SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE CAN CONFIRM SIGHTINGS OF TURK TANKS INTRUDING INTO SYRIAN TERRITORY IN THE AREA OF KASAB.  The Syrian Army’s Third Army Corps is readied for confrontation with Turkey.  We can also confirm sightings of Russian battleships approaching the Turkish coast.  This is it. More news to follow.







    • I don't think that Turkey really sent tanks to Syria. What is wrong with you? What happened the two brother countries? Muslim cannot do that to a muslim!



          • One thing my friend - even though I can't see your name and can't call you with your name...

            A little information about Erdoğan and his toadies - they all hate Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and their mission is to tear down everything that he has done for this country.

            As a dual citizen; both American and Turkish (mostly Turkish, I was only born and raised in the States up to my age 7 than moved here to Turkey) REAL TURKISH people- sorry TURKISH CITIZENS (I don't want to count out my folks who are not Turkish) don't want anything else but a peacefull country where everybody live in joy without a discrimination of race, religion, language or anything else.

            Others; who want to screw this country - are trying to get us into an civil war; which didn't work out as they thought (The Gezi Park Protests; everyone from every color, race, religion/non-religion were hand to hand together!) now they're trying to get their hands dirty with other countries.

            Everybody with a good heart, a conscience and mind - is wishing deeply to see Erdoğan get executed one day.

            I'm mostly sorry for the people who he has made up poor and deprived upon what he has to offer (like free food, coal etc.) and made them a toy doll. My folks' pride is being ignored.


            I have so much more to say about this - but I know my words won't count. Where words fail, actions speak.

            I hope you have a good day - a better one comparing to ours.

            Tara A.

    • THANK YOU, YURI. I CANNOT RESPOND TO ALL READERS TODAY BECAUSE THE NUMBER OF COMMENTS IS OVER 200! I will assume my readers will know I am grateful for all their gestures of appreciation. I will look for comments that contain usable Wile E. Coyote material or great links to articles. Thank you and please accept my apologies. I normally love to respond to every reader. Ziad

    • I am sorry I can't respond to all readers as I usually do. This short headline attracted more than 200 responses which makes it impossible for me to answer each one. Every time I answer a comment, I have to wait about 40 seconds before I can answer the next one. Please forgive me and don't stop commenting because I read each one. Thank you. Ziad

      • And about 100 of those responses are asking you to justify your hysterical headline with some actual evidence -- but instead, you concoct an all too transparently convenient excuse to ignore that and evade responsibility. Congratulations, you have about as much respect for your readers as Mr Assad has for the right to life of his unwilling subjects!

          • As you obviously realize, Ziad's 'reason' (generating crude jingoism as Syria is shredded) often bears scant relation to verifiable evidence, i.e. fact. He nevertheless dogmatically insists on every fiction forever and has as yet never corrected a single one of his many misleading claims. You may willingly swallow such slops, but not everyone has such low standards. I for one am accustomed to a more palatable grade of propaganda and demand my rights as a consumer! Let's raise the bar a little here, that's my point.

    • Hint, hint - Erdogan is up to his eyeballs in controversy right now. What else can he do but create more provocations and diversions, that has been his hallmark from the beginning. He will be unable to do anything substantial lest his enemies circle in for the kill all the quicker. A situational bubble, of small proportions, but of some immediate shock value. Turkey's been attacking Syria for the past three years, this is smoke.

    • Neyin kafasını yaşıyorsunuz mq , ne içiyosanız aynısından bana verin ya .
      Türkiye Suriyeye 1 gecede girer çıkar ,şaka mısınız ?Tank yollamışız da falan da filan , sikerler.

      What did u use and u r so high , I ask for the same one. There is no war between them , if exists , suria already taken by Turkish army.

    • Iran is useless, forget about them, they are an inward looking nation like China they will not fight for anyone but themselves.
      Syria is on it's own and the billions of people around the world who support Syria.
      Syria must be prepared to deal a harsh blow to Turkey once and for all.
      Syria take out their leadership if ypou have to since they insist on being the running dogs of NATO and the squatter state.

      • Not all Iranian feel the same . I am an Iranian and support Syria all the Way. When the Time come we will stand with Syria when it is required.
        Plz understand that if Iranian decided to make a public present in Syria than Saudi Arabia can justify its presents in Bahrain and the US can justify invading syria .
        I want justice to prevail and lets hope the Turkish people stand up against this unnecessary provocation

        • My friend,

          I am Turkish, I have been living here in Turkey for the past 20 years of my life out of 27.

          But believe me... The people, Turkish people or any other folk who lives here - we don't support the idea of war at all.

          The thing is, I don't know if you have been fallowing up on what's going on in here; Erdoğan is trying to make his way - this time by covering our eyes with the scarf of war.

          As you know, he has stolen from the country, killed young and innocent people. He has been splitting the country using the varied race, religion etc.

          He needs to save his ass - and my only with is to see him executed before he can.

          Peace at home, peace in the world! (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)

      • Iran is useless? Really? Iran is a nation that has been under siege for over 30 years she lost over one million people to a war imposed by the demented Wahhabi kingdom, with full NATO cooperation, thousands were lost to chemical weapons without a red, pink or any color lines to cross. Yet Iran is still steadfast friend that her loyalty can be counted upon. And trust me when I tell you as of right now there is pressure to bear on the Turks by Iran, or they would have interfered militarily 2 years ago. Never and I mean never make light of or insult your friends since the enemy are numerous and they own the loud speakers.

        • Yes Tevee, your response is right on. Iran has been trashed in the Western media for so long that even people who know the U.S government's cynical games abroad still think Iran is sinister and to be feared. Who has Iran invaded in the last 50 years? Are Iranians decapitating people in Syria? Are they occupying anyone else's land? They want nuclear status. Why are they not entitled to have it while Israel and its patrons in the West are? If you want to know how you should view Iran, consider who its most vocal enemies are: The U.S. (which has invaded and occupied country after country while killing tens of thousands, including 750,000 in its own 'civil' war;; Israel which has invaded and occupied Arab lands, displaced millions of Palestinians, killed tens of thousands more, seized property, destroyed orchards and wells, etc.); Saudi Arabia where they are still beheading people in the public square for 'sorcery,' where every other religion is banned, where women exist like chattel, where they are ruled by a medieval monarchy and who has financed the rape of Syria, its people, its infrastructure, its antiquities, its religious institutions and figures.) Judge the quality of a nation by the character of its enemies. Syria is proud of its relationship with Iran and grateful for all of the support Iran has provided to preserve Syria and its people against the hordes of mercenaries fed into Syria by the West and its regional allies.

    • Crush the Turks? Really? This is how you respond provocation? Proud to be a Turk as always. Shame on Erdogan, shame on all of you who whish for a fight, shame on all of you who rely on false information and anger! Erdogan is the dog, not Turkey, get your heads straight faggots.

  1. If true, this will certainly result in the inevitable partition of Turkey. There is no other country on the planet who's neighbors salivate more to recover their lost lands from the foreign, colonial, occupying Turks. Ironic they have more in common with Israel than any other country in existence today. Constantinople ("Istanbul") will be liberated and returned to Greece, Cyprus will be liberated, Armenia will expand to reach the Black sea, Kurdistan will be born, Iskandurun will return to Mother Syria, Even the Alevis will take southern Turkey. The filthy Turks will be expelled from the Mediterranean basin and sent back to their homeland in Turkmenistan. Hopefully most will die of disease and starvation on their walk back like they did to the Armenian.

    • No, we are not "filthy" as you state and our country will not split. Kurdistan will not form. The acts of the İslamist AKP government do not represent those of the whole country.

      • You and your ilk are most certainly filthy. No glorious history and certainly no founding principles or even a shared identity - just fake, wannabe Europeans. You're a parasitic race, that was never an "empire" ( the so called Ottoman Empire, lol) - the Turks were just a bunch of dirty wandering mongol rapists that looted and pillaged the indigenous of the land with no dignity or honor. The only legacy you left behind in the middle east after 400 years is "Turkish Coffee" - (which is now even called Arabic coffee in most Arab countries today.) No science or mathematicians, no astrologists, no literature, nor explorers. A disgusting backward people mostly known for using sodomy and rape as a weapon of war.

        • Okay, I respect your opinion. You clearly have no humility or intelligence, as demonstrated by your ill-written paragraph. Just out of curiosity, what country are you native to?

          Who are you to dictate me regarding my country's history? Yes, the Ottoman empire wasn't pleasant. What about the byzantine empire? Take a trip to Turkey and you'll see that it's a place rich with culture and 'glorious' history.

          Regardless of what you may think, we're here for a cause, to give our support to the Syrian people.

          Have a nice day :).

          • i know y0u are probably a good person... but your people (and the ottoman empire) did a lot of damage to people in asia and europe...
            especially the armenians... and yes... Turkey occupied lands from greece, armenians, and kurds...

            TURKS IS NOT A GOOD COUNTRY FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND... it is almost as evil as ISRAEL and SAUDI ARABIA...

          • I am from the United States of America..

            Worry not, comrade. We both know there is nothing a filthy Turk could teach the world about humility or intelligence. You are all too busy living in the illusions of your fictional and imaginary "glorious history", lol. If you want to study a glorious history, look to the native Greeks who's lands you occupy, or the Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Russians, even Armenians etc.
            I have visited Turkey. The rich culture that exists there is not a credit to the dirty Turks that occupy that land , but its geostrategic position at the cross-roads of many civilizations. Even when Turkey is portioned and its occupiers sent scurrying back to Turkmenistan it will remain a place rich with culture and history.

          • Dear Anonymous who is from The United States;

            Let me introduce myself to you first of all.

            My name's Tara (yeesss an American name!) and both my parents are Turkish (Albanian blood runs in my fathers roots) and my mom's family was working with Atatürk and İnönü during the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

            I was born in California, lived there for 7 years, than moved to Turkey - and moved back to the States for a year in 7th grade.

            Now. Unfortunately, I wasn't around America for a long time, started elementary here in Turkey - the only thing that was thought to me was "TO LOVE EVERYONE NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RACE, COLOR, RELIGION (MAYBE NON-RELIGION LIKE ME, oh yes, you heard me - I'm a deist Turkish proud woman) and not a single day get into a fight (not war haha) because of the identity they didn't have a chance to choose.

            Is this what they've been teaching in America? I thought America was trying to be post-racest the last time I checked?

            I thought America wasn't even a country before 1865!?

            And oh! Don't call Turks barbar, I've been to school in USA - and they actually teach the history of how you guys tortured the Native Americans.

            No my friend - my point is not to stick your nose into your dirty history.


            What's done is done. And I'm quiet sick of everything that's been going on on this world right now. Racism, religious discriminations, discriminations for preference of sex... Everything you can imagine!

            For crying out loud - the human age is aprx. 60-70 and that's if you don't drink or smoke. My words not only for you - it's for everyone who's dreaming of satisfying their ego with the ugly though of war! How much more should the world suffer from pain?

