup of wich he was part of ( this is the official story ) and all the members were apperently under surveillance, still somehow magicaly mohamed b managed to kill Theo van Gogh ( every newspaper wrote about this, and there even was a inquiry with the people involved) Somehow all the recordings of Mohamed B. phonecalls dissapeared from the AIVD archives. Abu khaled the Syrian man who came to 2002 to the Netherlands to recruit young men, was involved in al-Qaeda attacks in Casablanca and we all know al-Qaeda is a CIA creation. there are a lot of news articles about this in De Volkskrant, De Trouw, AD en the television program Netwerk had a show about the role of AIVD and the hofstadgroup. I know the ex-wife of van Gogh personally and she is convinced of that he is murdered by the AIVD. There are a lot of weird facts going on relating to the Hofstad group wich is an idication of a conspiracy ( there is a big difference between conspiracy and conspiracy theory , a conspiracy is when 2 or more people conspire together )

        • Thanks very much for this interesting information. No surprise for me of course. But I'll use it in my writing.
          One remark concerning ISIS for ZIAD and others.
          Concerning jihadist, terror, morocco, the West and Israel look for the name of Abdel Belliraj who was convicted for life in M arocco and according to several thrustworthy sources nog only working for Belgian inbtelligence but als ofor the Mossad. In Belgiçan official vdocuyments it is stated he had private contacts with Zahsahiriu a
          Of this mysterious leader of ISIS little seems known and there seems to be only one lousy picture available. Yet the man was jailed by the US for a long time so there should be very good pictures of the man and some CV. Why is this kept away from the public?

        • Something missing from my post: Belliraj had private contacts in 2001 with Bin Laden himself. He also killed before Joseph Wybran, chief person for the Jewish people in Brussels.

          • It is all part of a grand scheme to reduce humanrights as well as privacy laws in Europe, i think what we have seen are just a prelude, big chance the intellegence community with GLADIO links are planning something big.

  8. A lot of valuable background info. Currently, The Big B.O. is contemplating airstrikes on both Iraq and Syria, so it occurs to me that ISIS was given a green light in order to justify airstrikes on Syria which BO cannot justify in any other way.

    The relative numbers of ISIS are troubling, since their force is, reportedly, only about a battalion, which would argue that the ISIS offensive is more in the nature of a Hail Mary play with the object of producing conditions which could be perceived to allow airstrikes on ISIS details entering Syria, and thus, anywhere in Syria on the pretext that with all the captured vehicles, ISIS could be anywhere in Syria, including Homs, Damascus of Aleppo.

    The ISIS capture of major population centers in norther Iraq rally smells to high heaven. Supposedly, an irregular battalion routed two divisions of regular army - - really? The tale is current that the army officers just left, leaving the troops with no meaningful leadership; it's impossible for me to believe that this could have happened except as a conspiracy of treason, which must reach the highest levels of both the military and government itself. There must have been a whole lot of money in play, and there must be a trail back to the bankroll and the bagmen.

    Well, Iraq has been a failed state since the fall of Saddam, and its only hope is for the Iraqis to grow up. It hasn't happened yet, in well over a thousand years, so I don't think it ever will, now. Too bad. I could have really been something, huh?

    • Iraq can be saved. But, it must not involve the U.S. which has played a role so tyrannical that any result would be viewed as invalid and illegitimate by the people of Iraq. I think this ISIS attack, by much more than a battalion, is going to be contained with Iranian and Russian help. The U.S. must not get involved or it will get worse. Ziad

  9. Ziad, you know what is needed. A well done TV documentary spelling out this precise story, and the roles of US and neighboring state players that have driven this region into chaos. Would get lots of airtime online and would shame key parties in the eyes of the worlds citizens. Somehow we need these stories out there even more prominently.

    And we desperately need to record truth in history.

  10. Ziad, Ziad good news, SAA is near to enter Kessab as the terrorists fled the field leaving only a small garrison (don't understand this decision):

  11. So the Turks helped train and start ISIS.

    But now Turkey is very upset that ISIS controls significant parts of the Turkish border.

