Al-Qaeda sent 50 suicide bombers to attack Aleppo prison

Aleppo Central Prison


Syrian Perspective has confirmed from sources that the CENTRAL PRISON area has been completely and finally deloused.  No more rats around the prison or in Jubayla next door.  My wife is delighted that her nephew will soon be able to leave and rejoin the fighting in Latakia.  We will have more on this major event later.


Also, we can confirm that the HQ of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence inside the complex is totally secure.  The lying “Opposition” media is completely confused about the situation there.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Heavy fighting with rats dying for lack of supplies. Citizens reportedly helping SAA to spot rats.





      • TRPINTEL here, I just want to say my heart felt congratulations on the news and that your nephew may now be freed. As you know I've been following this conflict closely and Since the beginning looked towards your site for news on the conflict. I can truly see victory, but I always caution when dealing with the enemy bc they are cunning and won't give up easily. Im doing the southern front right now and it looks as though the israelis may be trying to pull an erdogan and cause an intervention. The red hill offensive puts the firing line right towards israel and we know they wouldn't hesitate to strike back, anyways great job and great new, as always.... keep on the good fight, peace - TRPINTEL

  1. congratulations ya Ziad for the lifting of the siege of Aleppo prison, and on the safety of your relative. he is a true hero. I have been waiting for this news for some time now. mabrook. Inshallah from victory to victory until the liberation of all that has been infected by the salafi Wahhabi swine.

  2. yesss!!! That's geat news coming in. Ziad, I am very happy to her that your wife's nephew is well and safe. Even though we do not know him personally I am sure most of the readers of this blog will feel alleviated by this news, too. God bless and protect the gerat, great SAA/NDF. May the syrian people get reward for their steadfastlyness soon. We are with you, ya sourioon, barak Allahu fikum.

    greetings from Berlin

  3. Mabrook! A day to celebrate for long long time. Ziad, please do me a favor, if possible and allowed to by the SAA, I would love to know the names of all the heroes from the Central Prision. Congrats for your extended too with the return of your wife's nephew.
    A day of rejoice.

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  5. In the Alamo there were heroic defenders but they lost in the end. At Aleppo Central Prison there were heroic defenders and they won in the end. The memory of what those guys achieved, your wife'e nephew among them, will live for generations. Comhghairdeachas! (Irish for congratulations).

  6. 12 April, 2014

    Syrian govt blames rebels for gas attack in Kfar Zeita

    Syrian government has blamed the rebel forces of using poisonous gas in an attack on the village of Kfar Zeita in the central province of Hama on Friday. State-run Syrian television blamed members of the Al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front for using chlorine gas, killing two people and injuring more than 100. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that dozens were injured, while people suffered from suffocation and breathing problems as heavy smoke rose in the area after the attack."

    • This chlorine play show only one thing - rats are more and more into desperate position and without bombs from west they deliver freedom and demokraty are soon history.Mayby its time push harder and all rats deratise when he survive have syria again problems into future.

    • You fellas keep quoting the SOHR even though it is pure propaganda. Tsk. Tsk. The use of CW has 2 purposes: one is to blame on the Syrian government and the second is out of desperation. The world now knows who is using the CW and the desperation is pathetic. Ziad

  7. My Alamo of Syrian heroic resistance ripe for
    a big film event however will stay for ever

    Meng, a symbol for bravery for ever.

    God with you Greater Syria.

  8. The lifting the siege is wonderful - however it doesn't yet mean 'Safe Access' in / out of the prison complex yet.

    "There are no more attacks on the prison or any firing of shots towards it in the past 24 hours, which is a direct result of the SAA MIG's flattening Jubayla (The only complexes to the west), and firing mortar shells at the Hill to the east of the prison (they can spot this hill from Sheikh Najjar Industrial City). The cleansing of the area around the prison resulted in Lifting of the Siege.

    • While you are correct that rats are trying to reestablish positions, we have confirmed the arrival of supply trucks into the prison and my wife's nephew is not out. No to worry. SANA will be announcing the total delousing of the area once the HQ confirms total victory. Ziad

  9. Ziad,

    you write "Also, we can confirm that the HQ of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence inside the complex [Central Prison] is totally secure."

    What about the AFI complex just above the Al Wafa district?

  10. Here we go again, now rats moving from Turkey to defend Aleppo, I believe this is good news, the higher concentration of flthy rats the better, like Lattakia was the grave yard for rats, Aleppo looks like it will be a replay.

  11. And great respect for all fighters inside or prison complex, it's such a heroic deed to withstand a siege so long. Ziad, I'm very happy to see your wife's nephew is safe and well.
    This heroic outcome will surely be great inspiration for all SAA fighters, and also for civilians, as it is for all of us who oppose terrorists around the world.

  12. BIG MO

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
    Viva Syria! Viva SAA! Viva South Lebanon! Viva Hizbullah! Viva Iran! Viva I.R.G.C.
    Onward to Palestine! Down with Zionism! Down with American Racism!

  13. CIA spy escapes death penalty to serve 10 years

    "On December 17, 2011, Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced that it had arrested the CIA spy of Iranian descent, foiling an intricate American plot to carry out espionage activities in the Islamic Republic.

    Mirzaei Hekmati was charged with attempting to infiltrate Iran's intelligence apparatus in an effort to implicate the Islamic Republic in sponsoring terrorism. The defendant had been hired by the CIA in May 2009 to carry out espionage operations in Iran.

    In a televised confession broadcast on the Iranian television a day later, Mirzaei Hekmati said he joined the US Army in 2001 and underwent decade-long intelligence training.

    He added that he was sent to the US-run Bagram Airbase in eastern Afghanistan and given access to classified intelligence before flying to Tehran.

    Hekmati was born in the State of Arizona in southwestern US and joined the Marines after he received his high school diploma, his father said."

    This is how every country should treat sayanim because they are basically treasonous spies.

  14. Salutations to the mentat Ziad, and his excellent team. You are indefatiguable in the war on untruth.
    I would draw SyrPer readers' attention to Dr Tarpley's weekly rant [] in which he outlines the structure of Washington warmongery.
    Much as we revile the Drone Emperor, it is clear he and his pet Joint Chief Dempsey still have their psychopath heads screwed on, in contrast to the Bonesman death cult adherent, '50 Varieties' Kerry and his tribe of harpies, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Victoria Nuland of the Kaganate of Ukraine.
    These mal eleves are now joined by the putschist Romney plotter General 'Betray Us' Petraeus, who is forming a bloc to pursue elevated support for rat terrorists in Syria.
    Barry and Martin know that impeachment looms for warmongers who defy the will of the American people; it is Petraeus, Power, Rice, Nuland and their circle who have lost touch with reality, and who should be targetted, outed and denounced for their criminal operations.

    • Even SANA has not announced it yet because not all nests of rats have been certified eliminated. The MSM rarely admits to SAA victories in a specific manner. The Syrian Air Force has announced the break of the siege to its servicemen. Ziad

  15. Whenever you read "Syrian Perspective has confirmed" something, rest assured that their own maps published a few days later will prove the exact opposite. Thus with the Alleppo Prison siege.

    Same as when Ziad claims "1000 Rats surrounded in City X, who will all be destroyed by teatime tomorrow!", this means SAA can see the enemy through telescopes from a nearby mountain as they splatter the place with artillery, but will always allow 90% to escape into the next town to be blitzed, until no building but the Presidential Palace remains intact.

    In other words, SyrPer's 'reports' are about as accurate as a barrel-bomb rolled out the back door of a chopper from 6km up ... if it even lands in the right quarter of town targeted, the SAA considers that a glorious victory.

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