            I still remember how American's cried because of the bastard, Bush's actions.

            Fine - Turkey is a country in the middle east - but we're not the people that's shown to you on CNN. I remember CNN showing Istanbul (in the 1999 earthquake) as if there were only woman in chador.

            Please for just a moment.. You all! Remember that we're all going to die someday and maggots will be eating our ass - unfortunately everything we're fighting for today, will loose all the meaning, just like we're loosing our humanity right now.

            And yes - Turkish people can talk about humanity.

            I never judged American's (as I am a citizen too) because what Bush has done.

            So please, don't judge us with what the bastard Erdoğan is doing right now.

            Also please remember - no body was given the chance to choose the land they wanted to be born on - you could be one us.

            I hope I didn't break your heart in anyway...


        • Formation of Turkish Republic is the first great victory to form a free country against western Imperialism. Wish you have a little history information about how did other countries won their freedom just after the Turkish victory. This is why western ideology hates Turks, this why you also are under same affect of cheap hate speeches. Turkey became under influence of the west in politics after 1950's especially after 80's, now it is even worse. Same terrorists were fighting against our country, now they are against Syria to form a new country to serve Israel. Anyone who cannot see this is a blind man, hope he won't share his ignorance with others.

          • Kanka senle burada başbaşayız galiba millete laf anlatmaya çalışan 🙂 Pek bilgili, biz Türkleri "milleti vatanından ettiler!" diye carlayan Amerikan arkadaş az daha konuşursa bana bizzat Amerikan okulunda öğretilen, Kızılderilileri nasıl ipe dizdiklerini, nasıl yok ettiklerini anlatmaya başlayacağım 🙂

        • Anyone who thinks civilization culture is emerged with ancient Greek and Romans, may want to learn history in a different source rather than university lecture books (they are all the same, if you don't believe compare 2 of them with my source)

          Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization by Martin Bernal

          I strongly recommend to read it if you are raised with western supremacy.

          (and people who lived in their territory was completely Greek and Roman) gotta be funny. Every country which invades a land, invade other civilizations people.

      • Turk's are lovely people,but Constantinople is Greek we want Thrace and Cyprus back!The land of Turkey today was Greek, Armenian and Kurdish. The Greek part is about 35% of today's Turkey.

        • really!! do you think istanbul is your 🙂 i have live in istanbul do you have ever seen istanbul in your life, i dont think so if i let you you can, if i wont you cant
          you have a pain like a maddog you wanna istanbul but you doing nothing because you are weak, you was weak, you will weak.
          you doing nothing becauce you all know if you try anything this time you'll lost even athens.

          you poor greek.

          by the way where is constantinople maybe just your map :D:D

          • Uğur, it's not time to argue on history - what's done is done. This is exactly what the universal governments wants people - wake up!

            When soldiers kill each other - guess who stays on foot.. No war, always peace..

            Bu arada ben de Türküm. Sadece, gerçekten şuan son ihtiyacımız olan şey tarihte yaşanılmış/yaşanılmamış şeyler üzerine tartışıp birbirimizi kışkırtmak...

          • You are an ignorant occupying foreign colonialist. You sound just like an Israeli. Your history is so corrupt you spout lies and try to change history. Your history is a fabrication and your brain is full of lies and illusions. The Turks are a filthy, dishonorable, savage mongol people. Your history is splattered with the blood of the men and women you raped and tried to ethnically cleanse. Time is not kind to people with such sordid histories. Turkey survives on Western debt. It is not independent and certainly not powerful. Your country has no foundation and is basically as strong as a house of cards. The minute you try and behave independently, the western powers that support you will knock you down to size. The 'powerful Turkey' that Erdogan keeps trying to get his people and the world to respect is a farce. Truly powerful, stable and influencial countries do not have to speak propganda and lies to gain respect. The only future you have is back in Turkmenistan where you belong.

          • Lets face it: common people love war if they think they'll will win. Cold hard truth.This negligence, the inability to be able to take responsibility for ones government can be seen in all ages, across the world.

          • Don't worry about the comments above.

            It is obvious that free thinking secular Turks do not like what is going on in the name of their country.

            Similar to polls in the US where 85% of the population do not want any confrontation or involvement in the Middle East.

            There is no doubt that modern day Turkey has a diverse group of citizens, courtesy of the way it was created, but one hopes that Erdoghan and the Islamist AKP hierarchy are long gone and buried, before they have a chance to cause irreparable damage!

            And no, retaking Istanbul (Greek Kωνsσtaνtνiνouπoli), is not high in the average Greek citizens psyche!.

      • you turks are digging your own grave, i used to like turkey because of its history, but now you are Zionist controlled pathetic agents of the west, you were once a great nation, but unfortunately the Zionist agent attaturk has brainwashed you all, and erdogan the Zionist tool will lead you to destroying your own country. you have made a terrible mistake in conspiring against Syria, sending tens of thousands of barbarians to behead the innocent. you must pay for this, and pay you will.

        • What "history"? and what "great nation" do you speak of? I challenge you to tell us what the Turks have contributed to human history - other than genocide, ethnic cleansing, occupation and rape?

          • now now lets not pervert history, the turks were once a great nation. they took Constantinople from the byzantine empire, and it takes a mighty nation to do that, secondly they built magnificent mosques and had advanced architecture and had a vibrant civilization. this can not be denied. as for genocide and ethic cleansing, yes it did happen, but tell me what empire did not partake of these actions. the romans used to put little kids and have lions eat them while people cheered and ate snacks. the americans killed 1 million in Iraq and destroyed the country. the bolshevicks killed 10 million of their own kind. so come on get serious. I don't hate the average Turkish dude, but I detest what the Turkish government is dong today. especially since Syria has never harmed turkey in the least bit. its erdogan and his cohorts that we hate, unfortunately erdogan has a lot of support in turkey.

          • DOENER KEBAB? ...

            ... *ggg

            ... but there are rumours that the greek have invented it, called gyros ... others claim, its origins are derived from the arabic shawarma ...

            however ... we should better keep united against the ziofascist scum whereever they try to spread around their criminal cancer money terror system distributed by payed canibals and far right extremists ...

          • Ok, so we were able to come up with 2 things:

            1.) They invaded and occupy a historical city

            2.) They built mosques

            Well, by that measure should we not be celebrating Pakistan or Saudi Arabia as a "great civilization" too?

            Sorry I am not preoccupied with sounding 'politically correct' I call a spade a spade. Turkey turned a beautiful and culturally rich and diverse land into an Islamic shithole. They raped, pillaged and slaughtered the native inhabitants from their lands and claimed the riches and treasures of many great civilizations as their own.

            You have all been brainwashed. Here in the West they present Turkey as a bastion of modernity and they talk about the "young Turks" as if they were reformers and progressive Western thinkers. In reality calling someone a "young Turk" is like calling someone a fascist Nazi. They were the ones who tried to cleanse the land of non-Turks and built their shithole on the ruins of the millions they raped and slaughtered.

          • The know-nothing 'Anonymous' poster against radioaryan should do some research rather than repeating MSM lies against Turkey for the crimes of the 'Young Turks'. And, although it is a sensitive subject, it also wouldn't hurt Turkish secularists (and moderate Muslims) to revise what they know about the background of Mustafa Kemal… Until that happens, the artificial divide caused by the Jews will continue to fester in Turkey.

            The indebted Ottoman Empire under Sultan Abdul Hamid II refused to give up Palestine under the terms demanded for Rothschild loans and thus was marked out for destruction.

            The sources below reveal that the leaders of the 'Young Turks' were actually middle-aged crypto-Jews (Dönmeh/Sabbateans). They plotted with the British Empire and Zionist-Masons like Djavid Bey and Jabotinsky from the Grand Orient Lodge of Salonika to break up the Ottoman Empire – then custodian of Palestine and Jerusalem.

            They also worked with Rothschild-funded Jewish Bolsheviks to wipe out the Armenians whose influence and wealth they coveted in Ottoman Turkey. Remember, the Balfour Declaration was addressed to Lord Rothschild. As with every Jewish plot, they relied on whipping up enmity between (goy) peoples leaving them free to achieve their real objectives – in this case, turning Palestine in to a Jewish homeland.

            Why do you think Israel still refuses to allow world acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide as such? Because unwanted attention on the subject would reveal the Jewish role in the bloodshed.

            Stephen Jon Bjerknes, accused of being a 'self-hating Jew' wrote a convincing 575-page book highlighting the dominant role of masonic Jews in the Armenian massacre: https://archive.org/details/ChristopherJonBjerknesTheJewishGenocideOfArmenianChristians

            The ardent Zionist and Rabbi, Joachim Prinz, inadvertently admitted Ataturk was a crypto-Jew in his famous book, The Secret Jews (pg 122): http://www.atajew.com/2000/05/jewish-founders.html

            Wayne Madsen updates the continuing influence and rivalries amongst Dönmeh factions in the economic, military and religious fabric of Turkey: http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2011/10/25/the-doenmeh-the-middle-easts-most-whispered-secret-part-i.html

            People here need to calm down and start using their brains more.

        • Guys in all of this we must remember that people are individuals, Kaan is definitely a comrade and not the enemy, he is to share support for Syria , Syria has friends and supporters in many countries , races, and continents etc. Because Kaan is Turkish doesnt mean he supports the Turkish policy toward Syria or that he is personally guilty of what the Ottoman empire did, let's be mature and appreciate people for who they are not what they are.

        • hey poor Hussein, what you think you know about our great leader Atatürk ? Ataturk was not a Zionist and Atatürk fought for freedom of his country against half of the world (Zionists) and also Ottomans without receiving help from noone, except his own people...and he has won....he didnt asked for help of the russians nor iranians as some countries do right now... pls read our history carefully before writting anything you dont know well..But i can understand your not understanding, your country did never had a great seculist leader like Atatürk and probably will never ever have..you will unfortunatelly continue live with/through your radical islamist leaders lies..carrefully look at the world's history, at afghanistan look at the pakistan and you will notice that the big brother of the radical islamist was always the Zionist countries.....they support radical islamists to represent the islamists as cruel barbarians to all of the world...radical islamism has nothing to do with the real islam religion....so know your enemies and choose your side carefully..another thing is there is no any official confirmation that Turkish troops has entered Syria....pls note that we, all seculist turks who are followers of the great leader Ataturk are against the war and we do not support our prime minister's approach against Syria ..so pls be patient and do not support provacative news ...we are working on it and soon we believe we will get rid off zionist erdogan but this will be not by chaos as some zionist countries desire but by democratic ways....

        • Ataturk is a Zionist? 😀 LOL This is extremely false man, extremely.