    When did Turkey and ISIS first become enemies?

  12. Very graphic! Horrible massacre made by ISIS.

    Photos of hundreds of Iraqi Shia soldiers slaughered in a mass killing by ISIS in Mosul.

    • 30.000 Iraqi troops versus 800 criminal ISIS clowns and they surrender? You don't surrender to ISIS, they will kill you. Those 25 or so who surrendered at Tel Jamou, Nawa might have more luck. As a rule: you DO NOT surrender, certainly not when the attacking force isn't all that big.

      • it is really cruel to say but those who surrender in Syria deserve to be shot, because they know those terrorists don't take prisoners and they are going to be tortured to supply valuable information wich could jeapordize their comrads, in order to get beheaded. In war time there is a policy wich is called DEATH BEFORE DISHONOUR

    • The Religion of peace.. Why you don't see such things in Christians nations? Not even in Ukraine that the CIA coup have placed Nazis in Powers you see such level of brutality ,or people killed just for their religious belief.

      Im afraid the middle east will continue to be a living Hell of religious ignorants Fanatics ,until they realize there is no GOD in their religion and its the source of their problems. Thats the reason ,most of the western world ,do not care much when they hear muslins are killing muslins. Because historically Sunnis and Shias have been fighting for many generations. Western Governments which its leadership have been infiltrated by Satanic leaders ,know as Neocons and zionist in US and Israel only take advantage of the fatal flaws that exist Islam ,to turn each side against the other. All this Alqaeda Islamic Terrorist fight for religion as simple as that.. So destroying Israel alone will not solve the middle east problems ,because the root of the problem continue to be its religion Islam. as long Middle continue worshiping a self called prophet Muhammed that was no different than an Alqaeda terrorist today ,the middle east will continue to experience Extreme never ending violence..

      It was Jesus who told.. "Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?
      — Luke 6:39-40

      With Islam you have billions of people sincerely looking a closer relationship with God ,
      but falling into the lies of Muhammed ,who was a beheader and Brutally massacred anyone who stood in their path. Can anyone explain me.. how can any Muslin in the world.. believe as a prophet of GOd ,when he killed so many people in his life?

      Christianity is the only thing that can save the middle east but also the fight for your independence.
      Thats the only things that can truly take a nation culture to a path of real freedom and development .
      So thats the only reason i can imagine for the 11 years civil war in IRAQ and not ending any time soon.. So that people can move away from their Islam to a real Gods religion.

      • It appears you have a case of selective amnesia.......It was/is the fake christians of europe, america and the zionists who have stirred the pot of islamic nations throughout recent and distant history.....we did not have any of these problem until the aforementioned groups decided, without counsel, approval or direction of the indigenous real christians, to fixate themselves on the natural resources of the middle east and the security of greater isr-ael. Religion has nothing to do with it, these savages are funded, supported and directed by the aforementioned groups, and unfortunately the real human beings of God, jew, christian and muslim are the cannon fodder. Its a plan, written long ago, being played out before our can slur muhammad, jesus, or whomever you wish, but to do so is delusional, silly and naive, specifically when all things are considered, and the real plot and actors are factored in.............and guess what, moses, jesus or muhammad had no hand in the evil.............the father of lies did and does.

      • Wow, what a moron, seems you have amneissia, have you forgot about the engleish crusade ( make them convert by the sword) and the Spanish inquisition ? have you forgot the Christian west who is the one who attacked Iraq and Afghanistan under lies and killed so many hundreds of thousands of Muslims, NO, there is good and bad in all, and all the good from all the religions must band together to fight this evil.