          It is like saying forcing Armenians to go away by trains, because of Turkish genocide they made (according to Woodrow Wilson's laws people who have the majority will form their new countries, many Turkish civilians were killed just because of that and no one bats an eye). By the way, it is also claimed that Armenians were killed systematically in Eastern parts of Ottoman Empire, which was not under Ottoman power at that time. No offense or disrespects to Armenians, they are good people with false information. It is like saying Kurdish genocide, because of the eastern land lords didn't want a state they wanted to be independent and force their villages to riot using religion after many years I have friends that admit they were used by these people and the west. English flags were found inside the gun chests, and people who didn't know keep those flags in the riot. Again no disrespect to Kurdish people, they never seen the respect they deserved.

          However, hatred from Turks comes from the western media and ideology for sure. Except Erdogan period I guess. Nothing to do with that, i've been beaten by a cop and want him to go. But after, American spy Gulen's dogs will take the charge so don't hate Turks, hate our politicians. We hate them too, but they are the masters of fraud now. We have the highest amount of press officers in jail.
          Even we are being kept away from true source of information, how the hell can you get it from what Uncle Sam's dogs and Zionist's spies?

        • Please Hussein, don't consider Atatürk and bastard Erdoğan the same.

          What we've learned previously in school (unfortunately Erdoğan has changed it all) about (and from) Atatürk was peace. Nothing more.

          Erdoğan instead, today, is trying to start a civil war just in our borders.

          Most citizens think like me - believe me.. All we want is to get rid of Erdogan and calm down to a peacefull country. It's not just about Erdoğan - there's long history, a really bloddy background to it's roots..

          But thank you for your "much softer" comment, comparing to others.. Really!

      • I am Syrian-American. Have been to Turkey and really enjoyed the people. And most Turks I speak to here in America are highly critical of Erdogan's cruel and destructive policy in Syria. Even to the point of frustration with American naivity of the situation.

        That said Erdogan and his supporters have put Syria through hell only to escalate it now. (and the ottoman empire was just as bad to Syria). So unfortunately, the Syrian resentment is somewhat understandable.

      • Kaan, Syrians do not view their Turkish brothers and sisters as filthy or evil. We understand that the source of the problem is in Mr. Erdogan, but it is the Turkish people's obligation to remove him and restore the good relations which existed between Turkey and Syria before Erdogan arrived on the scene.

        • I wish it was that easy John. Unfortunately, as I claim that western countries are more "fair" with the elections - there's so much going on here. Erdoğan says that he has got 50% of the country (which is not true, he's also counting the votes to other political parties who couldn't make it up to the barrage that goes to the most voted party - so he helds about 25-30%).

          Remember the Gezi Protests, we were millions out there shouting loud for Erdoğan to leave his position. If it was another western country he/she would - but Erdoğan is so blinded with his cupidity and anger - he just won't go.

          We have local elections in 3 days which will be like a preview to the national elections... I hope people; including those who Erdoğan made poorer than before and become deprived for what he has to offer to get their wotes (like free food etc).. I hope this time he'll get the message...

          There's so many of us who wish to see him suffer (being dead is now just not enought!)... After all he has done to us!

    • Stop that nonsense! Even if the current government is hostile to the resistance, it doesn´t affect the whole Turkish people. Furthermore I am sure he is on our "side".

    • You know there is one thing i cannot stand, i am pro Assad, Syrian, SAA, NDF etc, but when i write (guilty at times) about turks i don't mean to generalize for there is good and bad in all, i am talking about the turkish government, now onto what i cannot stand, i cannot stand it when people rubbish another race as you have done, for it shows that you are no better than those filthy jihadist who put all others into one basket, how do you know Kaan is not Alevi who supports Syria or does not support the filthy erDOGan? do you want to make an enemy also out of a pro Syrian supporter?

      please refrain from rubbishing a whole country for a terrorist government, they are not all the same.

  2. So, what now?

    I mean Syria, Iran and Russia surely played all possible scenarios in this imposed terror war against Syria.

    What will they do now? What is the next step?

    Because now we have to react decisively! I am fed up.
    How will Iran and Russia react?

    We have to set boundaries to this NATO pigs.

    Let's pray for Syria. Ali

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        • Anonymous you are a troll.
          You are trying to whip up racism here.
          Zionist are specialists in pushing societies toward extremism, including the Muslim kind.
          The man is right, Turkey is controlled by Jews, as is most of the West.

        • People who wants to move against secularism to extreme Muslim are AKP-Erdogan fans believe me. I am a Muslim who loves his country, who has more than a little bit of history knowledge and most importantly knows what is going around with neighbors and love my neighbors. Hope to keep our country spendings on education, health and culture rather than military to serve Great Israel Prpject.

      • I have nothing against jews or Kurds, they are also human beings, they are my brothers.
        But.. erDOGan is a crypto georgian jew, so is Davidson(davutoglu) and all his ministers were and are Kurdish. Just like Armenians were high ranked in the last years of the Ottoman Empire. The Turks are controlled by zionists. Since the entrance in the nato, Turkish state is slave of supernato/gladio/zionists. Saudi arabia was/is sponsoring erDOGan the crypto-jew, the alevite hater, Ataturk hater. Yasin el Kadi for example. erDOGans boss are the arabs. Arabs boss are israel and us state.
        Armenians and Kurds are also our brothers, do not fall in the trap of the zionazis. They love dividing countries against their interest. Autonomy for Kurds is not good for the Kurds, only good for Greater Israel and usa.
        We should all unite and be against these extremists, be it fake muslim zionists, fake jew zionists or fake christian zionists/ satan lovers.

    • No, America is controlled by Jews, Turkey is controlled by America for now. Anyone who supports a war between Turkey and Syria (including Erdogan of course) is serving to Zionist ideology. Selling more guns to muslims to kill each other and for a Kurdistan to serve Israel borders.

  4. """Turkey’s many hydroelectric dams on the Euphrates in the event a war with Turkey became inevitable""" probably will take years and cost Billions to rebuild.

    Get some photos of the tanks for proof so it can be used against Edroghan and the march 30th elections.Warn them(and the Turkish people loudly) if they don't react then fire away.

    Of course maybe the Bear will do it.West is to chicken shit to stand up to the Bear.

    And then TODAY OBAMA came out with (while,i believe in Europe)"i fear a suitcase Nuke will go off in NYC" Anyone smell false a false ahead?

  5. Hi All,

    Wow this bastard erdogan the hunstman needs to be spirited off to the gallows ASAP.

    Some breaking news, hopefully accurate is that The Satanic jihadis and their turkish back up are with drawing from point 45.


  6. Ziad, could you hold us informed quickly, it becomes insuportable for many: Turkey it is all the same NATO and the Turks would not have moved if they had had a green light of the USA! Is it tanks piloted by takfiris either Turkish crews? Thank you for your fast answer!!

  7. remember me
    I told you so.
    Dam will break and Turk will go.
    Together from the south by Saud.
    WW3 16.03.2014 Purim counter for Crimea.
    2 Mio Syrean heroes will battle on all fronts.
    Mother of God is with GREATER Syria finally.
    God bless the final heroic NATION OF THE WORLD
    with the best PRESIDENT Levante ever had seen.

  8. erdogan the Zionist fool and agent, along with all the Turkish attaturkists must be taught a lesson, their treachery has exceeded all bounds of rational interpretation. the turks work for the Zionists and it is clear for all to see. this is indeed a dramatic escalation, things could get out of hand quickly. this is indeed worrying news.

    • Haloo! Please stop insulting our founding father Ataturk! Why do you think ergenekon and balyoz cases did they place? Because the zionists said the Kemalist generals (Ataturkists whatever) are a threat against the us interest in mid-east. That is why almost all of them are still in prison! The whole navy! Turkish Army has fake Kemalists aka natolovers and real Kemalists who are for the Shangai union, they are in prison! erDOGan is a murderer, a thief , a lyer! He is just like Hitler!
      He thinks he can still score points for his bosses who have written him off and also CANCEL the elections/ become a hero in the eyes of the uneducated herds of sheeple(the people who see him as a prophet).

      • haloo back at you, listen mate this is not personal. so here is a summary of why I believe your fountain father was an agent.
        1. he dissolved the ottoman empire, installing a pro western regime.
        2. he changed the written script from Arabic to latin, which can only be interpreted as a act of a (mortad) an apostate.
        3. he was a donmeh jew , by his own confession.( write attaturk jewish roots in yahoo and be surprised.
        4. he opened the way for the Zionist takeover of Palestine by destroying the ottoman empire which was the custodian of the holy land.
        5. he tore away turkey from its umma, thereby leaving the umma undefended.
        6. he ended the 1400 year old caliphate, again a move that would only come from a mortad (apostate). an act which myriad armies were unable to accomplish.

        again do not take this personally, we are discussing historical facts here. 🙂

        • Historical facts with google and yahoo only? Hahaha. You are thinking just like those extremist FAKE sunnis (wahabi/salafi). You have to read books. Like french, russian, british, turkish sources etc. etc.

          How did he destroy the Ottoman Empire? Hahaha. They already were the sick man of Europe. The last 200 years they were weakened, they lost a lot of wars, they were eating everything they got!
          You are no different than those extremists man! They talk the same just like you!
          How many people good read or write??!! Hahhaa. Maybe 1%. The people were talking Turkish, not Arab!!! Ottoman/Osmanli writing is mix of Fars and Arabic.
          The Caliphate were the real collaborators! They wanted help from usa, england and france!!! They wanted to hang Ataturk! You are biased, i won't discuss with you about this anymore!
          Do not talk about things you do not know!

          Right now our brothers and neighbours are the ones important!!!

        • Dear hussein,

          These are the facts for sure however Ottoman Empire was yield to English at the end of WW1, and arm was dismissed later on. Turkey had to be formed or now it was a part Italian, part English, part French, part Russian (they helped Turkey to be formed later on against western invasion and western forces helping white Russians agianst Reds) and part Greek (helped by English, who were our beloved neighbors for a long long time).

          Alphabet transformation from Arabic to Latin grant Turkey to be most literate muslim country less than in 10 years.

          Ataturk never made any confession regarding he was a jew, read all his books.
          You can read them as well mate.

          How can he open a way to the invasion of Palestine when it was the call of UN, USA and europe? It is still holy land for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

          He tore away Turkey from its umma? LOL

          Ending 1400 years of caliphate is a late move since there were 3 caliphate on earth in 912-962 used by Abbasi, Andalusia and Fatimid. It was nothing sacred anymore and intercepting with modern civilization. Instead Muslim countries should have formed an union for helping each other long time ago, not jihad.

          And most amazing part is there are loads of Radical Jihadic Terrorists, all hating Zionist ideology and Western Supremacy but killing mostly their own brothers. I am not suggestion why not killing others but no violence at all. But if they are talking and acting different how can anyone rely on Religion based Violence Organizations?

          Regards all.

      • He is just like Hitler!
        Hitler, for all his evil and destruction he brought on to millions, was a patriot for his Aryan Germanic race. He did not sell out to the mad Zionists. The MSM always call somebody they dislike Hitler, it is easy to get fright into a persons head.