      • I am a Christian like you and also try to understand your motivation, but things are not black and white, one thing is what Jesus taught us and the other is made ​​by our leaders "Christians." You will agree that the policy of Western (Christian) sucks, and address this issue as they want the world to see, ie by religious divisions, is to let them play. God is no divisions among his sons to love us, God is on the side of the righteous men, and it is for this reason that many Christians SYRPER READERS are with the people of Syria, because we believe that their struggle and just admire your courage for not to be overcome.
        There are things that I dont know about Islam and that makes me more humble when I opine, though I must admit that I was surprise very much to hear a speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah about Jesus son of Mary.
        God bless the righteous men. God bring peace to Syria

      • What a brain size of a Mongol trying to command itself to view it's religion as truth and above all, you may look for the mirror which side of your brain has a leaked with shit on it and made bubbles a lot. You are trying to portray ISLAM Religion as the worst but look whose talking? may be you are trying to say about those takfiris and wahabbism, they are not belong to ISLAM or calling itself as MUSLIM but they are just mislead by USraHell and UK,EU. we can only call them simple as R.A.T. because they live in sewer and think backwardness. I dare you to read your bible and after read the Qur-an and decide by your self where the truth is, it is not may be too late to believe in truth. I'm not telling to convert to ISLAM but you have the right to know the truth. Peace be with you.

      • Pardon me, but my understanding of Christianity is that it is the following of the teachings of Jesus. I just can't seem to find the biblical passage where He said it was righteous to go around toppling legitimate governments, invading sovereign nations, and just generally meddling, in order to prop up the petrodollar, secure cheap oil (energy), and fatten the big banks and MIC.
        Christianity and Islam do have this in common: both have been used as tools by evil men to get ignorant men to do their bidding.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble, but visit the Vatican and look up. You will see hundreds of metres of frescoes showing the Pope's legions killing 'heretics' as Christianity has done for two millenia. Most religions in the world have been usurped by the bloodthirsty and utilised for mass slaughter. That is why organised religion is on the decline. Christianity is undoubtedly one of the most violent, but there are even Buddhist sectarian killers now in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

    • My information is that they looked for Shi'is and Christians. They killed them all. This is the work of the war criminals Erdoghan and Bandar. I agree that the soldiers should not have surrendered. Ziad

  13. Thank you Ziad, a good article!

    I agree that this benefits the Syrian situation. Not right now, as ISIS is at or around the top of its strength . But the moment the ISIS terror rats are being pushed back and vaporized by the Iraqis (and maybe even the US), that will be the moment of change for Syria.

    They will have to draw manpower in Syria and send it into Iraq to replace the exterminated vermin.
    Until that moment, lets hope ISIS does unrecoverable damage to the Nusra/FSA demons in the east with their new toys.

    All the best to the Syrian and the Iraqi people, and ofc the Dutch football team 🙂

    • The non-ISIS Terrorists last chances are the Deir Ez-Zor River strip(since all other villages that they had in Northern side are now a property to ISIS) from the Deir Ez-Zor-Iraq border to the City of Mayadin,and of course Idlib Countryside and North West Aleppo.Daara is about to collapse but still survives(for now) thanks to the Zionist slave order of Jordan.SAA must keep an eye for the Idlib Country side since at Deir Ez-Zor ISIS vs 'Rebels' is occurring doing the dirty work for the SAA to wipe them both out.NW Aleppo will start to crumble after SAA and allies capture of Aleppo city.

  14. I mean, we already saw a lot of the worst what all these canibals, beheaders and wahtever completly idiotic obama & erdoghans terrorists did, but who in the hell can explain what these ISIS psychopaths are doing in Iraq????!?!?!??!

    it seems they are just outside of everything:

      • Hello Ziad
        These radical groups backed by the
        Usual suspects
        They appear to locate...knowing they can
        fall back and relocate...thus stay cohesive
        Its my suggeston that Syrian special forces
        should paint there locations in the east in
        a flushing opp designed to make them run fall back....cut of and die
        Show them and their backers the big dream
        is over.
        Small actions...possibly mini TeT...over and them to ground

        Roll out the barrel......we got the rats on the
        run : )

    • There can be no question that the U.S. approved Hakan Fidan's plan to strengthen ISIS in Iraq. Yet, nobody seemed to know how to control the freak leader who finally started to exterminate the U.S.'s heroic Jabhat Al-Nusra which was a creation of Bandar and Robert Ford. Ziad