  9. Most Turkish people are fine human beings, and probably despise their government's action against Syria. People on this site need to realize that, in most cases, ordinary citizens don't want war. Many if not most Americans are ashamed of their government's actions, and we (I'm a US citizen) are incessantly propagandized. If Americans really understood what we have become as a nation, I think there would be a rebellion; but as I say, we live in a propaganda bubble and people are asleep. What I'm trying to say is please keep the discussion off how lousy the Turkish Empire was hundreds of years ago. Possibly the only country, I think, with a truly reprehensible national attitude towards its neighbors is the racist apartheid state on the coast south of Syria. It's probable that Turkey (the criminal Erdogan government) and Israel are close allies in what is now developing. I pray that Russia and Iran are ready to intervene on Syria's behalf. This border conflict is taking place due to Erdogan's political weakness, and the success of the Assad government in defeating the rats. Watch the Syria-Israel border closely. The Zio aggressors are preparing to light the matches.

    • Good post, i agree, let's not put all Turks in one basket, how are we to survive and become good human beings of morals when we can't tolerate others (non-violent obviously)?, it's like saying all Australians are bad because the government lick yankee ass, trust me many here hate our government and the yanks and zionists, we are educated and know what's happening.

  10. by total mobilization 2 Mio heroic Syrians will battle
    away all those Purim gangsters.
    Finally the Russian Bear will crash the Doemne dream
    and Persia will blow the rest.
    Saud is smoked and
    Satans children again in despair looking for lair.
    Mother of GOD is with you Syria go and smash them to hell.

  11. In all probability, as some posts here have said, the Turkish government is in close alliance with the zionist criminals. This smells like a zionist set-up. They always want someone else to fight their battles and shed blood. There will only be peace when the criminal zio state is defeated militarily. It would be great to see the people of Turkey revolt against their insane treacherous leadership. I'm also quite sure the US government and the North Atlantic Terror Organization are pulling some strings in Ankara.

    • The elections are close by and the sane Turkish are afraid a revolt may give an excuse for Erdoghan to postpone the elections and declare emergency rule and run even wilder than he's now, So we all hope the elections will teach him a lesson and a faction from his party or another party will take over.

  12. Dont panic even if this true are the terrain work for SAA tanks without support from infanteristen and from air are easy targets for konkurs missile,important are cover own troops and avoid attacs from air,enough mannpads to protect troops when enemy use helicopters paar OSA AKM or Pantsir S 1 with combination older AA system BUK M1 rich thats turkish pilots shit in his pants before lock he this system as target and konkurs teams to hold turkish tanks.Wait until he suffer looses when this rich not 2-3 Tochka missile in nearest turk border base to show that syria have enough power to hit he.And carefully with airplanes on turk side are deployed US AAA patriot missiles.Mayby are not bad idea shoot with smerch and used cluster rockets on enemy units they are into columns as bonus.And show world how are turk fools broken international laws lets see what say all other for this escalation and thats nato land support official terrorist.

  13. This is purely provocation for Syria to react after Turkey, we need to come down, defend the boarder but not attacking Turkey. The Turkish people do not want this attack that clearly has all signs it was NATO demanded to bring a larger confrontation with Syria, Russia and Iran. Again, and I have to say unfortunantely, Syria needs to play the game they have been playing with Israhell, wait for the best moment to strike, now it is not the best moment, SAA is yet to clean Qalamoun form the last rats, we need to secure the Southern border from the rodents attack. We need heavy weight diplomacy here, Lavrov, stupid Ban Ki Mom and Iran. The list should be :
    1) Defend the border - no transpessing.
    2) Diplomacy, diplomacy, dimplomacy by 3rd parties.
    3) Heavy public campaign in Hatay, lots of Syria simpatizers there.

  14. Urgent message.. Few minute ago the height 45 is free.. Also the village al naba moore.. Fierce fightings at the west and near the village kassab.. Syria army national defense and saa elicopters in storm contrattac..

  15. http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/2014/03/25/breaking-turkey-backed-terrorists-are-withdrowing-from-around-point-45/

    Ziad, is it true that Putin gave the order for shout and kill everything that approches there(Ships,planes,etc Latakia)? Is it true that Russians squads are already fighting with SAA there(Latakia)?Is it true that Qatar due to his fight with KSA, gave the plans to Syria for the Southern front attack?Isit true that Syria,Iran,Hesbolah abandoned Hamas to ther fate?Is it true

  16. III Corps is, nominally, Armor, artillery and mechanized force as laid out in the SAA Order of Battle, February 2013, about 50,000 troops. I'd be surprised if there hasn't been some changes in the last year, though, because wheels and tracks are astonishingly vulnerable without infantry support. I don't know what the current configuragion is, but SAA lost (what I consider to be) an unacceptable number of tanks which had not been supported by infantry. Tracks can be killed with a Coke bottle full of diesel fuel and gasoline, let alone even obsolete portable missiles. Drive on, SAA - - good hunting!

  17. Divide et impera. Divide and rule. One of the (really) oldest tricks in the book. Oftentimes it doesn't even need a paid agent provocateur - some long festering irrational but convenient superstitions are enough.

    And the people organizing the mayhem laugh themselved silly thinking of how cleverly they managed to keep the noobs apart and in a constant state of fear and aggression against each other instead of turning the tables and fucking the culprits a tergo.

    Without vaseline.

  18. ı count 6 of saa tanks lost during 5 days. and yes there are no much infantry support. today saa lost the sat station with 2 tanks . I hope saa gets the kasab back . yes ı am a turkish officer at the border. but i dont see any of our tanks intruding to syria . ı support the regime cause its a country theese jihadist scum cutting of heads and killing for the god. its nonsense.

  19. Ok guys, nobody in Turkey enojoys a war. We want peace and solidarity in Syria and it's people. We are againsts any government who wants to be involved with inner politics of Syrica.

    But having said that, I am seeing some really ugly comments about my people and history here. I promise, you will really want to watch your mouth while talking about Turkish people and history. That won't do any good.

    • What an ignorant cowardly filthy Turk you are. Making anonymous threats to other anonymous people over the internet. Wow you are brave. About as brave as the filthy Mongols Turks that cut Armenian babies out of their mothers wombs, raped the men and women to dehumanize, humiliate and destroy their social fabric, and then sent them on trains to the Syrian desert to die. Yes, we should not talk about these sickening facts that smear your proud history like the shitstain you and your people are.

  20. Turkey is like a powder keg at the moment so Syria must take the battle to inside Turkish lands. One spark will ignite the whole of Turkey. Erdogan is well aware that he is very near political death, he will be presented with two options, either to accept NATO control over his regime and country to be used against Russia and Syria, or he will be tried by a patriotic Turkish government for war crimes. Obviously he has already chosen the former it seems.

  21. People need to calm down.. Even if TUrkey invade with all its army Syria is not going to be easy for them ,With Russian warships and aircraft carrier and combat planes ready to assist . The iskander missiles for sure are in Russian warships near their coast and ready to deploy ,same with many other powerful weapons Russia have.. IF i was leading the battle from the Syrian army side.. i will lure the Turkey army to move inside Syria in big numbers and move a bit inside its territory to later level the zone where they deployed to the ground . What is important is that Syrian army Fully document evidence with videos for UN ,that Turkey army is inside Syria ,with evidence of their protection to the Alqaeda fighters. So that when Syria start bombing Turkey directly ,that the world fully knows it was in retaliation for their invasion and in self defense. About the "Destroyed Tanks" people talk about of Syria.. i have seen many videos of tanks destroyed by Syrian army and in 98% of the time they can be repaired withing hours or two days , This was confirmed by a Syrian army tank commander.. The T-72 are very strong and can do the job. For a tank to be fully destroyed and not repairable ,it needs to be caught in fire its internal munition and that rarely happens. THere is no way Turkey as big that they are ,can defeat Syria with Russia and IRAN supporting Syria and supplying weapons to them.

    • What will be nice is to see IRAN much more involved in The Syrian Conflict.. How IRAN pretend to be taken seriously as a world power in the middle east if they remain neutral.. In case of any major war.. IRAN needs to be the first country to come to the help of Syria ..not Russia. It will be even more Awesome if China deploy for "exercises" in the IRANian side ,near the turkish border with tanks and airforce and a dozen of thousand army.. The Pressure for Turkey of seeing IRAN army ,China Army ,Syria and Russia so close to their borders will do the trick.. No NATO power will go to such kind of war they cant win.

    • It is absolutely true that all would lose from war. As a turkish I'm terribly sorry what has been going on in Syria and the shot Syrian jet. But I can't accept responsibility of what the few people high up government has decided to do out of nowhere. Especially when everyone I know are against Erdoghan's policy. thinks of Syrians as neighbors and brothers. And as much as I know how hard it becomes at times, please let's not generalize few people's doing to millions and keep our temper and friendship, hope.

  22. Listen people, why are you rubbishing the all Turks, are you becoming any better than the jihadists with their hatred, sure you can rubbish the ones that are anit-Syrian, but can we greet our Turkish supporters with open arms, i mean do we really need anymore enemies or make enemies of the ones who support us now?. Please think about it hard and down vote the bad ones only and up vote the supporters in Turkey.

    P.S, Ziad you don't have to demand we avoid those other sites, we are smarter than that, in fact i visit the anti-Syrian sites and give them hell via comments, the more of us go on there the more they can see they are hated and many of us Support the SAA and co.

  23. Detail re the organ trafficking article:
    "Head of the forensic pathology department of the Damascus University, Hossain Noufel, told the Syrian al-Watan daily that, more than 18 thousand organ trafficking cases have been recorded in northern side of the country where extremist militant groups have been more active."
    18,000 cases.

    In a related article:
    "ISIL has organized a children's camp that prepares suicide-bombers and trains teenagers in real combat conditions for future operations in northern Syria"
    "The trainers of this base call their students "gold take" because such children are disinterested and could be easily manipulated, while older children want to receive money for their work."

  24. Note the trolls coming to spam the thread by creating bickering and anti Turkish sentiment which revolves around creating tension against the two countries, considering this site is pro Syrian.

    This is likely happening at every site where this news is highlighted. Anyone flaming Turkey with racist rants is a troll out to discredit the website.

  25. I would just like to remind people posting intemperate racist jibes against all 'Turks' and not their regime are falling into the trap of divisiveness. We are not all defined by our governments and face the same problems the world over of trying to achieve justice against the all-pervasive Zionist cancer which thrives on our disunity. Same old story. Divide and conquer by focusing on ethnic differences not on what unites us.

    Whichever country we hail from, how many posters here can honestly say that they have done something tangible to stop their governments from supporting the terrorists in Syria – apart from posting a few feel-good rants? As far as I can see, there have been many demonstrations in Turkey against the AKP government that cost the lives of protestors.

    I used to live in the UK and knew many decent people there but its government is anathema to me and is run by Zionist ass-lickers who I wholeheartedly disavow. Apart from Russia, name me one European government which doesn't bow down to these satanists – the same can be said of the regimes in N. America, the western alliance as well as the 'Muslim' world. Does that mean we should hate all Europeans or Arabs, Asians, Slavs, Turks or Sunni Muslims because of the sycophancy of subservient leaders to Israel?

    Dear Ziad, I wholly support your work and understand your passion and urgency in wanting to save your country but you would win more people to the cause by not encouraging racist stereotyping so useful to Zionists.

    In solidarity, I wanted to do something to help Syrians and posted a few weeks ago how we in Europe could donate to help the victims of the war on Syria. I know you must have been busy but I still have had no response and would appreciate if you are able to give a few suggestions. I heard that European al-Wafaa had sent several aid convoys but have not been able to find any contact information about them anywhere.

    By the way, this comes from a Brit born in Pakistan living in Austria and married to a Christian.

    • As an ethnic Austrian I take offence to this "Brit born in Pakistan living in Austria and married to a Christian."

      Austria is a multi ethnic, multi religious society. You are lucky that you have the freedom to live, work and marry anyone you choose in Austria. Go back to Pakistan and mingle with your racists, Islam fascists.We have tons of problems with Islamists already in Austria.

      • So hans read the last line of my post and concluded I am a racist islamo-fascist and should go back to where I came from! How original.

        Curious and I thought I was arguing for tolerance and not falling for zionist divide and rule tactics. By the way, I am an atheist and my wife was an Austrian immigrant living in England for 7 years where I met her – not the other way around. Despite my secularism, I believe in religious and ethnic tolerance so if you think that makes me a racist, then you're seriously confused or a troll!

        Why exactly are you posting on a site about defending Syria – a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, secular society under zio-nazi-wahhabi attack – and spitting out racist crap of the sort one would expect from a supporter of the right-wing, Israel-friendly FPÖ or EDF?

        Übrigens, im Gegenteil zu der Bahauptung der Israel-freundliche FPÖ und soweit ich sehen kann, ist Österreich weniger betroffen von Islamisten als von verdorbene Politiker.

        • This is an English language forum, why do we need to know your wife is Christian? Don't bring religion into a reply. BTW the FPO has 23% of the Austrian vote, and it is not Zionist friendly. End of discussion. If u r so unhappy, nobody asks you to live in Austria.

  26. butthurted morons. we took these lands with blood on our arrows and swords, and we will again rather shed blood than just giving it back. where is your glorious race? where is this constantinople you talk about? where is byzantinum, pontus, smyrna, the oh-so-great armenia, rome, the arab caliphate, the british turkey you still dream about, great persia etc. etc.? all defeated by "Mongol"-Turks how you call it. also, it's funny how you claim these lands yours while occupying land that doesn't belong to you as well... everyone does, it's history, maps change, wars happen. what about the russians occupying like 60% of Turks lands? what about China threatening whole asia with its communism look a like imperialism? I always supported Assad and the syrian people, but after reading how pathetic and full of hatred against Turks you all are, I start to worry about my own Nation. We conquered a lot of lands of different people, but we also knew how to defend our one and only land against a lot of different people, we will do so again. sad to see how you see this "war" as an opportunity to fall on our back, just like the armenians, kurds and all other ethnics tried after WWII. as said before, just go for it, we know how to defend ourselves. I'm not with that georgian rat erdogan, we will handle him as well, we Turks know how to make revolution, how to conquer, how to fight! no matter whom. "You, Türkish and Oguz Bägs and peoples, hear this, if the sky above did not collapse, and if the earth below did not give way, O Türkish people, who would be able to destroy your state and institutions?" -Kül Tigin, Kül Tigin Inscription, East Side, 22

    • You don't have to defend anything. No country is attacking Turkey with anything more than words right now, but Turkey's government is doing a pretty good job of bringing death to other countries in the region.

  27. this is just ergogan's manipulation, if you believe that you are literally retarded and i think you all believe so you all retard.

    * and you hussein your should read a book because you know nothing you are ignorant racist busterd.

    • poor greek 🙂 i have been in hagia sophia last week do you have ever seen hagia sophia mosque in your life, i dont think so if i let you you can if i wont you cant
      you have a pain like a maddog you wanna istanbul but you doing nothing because you are weak, you was weak, you will weak.
      you doing nothing becauce you all know if you try anything this time you'll lost even athens.
      you poor greek. by the way your video is cute 🙂

        • ooo i understand this is your dream, maybe you write a fantastic fiction book.
          turkish people have a country all the time, we never be conquered but i think you don't say same thing 🙂

          • I sense we are all going to have a party at your country soon turks are not invited.
            There's a reason you never took part to any major wars. Lets say WWI and WWII.
            Here's why. You are going to end up in 4 or 5 different countries if you do. Like you are about to do now..

            "Turkish" people.
            To which people are you referring to?

            wikipedia "Demographics of Turkey"

            Demographics of Republic of Turkey

            Nationality noun: Turk(s) adjective: Turkish
            Major ethnic Turks
            Minor ethnic Kurds, Albanians, Lazs, Azerbaijanis, Zazas, Chechens, Circassians, Arabs, Bosniaks, Tatars, Armenians, Greeks
            Official Turkish
            Spoken Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, Neo-Aramaic, Laz, Georgian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Greek, Zazaki, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Kabardian, Armenian, Ladino

          • Because Turkish history starts at 24 July 1923 when they got recognized as a country.
            Ottoman Empire has been beaten several times before that, buy the Greece and allies (Balkan wars and WWI) so rather refrain yourself from commenting about Greece "futility"...
            Have fun reading...

          • Greek never conquered? LOL

            Btw Balkan Wars and Panslavism were used by greater countries against Ottoman Empire. This what Turkey seems to be doing against Syria.

            And history of Turks are far older than Selçuks, Huns, Scythians, Uigurs and Göktürks.

            Neighbor r u mad bro?

        • Capital offenses, according to laws governing the Roman Army, warranted death as a punishment and consisted of such crimes as

          conspiring against a commander,
          wounding or killing a fellow soldier,
          fleeing a battle,
          entering a Roman camp over the wall,
          faking illness to avoid battle,
          treason, and
          desertion to the enemy in battle.
          If a soldier were found guilty of a capital offense, his punishment might take the form of beheading, hanging, burning alive, or consignment to the arena. Executions were handled by the army commander's lictors.

          You should be Burnt,But Hell awaits the devil hates nothing more than a human who make war against his own,Satan bitterly hates humans, who were created in God's image.you are not special but you will receive special punishment.You and your kind are a Joke

      • Obviously a coward and a killer just like your fellow "turk" scum.You killed and pillaged,you stole land that does not belong to you at a time when other nations were at their weakest.Thats not a noble act only cowards and loosers do stuff like that.You make pretend you are a democracy you say you dont act aggressive against other nations but your actions prove otherwise.Us greeks might be going through a tough economic time right now thats true but remember one thing before you open your mouth and talk garbage.It took us 400 years of you tyranny but we did it.We send your ass home packing,we have almost a 3000 year old history of democracy and history we survived world wars and we kept our religion alive.We dont take shit from nobody and we finish what we start.Your chicken pilots fly over our airspace daily because maybe they trying to learn how to really fly their planes like our pilots do.We are not the ones who are provoking but we have a limit.If you think your army has the power and courage to do something then do it.MOLON LAVE my friend.Come and get it.

  28. My thoughts and prayers are with the heroic SAA and the NDF too. May the DogGone Turk burn in hell, and may the soil of Syria be cleansed of these vermin.

  29. Pingback: Turky is at war now with Syria. - Stormfront

  30. -----------
    Tengri is with us!
    March 25th, 2014 at 9:30 PM [Level 1 - Novice]

    butthurted morons. we took these lands with blood on our arrows and swords, and we will again rather shed blood than just giving it back. where is your glorious race? where is this constantinople you talk about? where is byzantinum, pontus, smyrna, the oh-so-great armenia, rome, the arab caliphate, the british turkey you still dream about, great persia etc. etc.? all defeated by "Mongol"-Turks how you call it. also, it's funny how you claim these lands yours while occupying land that doesn't belong to you as well... everyone does, it's history, maps change, wars happen. what about the russians occupying like 60% of Turks lands? what about China threatening whole asia with its communism look a like imperialism? I always supported Assad and the syrian people, but after reading how pathetic and full of hatred against Turks you all are, I start to worry about my own Nation. We conquered a lot of lands of different people, but we also knew how to defend our one and only land against a lot of different people, we will do so again. sad to see how you see this "war" as an opportunity to fall on our back, just like the armenians, kurds and all other ethnics tried after WWII. as said before, just go for it, we know how to defend ourselves. I'm not with that georgian rat erdogan, we will handle him as well, we Turks know how to make revolution, how to conquer, how to fight! no matter whom. "You, Türkish and Oguz Bägs and peoples, hear this, if the sky above did not collapse, and if the earth below did not give way, O Türkish people, who would be able to destroy your state and institutions?" -Kül Tigin, Kül Tigin Inscription, East Side, 22

    Here turkey turkey...
    Something to pass your time and educate yourself LOL!!


    • I think he is an estranged monkey, with no understanding of American values. He has a massive ego, but is too weak, stupid, and overall incompetent to resemble anything close to effectiveness. Many, many Americans despise him, myself included.

    • Zionists had Obama elected so they would buy time from Russians making them believe he was truthful about US and Russian cooperation. Until Russians caught wind of how fake Obama was, Arab spring had happened and pro Russian leaderships in Northern Africa had been toppled, including Greece that had been enslaved in a slow economic death by the IMF and Germany - EU.
      The only country left standing intact in reality is Turkey and now zionists are coming back and asking for Turkey to play their part which they were spared initially.
      Their goal is to block Russians out of the Mediterranean and later Israel and Turkey split all the off shore gas and oil fields between them. Of course they still can't control Egypt and as the situation developed regarding Greece and Bosporus straits and the constant Russian movements in and out, i would say they hold one last ace in their hands.
      They will arrange a fake skirmish between the corrupt Greek government and Turkey in order to block Russians out of the Med having the Greeks suffering a temporal defeat to boost Turkish moral. But what will really happen is this: New York stock exchange, CDS products, betting against Greece's uncontrollable bankruptcy had one little extra term. Major bond holders of the Greek bonds are banks like France's central bank and German Deustche bank, are to pay ginormus amount of money if Greece suffers an uncontrollable bankruptcy, but ONE TERM SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS THAT IF THIS BANKRUPTCY IS TO COME FROM A THIRD COUNTRY DECLARING WAR (like for instance Turkey) against Greece then since Greece its not responsible for their bankruptcy then the major bond holders wont have to pay New York stock exchange speculators anything (namely George Soros speculator)
      So Germany and France might be blackmailed to let Turkey and Greece arrange a fake show just to block Russians out of the Med, when for instance a real attack on Syria might be imminent.