  15. Erdogan was supporting the governor of Mosul, in fact both 'Nujaifi's' have a special relationship with Turkey and they were trying to get their family rule in Nineveh consecrated into an autonomous region with the backing of the US Turkey and others in a well known strategy to divide Iraq into regions based on ethnicity, sect and family/tribe. The taking of Mosul has destroyed all those plans for the time being. Those who took Mosul want to rule Iraq as a unified country not a specific region, this is evident by their march to Baghdad and the south where they have been supported by the general populace. You can't march that quickly if you don't have support among the Iraqi people. As for the so called sectarian massacres this is pure propaganda, Maliki can only save face by portraying this as an extremist Sunni versus Shia war, if there were massacres then Maliki's gangs are the prime culprit because the other side have been allowing Iraqi government soldiers and employees to leave their areas unharmed.

    'Maybe its time for the U.S. to improve its relationship with Dr. Assad and declare the elections a “great success” '

    So you want the American tick of approval. If the Syrian government ever gets such approval then it will have committed treason undoubtably. Unfortunately there is an effort to 'rehabilitate' the Syrian government as an 'anti terrorism' fighting regime, to be used to fight for the imperial powers in the region, Syria's son's used as cannon fodder.

    'Our readers should note that the taking of Mosul was accomplished by former Iraqi Ba’athist officers suspiciously abandoning their posts and leaving a 52,000 man military force without any leadership thereby forcing a complete collapse of the city’s defenses'

    What is wrong with former Iraqi Baathist officers? In any case it is clear that they have widespread support among the Iraqi population. As for the so called exodus from Mosul this was for the simple reason that people don't like to be caught up in fighting, not because they were against the insurgents, quite the opposite in fact, many have returned and openly express support for the new authorities, although you wouldn't know that if you read/watch Press TV, Al Mayadeen, Al Manar etc. Nothing personal Ziad but i just find your point of view utterly at odds with reality. All this ISIS bs is media distortion and lack of awareness, it was the same thing with Syria when they referred to the regime as an 'Alawite' regime which it is not, yet there are many people who are pro government who even believe this nonsense.

    • An American seal of approval for the elections was meant as a joke. I do that occasionally to inject mirth into an otherwise sordid and menacing world. I do not believe there is any support for the ISIS rats in Iraq. The people of Saamirraa` are proving that right now by rejecting the terrorists and working with the government to blunt the assault on Baghdad. Shi'is have been targeted by ISIS and this sectarian conflict will continue until the Iraqi Army asserts itself, as I believe it will. Ziad

    • It is quite possible that agendas will change as the battles progress. I agree. But ISIS and Nusra are both dyed-in-the-wool Jihadist groups with little ideological room to maneuver. The other players are opportunistic predators and can adapt. Ziad

  16. by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

    UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that the attacks in Iraq by alleged "terrorists" are directly financed by the U.S. NAZI Paperclip NSA, the Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Obama Crime Syndicate and criminal worldwide banks that are in ass backwards derivatives tied to the world price of oil.

    These alleged "terrorists", who have become a massive private army, are nothing more than "crisis actors" tied to U.S. NSA aka al Qaeda, which is of course, Bush P2-CIA.

    Follow the money, folks. World terrorists can not take over Baghdad but private armies financed by criminal banks (U.S. Citibank, Bank of America and Nazi German Deutsche Bank) can do it.

    These banks face massive derivative exposure in euro currency denominated derivatives tied to the world price of oil.

    Reference: The Bank of England is the clearing house for this latest PSY OP along with the totally corrupt Dutch Bank ABN AMRO.

    There scheme to boost the price of oil and allow Citibank to write more cross-collateralized derivatives to avoid CME Group margin requirements.

    P.S. The 'smoking gun' evidence on this latest financial ponzi scheme is the fact that the British pound sterling is up over 100 points in overnight currency trading.

    P.P.S. At this hour there is NO liquidity left in the system, there are just derivatives and algorithms so BEWARE OF A MASSIVE ENERGY COMPLEX BUBBLE.