  31. [WW3 in ACTION] Russian MISSILE DESTROYER heads towards Mediterranean close to SYRIAN shores

    The Russian Navy intends to build its presence in the Mediterranean Sea - particularly in the area close to Syrian shores - to up to 10 battleships, announced Admiral of the Fleet Viktor Chirkov.

    "The task is crystal clear: to avoid a slightest threat to the security of the state. This is a general practice of all fleets around the world, to be there when a tension level increases. They are all going to act on operational command plan of the offshore maritime zone," Chirkov told journalists on Friday. "Russia will be building up its Mediterranean fleet until it is deemed sufficient to perform the task set."

    Russia began military build-up in the Mediterranean in 2012, and starting from December last year the Navy established a constant presence in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

    On May 1, 2013 all Russian battleships operating in the area were assigned to a single task force under special offshore maritime zone operation command.

    Currently there are seven warships deployed in the area: landing craft carriers 'Aleksandr Shabalin', 'Admiral Nevelskoy', 'Peresvet', 'Novocherkassk' and 'Minsk' from Russia's Black and Baltic Sea Fleets, as well as the escort vessel 'Neustrashimy', and large anti-submarine ship 'Admiral Panteleyev'.

    According to previous reports, the missile-carrying cruiser 'Moskva' passed the Straits of Gibraltar on September 10 and is expected to arrive at its final destination in eastern Mediterranean on September 15 or 16.

    Two battleships of the Russia's Black Fleet, guided missile destroyer 'Smetlivy' and landing craft carrier 'Nikolay Filchenkov' left their bases in Sevastopol and Novorossiysk respectively and early on Friday morning have passed the Bosphorus Strait, heading to the eastern Mediterranean.

    The SSV-201 reconnaissance ship 'Priazovye' also reportedly joined the group in the Eastern Mediterranean in early September.

    Upon the arrival of the 'Moskva', its commander, Sergey Tronev, will assume operative command of the task force.

    Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov also informed that more than 80 Russian battleships and support vessels are currently offshore in various parts of the global ocean.
    "In time of peace Navy's duty and main application is military service, constant naval presence in the zones of military-political tension where interests of the Russian Federation are concentrated," Chirkov said.

    Admiral Chirkov recalled that a group of ships headed by the 'Moskva' missile cruiser recently called into ports of Cuba and Venezuela and for the first time ever passed into the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal, calling into ports in Nicaragua and Panama.

    Chirkov also informed that a group of 10 warships and support vessels accompanied by four nuclear icebreakers right now are training on the Northern Sea Route. This task group is headed by Russia's most powerful battleship and the flagship of the Northern Fleet, cruiser 'Pyotr Veliky' (Peter the Great).
    "For the first time ever all Russia's nuclear surface ships - heavy nuclear missile cruiser 'Pyotr Veliky' and nuclear icebreakers 'Yamal', 'Vaigach', 'Taimyr' and '50 Let Pobedy', were combined in to perform a joined task," Chirkov said, adding that the icebreakers assisted the taskforce to pass the strait between the Taimyr Peninsula and the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, and now the group is continuing to move forward to the east, crossing the Laptev Sea.

    Chirkov also mentioned that a group of battleships of the Pacific Fleet headed by the missile cruiser 'Varyag' is currently deployed in the southern-western Pacific performing an operational readiness exercise.

    "This group will take part in international exercises of the naval forces of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and later will take part in the centenary celebration of the [Royal] Australian Navy," said Chirkov. The Russian Navy also continues to battle maritime piracy, deploying task force groups off the coasts of Somalia. In 2013 two naval task groups, one from the Northern Fleet and another from the Pacific Fleet, have been protecting sea routes near the Horn of Africa.

    Russian warships accompanied 19 convoys through the dangerous waters, maintaining security of 105 vessels from 27 countries and once preventing capture of a merchant vessel.


  32. More Syria news.. from Pro Syrian Gov media


    The Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces have managed to exterminate 5 Commanders from the "Al-Nusra Front" Terrorist organization within the past 24 hours in the Battles of "Kesab" in Northern Lattakia, with the deaths of the 2 Emirs of the Coast and "Jabal Al-Turkman" bringing the number up to five, after the 2 Saudi Terrorist Commanders "Fahd Al-Farhan" and "Saleh Ghannam" were earlier killed during the battles around Kesab and also the Battalion Commander for the so-called "Mustafa Battalions" of Al-Nusra Front known as "Abu Rashad" in the battles of Kesab, making the total number of 5 killed within a period of 24 hours ...


    Erdogan Terrorists are withdrawing from around "Point 45", after large numbers were bootstamped by the fabulous Syrian Arab Army Boot ...


    Al Mayadeen TV / HNN


    After fierce fighting all day, the Syrian Arab Army arrived on the scene and liberated the strategic Hill 45 in Kassab. Hours before, the SAA liberated Al-Nab'ain; this followed by the assault on Hill 45.

  33. I am not Israeli.
    Turkey was backed up in this invasion by an Israeli hospital ship.
    Turkey never does anything if they don't ask permission from Israel first.
    regardless what they are being told by their mostly closet homosexual leaders.

  34. With all the gay Israeli-American trolling, it's obvious the zio-queens in Tel Aviv and New York are up to something. They are probably pushing Netanyahu's prison bitch, Erdogan, to initiate provocations against Syria, to try and get Syria to respond with something they can then use to attack Syria openly. With their terrorists getting trashed out of existence, the Israeli-American butt bandit consortium is desperate to get in there to turn it around so they can do another Libya or at least continue bleeding Syria dry.

    • The Jewish zionist owned western media is still peddling the zionazi lies about the Syrian plane shot down by the Turks having been over Turkey, instead of Syria. The Turks also shelled Syrian positions since then. Whatever attacks the Turks do, the zioJew western media will ignore and only blame Syria in their usual 100% fabrications. The western zio-quisling regimes in the west will likewise blame Syria. The Syrians will need to hit the Turks on Syrian territory so the evidence, destroyed Turkish equipment and dead Turkish cannon fodder, will be irrefutable. The world is not dealing with what can be called a human element when dealing with Israel-America and their quisling colonies. That lot left humanity years ago. With that lot anything goes to get their way. The freaks running nazi Germany were paragons of decency in comparison to the pathological bum bandits running Israel-America now.

      • Health Ministry: Two nurses, an ambulance driver wounded of terrorist attacks in Kassab

        Mar 25, 2014

        "Damascus, SANA, Two nurses and an ambulance driver were wounded Tuesday while performing their humanitarian medical duties to rescue citizens' lives in Kassab in Lattakia northern countryside, Health Minister Saad al-Nayef told SANA.

        The Minister said that two ambulances were also damaged by a terrorist attack from the Turkish side.

        He added that Health Ministry instructed medical staff in Lattakia to shift one of the medical centers in Kassab to an emergency hospital and providing it with five ambulances to meet the relief requirements there in addition to allocating four health centers in Lattakia northern countryside to serve the affected citizens.

        The armed terrorist groups are perpetrating attacks on Lattakia northern countryside, supported by Erdogan's government to ensure their infiltration into Syria through Turkish territories.


    • They are testing if Russians can fight in two fronts simultaneously.
      They will need to stay near Syria with the fleet and also be ready for Georgia that might make a move soon.

      • DOnt think Georgians will be so stupid.. to try another attack.. they know well NATO will not help them if Russia invade them. But i agree .Looks NATO is testing Russia ,and Syria. Why is important that Syria fully record on camera the Turkey aggression and Turkey army protection with their artillery for the alqaeda infiltration into Syrian border. Once Assad shows clear evidence to UN , they world community opinion will be with Syria right to defend and retaliate. And Turkish citizens will see their Government as the one to blame.

    • It's so obvious you are a pathetic zionist troll, getting your kicks like a true psychopath. Have your fun while it lasts. The rest of us will enjoy seeing the destruction of your criminal, racist apartheid pseudo-state. Won't be long now.

    • Yes I am tired of waiting- let Syria Russia Iran turn their attention to the true enemy and BLAST ISRAEL TO HELL NOW get it over with and the rest of us may carry on in peace.

    • Eat Shit,literally i know you dumb fucks do,satan is a hard disciplinarian,you fuck-up once and your going to get Hurt eternally, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZTdX33ozqI4

  35. Putin last year threated in G8 meeting ,to equip Syria with state of the art weapons if NATO escalate its
    aggression in Syria and invade..(like Turkey is now doing) that any attempt to overthrow Assad will be futile. Among the weapons ,he told will give Syria if NATO invade is the Heavy rocket artillery like TOS-1
    themobaric Flame Thrower Rocket tanks . About 400 of them..


    and then he also told about the Iskander-E missiles meso-sphere missiles with 300km range can target near most part of Turkey with up to 5 meters precision. Unfortunately for Turkey the patriots cannot intercept them since they fly too high ,. Patriots ceiling is 25km altitude ,only designed for air defense ,but not for space defense. and the Iskanders fly at 50km near earth space orbit and achieve mach 9 speeds with supermaneuverable war heads. with a Very big warhead ,Ideal for destroying military bases ,military airports with combat jets and enemy defense sites ..like patriots missiles and so.. I beat Erdogan army will crap on his pants when they find their best defenses cant stop them.. and 1 single missile shut down a military base.

    Last but not least the Smerch Rocket artillery with lazer guided munition.. can destroy tanks or infantry movements 90 km away.. with direct hits..


    And finally the newest multi Role Kornets -D ,(hezbolah used the previous generation Kornet -E)
    Now have twice the range 10km.. near twice the explosive power ,and can penetrate any NATO tank and
    even used against low flying warplanes or infantry troops.


    It will be a massive rape for the Turkish army.. (but also Israel ) IF Russia give those weapons to Syria. No Turkey tank will surive ,no system of defense will handle the iskander and no place to hide from a thermobaric heavy rocket..

      • yep... The iskander-E (E= export version) have 300km range.. the Iskander - M the Russian version have 500km at least and some experts believe 700km. And yes it is .
        It was tested in Georgia war in 2008 and Russia defeated 28 tanks formation with just 2 of them. Russia told the iskanders proved to be very effective to neutralize not only military bases or air defenses but also highly mobile tanks formations.

    • you bloody provocateur troll, take ur missiles stick them in your ass and quickly dissappear..if there is a war nomather who wins a lot of people will die for nothing from both sides..if syria had such powerful weapons why since 3 years they are stilll fighting with the rats ???...stop missleading people...turkish people and syrian people are brothers..stop provocating people warmonger

  36. Citizens in Liwa Iskendrun protest Erdogan support to terrorist aggression on Syrian people
    Mar 25, 2014

    "Antakya, SANA, Citizens of Harbiyat region in the usurped Liwa Iskendrun province took to streets on Tuesday to condemn and protest the support offered by Prime Minister of Justice and Development Government in Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the new aggression launched by terrorist groups on the Syrian people.

    The protesters cut off the road in front of ambulances which were transporting the wounded terrorists, who had participated in the terrorist aggression on Kassab, to hospitals.

    They expressed deep outrage and resentment of Erdogan's support to the terrorists who shed the Syrian people's blood.

    SANA correspondent in Antakya said thousands of protesters raised placards and chanted slogans that denounce Erdogan's government's backing to the terrorist hostile war against Syria.

    Ambulances which were transporting the injured terrorists were forced to stop due to the protest.

    The same region also witnessed mass demonstration afternoon where participants raised the Syrian and Turkish flags, rejecting practices and policies of Erdogan and his government.


    The Turkish people are not enemies of Syria, it's the Israeli-American quislings running the Turkish regime who are. And these quislings are also an enemy of the Turkish people.

  37. Progress report for 25 March:

    Terrorists dealt crushing blows in northern Lattakia and across the country

    Mar 25, 2014

    "Provinces, (SANA) The army and Armed Forces pressed ahead with sweeping operations in various areas across the country, directing crushing strikes to the terrorist groups, particularly those in northern Lattakia.

    Army repels terrorists in northern Lattakia, clashes over Point 45 continue

    Army units continue to valiantly confront terrorist groups’ repeated attempts to infiltrate Point 45 in the northern countryside of Lattakia province, inflicting heavy losses upon them, a military source told SANA, noting the clashes there are underway.

    The army units have earlier foiled an attempt to attack Point 45 and forced the terrorists to retreat towards the northeastern side, chasing down the fleeing members with heavy fire.

    The source added that the army units also directed sever blows to the armed terrorist groups in al-Nesser Mount in the north, destroying their firing sources and means and leaving big numbers of their members dead.

    The source pointed out that an army unit tightened full control over the area surrounding the aforementioned point.

    Army ambushes terrorists in Qunetira countrysideA military source told SANA that an army unit killed all members of an armed terrorist group who were attempting to infiltrate from al-Dwaiyeh al-Sughra town to Ein al-Basha town in Qunetira countryside.

    Army units eliminate terrorists and Yemeni mercenaries in Damascus Countryside

    Army units eliminated a number of terrorists from the Islamic Front and destroyed their weapons in Adra al-Balad and Adra workers city in Damascus Countryside. Among the dead terrorists were Ihsan Darwish and Ala'a Kaakeh.

    The army also destroyed a terrorist hideout and eliminated a number of terrorists including Mohammad al-Zaghloul in the town of Erbin.

    In Alia farms in Douma area, an army unit eliminated six terrorists including Wafi Qalla'a, injuring five more terrorists and destroying their weapons and equipment, while two terrorists were killed in Jobar area.

    The army carried out a series of special operations in the towns of Hosh Arab, Rankous and al-Ruhaibeh in al-Qalamoun area, destroying terrorist hideouts and eliminating a number of terrorists including Issa Qassab, Ahmad Zahra, Ahmad Munzer al-Sabbagh, and Yehea Seddik.

    In the mountains east of al-Zabadani, an army unit carried out a special operation resulting in destroying a 23mm anti-aircraft gun and a vehicle equipped with a heavy machineguns, in addition to eliminating a number of terrorists of Arab nationalities including a Yemeni called Odai Abu Allam.

    Another army unit left the members of a terrorist group dead or injured in the town of al-Muqailibiye in al-Kisweh area, destroying their weapons and ammo.

    Meanwhile, another army unit ambushed an armed terrorist group in Khan al-Sheeh in the countryside, killing all its members.

    Army seizes vehicle loaded with Fenethylline in Qalamoun, Damascus Countryside

    The army seized a lorry loaded with huge amounts of Fenethylline (Captagon) in the area of al-Qalamoun in Damascus Countryside.

    A military source told SANA that a military checkpoint has seized the vehicle, adding that the soldiers found a cache with 535 bags of Fenethylline bills in it, adding that the vehicle was confiscated and the persons in it were arrested.

    Terrorists killed in Deir Ezzor

    A source at Deir Ezzor province told SANA reporter that the army units clashed with armed terrorist groups in al-Hweiqa and al-Rushdiyeh neighborhoods, killing and injuring scores of them.

    Among the dead terrorists were Ayman Abdulrazaq al-Ali and Shadi Hussein al-Za'al.

    Army repels terrorists' infiltration attempts in Aleppo

    All members of an armed terrorist group were left dead and wounded as they were ambushed by army units while they were trying to infiltrate the northern part of Aziza village on the axis of al-Sheikh S’eed and the iron factory in Aleppo, according to a military source.

    The source told SANA reporter that other terrorists, including Saudis, received heavy losses as they attempted to infiltrate Haddadin-Saqalya axis.

    The Saudi Saifullah Abdullah was identified among the dead, in addition to terrorists Abdul-Karim Behelleh and Malek Ahmad Hazani.

    Units of the armed forces targeted gatherings of terrorists in the surrounding of Aleppo Central Prison, the Industrial City, al-Mislmiyeh, handarat, Kafr Hamra, al-Lairamoun, Daret Ezzeh, masaken Hanano, al-Haidariyeh, al-Sakhour, al-Mansoureh, Ebtin, al-Wdeiha, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Breij, Kfarnaha, al-Mashhad and al-Salhiyeh.

    In the same context, terrorists’ vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns were destroyed in the areas of Azzan, Andan, al-Kastello, al-Jandoul, Rasm al-Abboud, Kweires, Deir Hafer, al-Atareb and Hreitan in the countryside. Many of the terrorists were killed and others were wounded in the operations.

    Terrorists' infiltration attempt foiled in Daraa

    Army units foiled terrorists' infiltration attempt into Kherbet Ghazaleh village and an endeavor of attacking military checkpoints in Daraa, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

    A military source told SANA that an army unit killed eight terrorists, injured others and destroyed a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun during targeting armed terrorists groups between Zibeen roundabout and Nasib border crossing.

    Another army unit targeted a gathering of terrorists' vehicles in al-Ghariyeh al-Sharqiyeh where a number of terrorists were killed, others got wounded and their vehicles were completely destroyed.

    In Daraa al-Balad, army units killed many terrorists and injured others in the area surrounding Hamza and al-Abbas Mosque, Katakit Building and the Post Office building.

    A military source told SANA that the army killed and injured scores of terrorists in the areas of Daraa al-Balad and Otman in Daraa.

    The source added that the army also destroyed two vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

    Heavy losses inflicted upon terrorists in Homs

    Army units killed dozens of terrorists in the several villages near Talbisa and al-Dar al-Kabira towns. A army unit foiled a terrorists' infiltration attempt from al-Ameriyeh towards Tal Amri village, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

    Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in Idleb countryside

    A military source told SANA that an army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists, including non-Syrians terrorist groups' leaders, destroying 4 heavy vehicles, two rocket launchers and a number of pick-up cars in Deir Sonbul town in al-Zaweiyeh mountain in Idleb countryside.

    Terrorists killed while rigging car bomb in Idleb

    A car bomb went off while terrorists were rigging it in Bannesh area in Idleb countryside, resulting in the death of a number of terrorists.

    In another context, the army units targeted terrorists' dens and gatherings in Mar'ian, al-Ensha'at area, Maar Tamsaren, Taftanaz, the area surrounding al-Arba'een mountain, al-Rami and Bzabour in the countryside, killing and injuring scores of terrorists, in addition to destroying their warehouses."

  38. Hard hitting short docu mainly exposing the zionazi propaganda tool, the BBC's fabrication of CW reports, including staged events using actors.

    Media 'staged' Syria chem attack (E36) http://rt.com/shows/the-truthseeker/media-staged-chem-attack-645/

    "BBC’s 'total fabrication from beginning to end' of Syria 'atrocity'; call to revoke visas for intel agents posing as reporters in NATO targets; CIA caught infiltrating CNN, and Operation Mockingbird is back.

    Seek truth from facts with UK Member of Parliament George Galloway, Illinois University Professor of International Law Francis Boyle, investigative reporter John Helmer, ordinary Syrians and Ukraine covergirl - 'Julia'."

  39. Turkey Vs. Syria: NATO’s Last Gasp? http://journal-neo.org/2014/03/26/turkey-vs-syria-nato-s-last-gasp/

    "....Last Gasp

    The West’s legitimacy and reputation continues to suffer as a direct result of its systematic and increasingly overt hypocrisy. It’s inability to adhere to the standards it has set as the framework for the very global order it presumes leadership over shakes the confidence of others expected to find their place within it. And as this hypocrisy manifests itself in invasions, occupations, proxy terrorism, regime change, political and economic destabilization, as well as overt propaganda campaigns carried out by the West’s immense media corporations, the world will seek a different order all together.

    The West’s insistence on seeing through its Syrian campaign to the bitter end instead of conceding defeat and changing tack, ensures that this will be one of its last foreign adventures. While it may send troops and proxy forces else where to meddle on behalf of its special interests, the West will do so without the benefit of an influential media, perceived legitimacy, or justification – moral or otherwise.

    The facts on the ground combined with the West’s deferral to propaganda ploys rather than demonstrable success in Syria indicates that this latest push in Latakia in the north and Daraa in the south will end as all other pushes have – in defeat for the West’s proxy forces and with the Syrian military inching closer to total victory."

  40. First day of Arab League summit: crisis in Syria is key issue

    "...At the morning session, leader of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces based in Istanbul Ahmad al-Jarba and UN and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi had the floor. Al-Jarba said in his speech that in the current situation it is necessary to hand over the Syrian embassies in the Arab countries to the National Coalition. He also said that it is important to step up deliveries of weapons to the opposition and that the National Coalition should take the place of Syria in the Arab League..."

    The so-called "Arab League" is an insult to Arabs everywhere. These are nothing but obese parasites proud of the fact each one of them has a Star of David tattooed on each buttcheek.

  41. Really! are we still bashing other people who are aligned with us? do we blame all for the actions of a few evil people in Turkey?, so you want to make more enemies than you can fight?, let some of the turks here rubbish us, we only have to delete their comments, I would like to see a unified union from all nations to counter these salafist/supporting scum.

    United we stand, divided we fall, now let's all be like the Syrians and band together as one, for THAT is the only way you can defeat evil.

  42. I am a Turk and I, and 60% of all Turks, HATE Erdogan. We don't want war in Syria. It's the psychopathic dictator Erdogan who decide to do whatever he likes to do. We hate him and his family. We are waiting to see him behind the trails!! We want peace with Syria and I support Syrian army against the fanatic ISIL.

  43. Interesting to see the comments in this site be so similar to the very ones creating the sad divisions in Syria 3 years ago. It seems we have an army of brave "internet" warriors that play tough with empty words. This bravado does not help the situation, Turks, Syrians etc.. are borthers and should united to ouster warmonger leaders such as Erdogan, March 30th is next week.