    In closing, let me again make this perfectly clear:

    The "crisis actors" in Iraq are financed by the same NSA-Israeli Mossad-British MI-6 crisis actors whose goal is to create a WWIII in the Middle East as to avoid their financial derivative exposure.

    Again, folks, it is ALL ABOUT MONEY and crooked banks.

  17. "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." Since the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, world events, and in particular in the Middle East, show a growing unrest and instability between Modern Zionism and the Arabic World. This is completely in line with the call for a Third World War to be fought between the two, and their allies on both sides. This Third World War is still to come, and recent events show us that it is not far off.

  18. Ziad thanks for putting things in order, is now much more clear picture. One thing though that gives me to highlight your article, one thing is the Iraqi Baath party and quite another thing is the Baath Party of Syria (at least I hope it is so)

  19. Islamist takeover may be 'death knell' for Iraq's Christians

    Earlier this year, Christians in Raqqa were threatened with death unless they converted to Islam and paid the jizya tax for non-Muslims, which effectively renders them second class citizens.

    "The militants are imposing strict sharia rules and carrying out brutal penalties, including beheadings and crucifixions," said Dr Sookhdeo.

    In addition to imposing heavy restrictions on their freedoms, ISIS confiscated houses and land belonging to Christians in Raqqa, forcing the owners to leave the area.

    The Armenian church there has been taken over and turned into an office for Islamic affairs and the promotion of sharia, Dr Sookhdeo said.

    Prior to the takeover of Mosul this past week, Iraqi Christians already had a bitter taste of ISIS when it killed 58 Christians in the siege of a Baghdad church in 2010.


  20. You folks need to employ Occam's Razor a bit more often. Sometimes if it walks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's really just a duck. While it may make you feel better to blame all of the Middle East's woes on the U.S. and Israel, the reality is you guys, Shia, Sunni and allies, are lining up by the tens of thousands to kill each other.

    No doubt the key is that in order to fix a problem, you have to identify the root cause. So long as you stay in conspiracy theory land and blame boogey-mean, you can refuse to take critical looks at more rational causes: Arab tribalism with a healthy topping of Islam.

    Maybe the Western powers were sobered up by the horror of war, finally, by World War Two, and perhaps the Middle East needs it's own "World War Islam" to shock the collective Arab and Islamic soul into some semblance of self responsibility.

    • Sean, who is paying mercenaries to commit massacres?
      Who is delivering weapons?

      If I were you, coming from the US, that was installing Saddam, Taliban, the Shah, the FSA and all the wars inbetween- I wouldn't dare to blame religion for what is going on.

    • Sean, after enduring all your previous posts, I feel safe to apply Occam's razor to YOU and conclude thus: You talk like a dick, you probably act like a dick ... ergo: You are a dick! Since when have the 'Western powers' behaved 'soberly; since WWII?... Korea? .... Vietnam? Panama? Libya? Afghanistan? Iraq?? A couple of nukes on the good 'ole USA (like y'all gave to Japan) may do the trick nicely. The US needs a real war fought on it's own turf, with it's own people suffering and dying at the hands of foreign invaders to shock its collective zionist/christian soul into some semblance of humanity. (Puke!)

    • Ockham's Razor is just fine in trying to arrive at acceptable conclusions to scientific or philosophical problems; and it does not deny the existence of plain explanations describing a conspiracy or a complex webwork of political relationships. Your remarks about tribalism, however, are valid and the Arabs need to resolve all that. Maybe without the need for a world war. Ziad

    • Sean you are dillusional, the Arab world does not need more bloodshed, it only needs the removal of the corrupt leaders. They need leaders like Sisi and Assad, i am very suspicious about Maliki because he was appointed by the Americans, he could possibly be a longterm stooge who has to win the trust of the resistance, not sure though.

    • Go to LandDestroyer, where you can read the full text of the 2007 Brookings Institution report, 'Which Paths to Persia?' written by a team led by my odious countryman Martin Indyk, Zionist.
      This vile volume is a comprehensive plan to destroy both Syria and Iran. No conspiracy theories required: the evildoers have written it all out for us to see. Everytrhing that has happened since 2007 is exactly consistent with this demonic recipe for genocide.

  21. Oh, "Al Nusra" seems to try to conquer Iraq, too. The more official Qatar/US-proxy-militia.

    "2014-06-13 Vormarsch von Jabhat Al-Nusra in den Irak البوكمال "

  22. Syria Govt Retakes Strategic Town on Turkey Border

    Syrian government forces on Sunday recaptured the strategic town of Kassab, near the only border crossing with Turkey in northwestern province of Latakia, state television reported.

    "Units from the army are reestablishing security in the province of Latakia after killing a large number of terrorists and destroying their weapons," the television said, referring to rebels who had been in control of the town for more than two months.

  23. for somebody mimicking a blue-eyed newborn
    it sounds quite a reasonable analytical snapshot.

    In reality since more than 30 years there exist a permanent
    reshaped main-agenda puzzled out regularly by well-known
    Endless documentations and attested cynical comments
    are enough proof that the current ME misery and many more
    catastrophic hardships worldwide are due to schedule work.

    However to err Is human and shit happens to a stinking
    greedy hyena-plan as staircase wit in world-history too.

    Especially when losers ought to be born to die as damned
    all of a sudden get rich and richer instead to die, as planned.

    The drums of war from far to hear,
    brings nicest music to their ear,
    quickly change when coming near.
    ISIS: 400 Mio. Dollar und Gold in Mosul gestohlen

    Bei der Einnahme der irakischen Stadt Mosul überfiel ISIS die regionale Zentralbank der Stadt und beschlagnahmte über 400 Mio. Dollar in Cash sowie Tonnen an Gold. Damit ist ISIS nun die reichste Terrorgruppe der Welt....
    The correct translation must read:

    ...more than 1 Boullion of Toilet-paper money together with gold
    changed the ownership making ISIL a worthy member of the
    International Hyena-Club.

  24. as speculations are rising up who is behind the ISIS takeover in the north must have taken in to account that the shia mahdi army will be reactivated:

    even sunni clerics call for war against ISIS:

    with an iraq population of 65% shia the puppet masters behind ISIS must be aware that their offensive cant lead to any political or geographic victory.

    so the only remaining objective out of all of this incident is to spread and to improve war throughout the region.

    and as we all know who is fostering terror against independent and souvereign states in the last two decades there should be no doubt to name the visionaries and beneficiaries behind a full scale war in the entire middle east.

  25. Thanks to Syper, as always, for keeping us up to date with the real news from Syria as it happens. Without Ziad and all of you who contribute your posts to this site, we would hear nothing about Syria, only news on the World Cup and the unstoppable progress of ISIS in Iraq. On that note, (as a true skeptic) may I add how amusing I find it, that we all soundly agree that the zionista whore media news is a worthless pack of liars and yet even here, some people are quoting 'news' about events in Iraq as if they are indisputable facts. The only way to know what is truly happening is to BE THERE (like Monzer in Syria for example). Given the extremely dangerous environment for reporters, who is claiming to be reporting directly from there? Who do they work for? Even Fars and Pravda are obliged to publish reports from Reuters etc. If this whole ISIS affair is a false flag (as most of us agree) it needs to be underpinned by convincing media lies. So what I'm saying is, you can't have it both ways. Don't bag the western media one minute and go quoting it the next. Until we can read news from Iraq that has local, reliable and named sources on the spot (like Syper and the Russian media reporting from Ukraine), we should treat all 'news' from Iraq with caution. Like Libya, the conflict is mostly US puppet vs US puppet. We should ALL show more respect and focus on what Ziad has to tell us about Syria and forget this latest divisive, western distraction.

    • To support your point, I am always amazed to see Alalam quoting the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", a one-man operation funded and organized by the British Foreign Office. You are right and I warn readers not to send me notes based on sources known for their lying and deception. Ziad

  26. Yes all the website news confirm that the militants have abandoned Kessab, the Syrian Civil War Map on Wikipedia confirms Kessab is Red, it only remains the Border Crossing in Green but it's just matter of hours, nobody is there to defend that checkpoint. Time to shift on Bayt Ablak 😉

  27. The armed events in Iraq will have an impact upon Iran with the real possibility of forces opposed to the system arming themselves to depose it. This will lead to a battle for power among the various factions in the country, something that has been put off time and again in the past by shaky 'compromises' between the warring parties. This is where the hidden Zionists and traitors in the Iranian state will begin to reveal themselves as is always the case when a state is in political and social turmoil, the former president, Rafsanjani to name but a few.

    Iran's potential role as partner with the US in combating 'terrorism' in Iraq will be the catalyst for this change as nothing good ever comes from allying your country with evil interests, just ask the many clients and puppets who have once served the US and what became of them and their countries.

    • I don't think ISIS will reach Iran or that it's impact will be felt in Iran except as it changes the face of Iraqi politics. I am confident the U.S. and Iran will not be working together any time soon. Ziad

  28. Thank you Ziad for this very detailed and erudite chronology on ISIS and it's global associates. The information you have provided here far surpasses the combined efforts all of the Western media agencies. I will definitely be re-reading this article several more times.

  29. We\are missing a big part of the ISIS strategy, the big jewel Kirkurk is now part of Kurdistan, no referendum is going to happen, the Arabs will be displaced for good, the Sunnis will have no revenues, the oil fields will be now owned by the traitors of Kurdistan. Israel will finally get it's dream of a pipeline to Haifa. Kirkurk has been a big contested area uniting both Shia and Sunni Arabs against the Kurds.

    As to the stealing of gold, this shows that the USA, UK and Israel are involved. it is to do with hypothecation of Chinese gold, there is NO GOLD, they must quickly find supplies to keep the demands of China, look at Libya, Ukraine, Mali, etc., the first thing done is the stealing of their gold reserves. Hugo Chavez recognised this and demanded their gold back. Gold has been hypothecatied to keep the US Treasuries high.

    • I don't think the Kurds want to give up their share of the spoils from the bigger oil wells in the south, not to mention the possibility of Turkey slamming them for their arrogance. I'm glad the Kurds took Kirkuk and are protecting it. Ziad

      • Protecting it? no my Friend, the oil will be sold to Israel. Israel has been dying to make Haifa an Oil hub, Kurdistan, Cyprus and Palestinian oil will be stolen for Israel. All empires need cheap, reliable oil. Kirkurk should be a multi ethnic region, the revenues should be shared equally. The status of the Kirkurk region was to be settled with a referendum.

  30. I have to admit. This is the most unsettling news as it prompts the US to act. Originally, when I heard this news I thought this would work in the benefit of Assad as the US would act against ISIS, eventually weakening their position which would ultimately benefit Assad. I've been reading through some of statements made by Obama and Obama's advisors and it doesn't seem that it will unfold this way. They are talking about airstrikes on Assad positions in Syria and that ISIS is not a concern to them at this point. (?????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????) So, what it taking place is that the US is going to blame Assad for what it taking place in Iraq because now "the war in Syria has boiled over into Iraq". All of us know here that this is not the case but it is scary as the US WILL be taking action here very shortly. What is truly sad is that leaders of Arab nations and the West have allowed and even supported ISIS. It seems we are living in the past where barbaric acts are again being accepted as the norm as the world sits by while beheadings, mass killings, torture and other disgusting acts are taking place. US really f'd up the Middle East and I'm beginning to think this is beyond repair at this point.

    • "It seems we are living in the past where barbaric acts are again being accepted as the norm as the world sits by while beheadings, mass killings, torture and other disgusting acts are taking place."

      Yes man, I agree. Remember Guantanamo?
      And with Syria now TERROR, MERCENARIES and SUPPORT OF TERROR IN OTHER COUNTRIES are legitimate weapons.
      Horrible, horrible- but it will come back to those nations, which are morally returning to mid-ages again these days.

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