    Syria is under great stress for 3 years and does not need a major war with Turkey. Lets stop this yelling and focus on the real news and facts on the ground, we will hear more today about the Turkish army involvements in this border attack, it does seem it is supporting the terrorists indeed, covering their retreat, treating their wounded and sometimes pounding SAA position to soften for the terrorists to gain footing, but lets be frank, very little confirmation is available on the web, so a lot of I guess and I believe right now, including mine. Calm down and get some cold beer to relax you all, while we wait for more facts today.

    Meanwhile we start to see some Turkish people demonstration in Hatay against Turkish flagrant support to the terrorist, remember that the Turkish people grew up listenning that Turkey will always fight terrorism (PKK in those days), so they understand their country should not support Al Qaeda or any other terrorists or Syrian traitors, the Turkish people will speak up this week and most importantly next week in the elections. By now, keep up the fight brave SAA, NDF and Syria's allies. Greetings from Brazil.

  44. erdoghan is the last ressource to overtake the independent state of syria for the western ziofascists as saudi arabia and qatar has failed and as the western criminals need to avoid an open war where they are involved "officially" and "legitimately".

    the reasons why they need "bad guys" such as the saudi apes or ego-gahn are simple:

    1. the west has failed to develop alternatives to their corrupt money system as they have prefared to take unilateral advantages for themself and in partnership with the leading banking and corporate world on the basis of their "old" economic system.

    2. they are desperatly in need of new debitors since their cancer alike growth money system needs - more important for now and as fast as possible - massive new bonds in order to feed the exponential interest curve (meaning: to save their corrupt income streams).

    3. to get new debitors they "democratize" independent countries since (at least) 15 years by force (former yugoslavia, now serbia ... etc. ) ... by,

    - installing opposition groups (division of peoples).

    - inviting countries to join their money system. in the same time they set high entry barriers (turkey)

    - implementing "peaceful" programs, usually by NGO`s, such as the open society foundation etc.

    - installing assymetric tactics by instructing and paying thugs and reactionary forces (jihadists, far right.
    etremists, seperatists etc.) and/or other terrorist groups (however, in any case it helps to keep the people of a country under fear and it helps to keep the people divided and/or polarized in a very simple way (gladio).

    - fostering and installing willingful "governments", which are open for "selling out" the countries ressources (e.g.former russian drunken president jelzin and of course many others).

    4. if they can not "democratize" directly or if a country has other plans (e.g. ghaddafiwanted to introduce a gold standard again), they force directly by "bombing" democracy or by "humanitarian intervention" or by "no fly zones".

    5. if they fail to get the "official" / "legitimate" internationally recognized mandate (usually by the UN) they start to recruit in full scale and by all means every possible scum they can get (libya, syria and ukraine).

    6. if they failed to take control via such scum mercernaries, they need an asshole like ego-ghan, who is always and desperatly in need of profilation.


    as the bancrupt west have huge problems to gain new commodities for their financial market (income streams), they need to make war for resetting their control power.

    this is only possible by convincing their "democratic" "consumption" zombies, called voters, if the corrupted west wants to survive.

    russia, china and hopefully iran and other BRICS or non-.alignment countries are in full aware of all of this. so the only solution is to support a multipolar world.

    otherwise all gates are open.

    so the only remaining question for each of ourself is, if an individual, equal of his or her origins, race or religion, is for true "freedom" and "independence" of a human being and not of the costs of others, or not.

    because only "free" and "independent" people are able to form an independent and free community with others.

    syria IS true and heroic resistance and syria must be able to continue. all freedom loving people should support syria in its struggle against the anarchy of the global elites, which are cited by the ziofascists and their corrupt money interest system.

    "NATO’s Last Gasp?"


    "West’s antiquated unipolar world collides with the East’s vision of a mulipolar future."


    • Lets have a war between Syria and Turkey so that people will buy guns from west and invest on expanding Israel borders by killing each other for Kurdistan! (going to be Israel's puppet state by using sorrow and anger of Kurdish people) Great idea!

  45. YPG hunting angrybeards

    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

    ...nothing special just some dead blackbeards and an seized carbomb.

    from 2014/03/22 and (carbomb) 2014/03/21

    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ac9_1395824724#z5KOcTh8IWtxBwF0.99

    • great video!

      please could you check again the video at 7:48 min?

      it seems to me that the second paper, which the YPG has taken from the corpse, looks like an account report or receipt issued by an turkish organisation. the printed words near the stamp and signature seems in turkish language.

      what do you think?

      • The paper with T.C stamp is just a notary paper, it is blurry and only thing i could saw is that it is nothing but a notary paper. Loads of disinformation in this website.

  46. Syndicated News

    Turkish Military Pounds Syrian Army Bases Near Border


    Posted 2014-03-26 09:43 GMT TEHRAN -- Turkish military tanks targeted Syrian army bases in the Kasab border town, where the Syrian army has been battling numerous militant groups to secure the border.

    According to an Al-Alam reporter in Syria's Lattakia, a huge explosion was heard at a Syrian army base near Kasab after Turkish military targeted the area.

    The explosion has been followed with Turkish military firing several other rockets at Syrian army bases, the reporter said citing military sources.

    The report said, Al-Qaeda's al-Nusra front have raised their flags over several Turkish military tanks near Kasab, as a sign of having the area under their control.

    Syria has been criticizing Turkey for 'covering for' militant groups and helping them occupy the Syrian border.

  47. I didn't enjoy reading Syper comments today. Comments have become personal, racial and nasty. This has never been the 'norm' on this site (except for Ziad's zoological descriptions of Bandar's orcs, who are fair game, after all). All this 'nasty' stuff only started today, with mention of Turkish forces entering Syria. Some very obvious trolls, purporting to be proud, patriotic Turks have suddenly appeared. I am not defending these scum, but I would speak for the real Turks who are being slandered as a consequence of the 'Turk Bashing'. As one of many Aussies reading Syper, I feel obliged to point out to BOT-TAK and others who have ridiculed the fighting prowess of Turks, that in 1915, a poorly equipped, mainly conscript Turkish army gave one massive spanking to an invading armada of British, Indian, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli. The massacre of the ANZAC forces was so complete that Aussies are forced to 'celebrate' this grotesque human sacrifice on 'Anzac Day' every year. Our respect for the courage and fierce determination of 'Johnny Turkey' has become part of this legend. A Turkish soldier will fight and die as well as any soldier sacrificed by his masters.

    Erdogdan is as unpopular in Turkey as Obama is in the US, as Hollande is in France and as Abbott is in Australia. Hopefully, these trolls will vanish as quickly as they appeared. As always, my thanks to Ziad and my respect to all honest Turks. May God protect Syria ... and the devil take Erdogdan!

    • Maybe Aussie's are not that special in battle,Australia had no reason to fight in any war,just a imperialist mentality imposed on other for no justifiable reason,i think you ran out of aboriginals to kill,so you took your shit overseas,and whats wrong with Abbott all he needs to do is grow some balls and tell the zionists to fuck off,Remember this is Koori Land,All of it.

      • HEY, Here comes the flak! - you are a typical cyber, cellar-dweller, armchair warrior.
        Can't spell, no grammar and no logic to your rambling. Sitting at home, saying "Aussies can't fight," "Turks can't fight," bla-bla. You must come from some real tough master-race if you seriously believe that.redneck crap. Do you really believe that any single nationality is somehow 'superior' to another? Australians didn't kill the Aboriginals, the British colonials did. Australia is still governed by the British colonials. You ask, "What's wrong with Tony Abbot?" ... He is British, he is a monarchist, he is a supporter of Israel and he kisses American arse even more lustily than his Labor predecessors. At this moment he is ripping apart the welfare system, selling off all our assets and cutting funding to Indigenous health programs. You would know this if you had any knowledge of Australian politics

        And who are you to talk about 'our land?' The term 'KOORI' only applies to Indigenous people from NSW. Australia belongs to ALL Indigenous people. My people are Kuku-Yulanji, from Cairns, you ill-informed insect of dubious origins (I'm learning from Dudley).

        Now see what you've made me do! I've sunk to your level by bandying pointless insults.
        Let's keep to the agenda, which is Syria and victory!

        As CANTHAMA wisely noted earlier, "Interesting to see the comments in this site be so similar to the very ones creating the sad divisions in Syria 3 years ago. It seems we have an army of brave "internet" warriors that play tough with empty words. This bravado does not help the situation, Turks, Syrians etc.. are borthers and should united to ouster warmonger leaders such as Erdogan,"

        HERE COMES THE FLAK, If you have no sensible contribution to make about Syria, then please just F * * * off with the rest of the trolls.

        • Murri - Qld, north west NSW
          Nyoongah - WA
          Koori – NSW
          Goori - north coast NSW
          Koorie - Vic
          Yolngu - Arnhem Land
          Anangu - Central Australia
          Palawa - Tasmania
          Nunga (not always a more appropriate term - SA)
          Ngarrindjeri – SA - River Murray, Lakes, Coorong people
          Torres Strait Island Peoples
          Murray Island Peoples
          Mer Island Peoples Indigenous Australian people/s
          Aboriginal people/s
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          The Aborigines
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          Aboriginal, Aborigines
          The Torres Strait Islanders
          Coloured ‘Part-aborigine’, ‘full-blood’, ‘half-caste’, ‘quarter-caste’,
          ‘octoroon’, ‘mulatto’, ‘hybrid’ Primitive
          Stone age Tribe
          Moiety Indigenous (Australian) history
          Pre-invasion history
          Invasion history
          Post-invasion history

  48. This is a clear provocation, same sentences Erdogan uses! You are helping uncle Sam and Great Middleeast Prpject, intends to grow borders by Muslims killing each other for a new Kurdish state which will be a part of Great Israel in time. Search for the truth not war! Peace at home, peace at world!

  49. The only thing Erdogan wants is to stay the minister president. The last period there where mant voicerecords between him and his son about all the milliards the bastard has stolen. By this way, and because of the ellections of 30th march, he is trying to change the actualitys in Turkey.
    You guys from Syria, the biggest problem in the world is the islamic religion. As long as the soennits do what koran is telling them to do, they will stay slaves and potential terrorist believeing in 72 virgins waiting for them.

    The Turks in Turkey are brainwashed, as I where before I became a atheist. You can not believe if you understand the rools of islam and reading about the life of Mohammed. Understanding Islam means Understanding the psychology of all the moslims. They don't think, they "believe". They are all brainwashed and programmed not to think but to do what they are toled to do.

    Off course, the imperialists wants to have war in the whole mid-east. By this way they have control over all the resources there - AND WATER!! The next country whcih will be involved in civil war is: TURKEY!!

    My Brotheres and Sisters from Syria, I hope you onderstand that the most of the Turks don't want war between Turkey and Syria. We don't support terrorist like the ISIL or Al-Qaida.It is Erdogan who is steeling by one hand, and abusing the religion on the other hand and killing and helping killing many people in Turkey and Syria.

    Somehow Erdogan has to be ERASED or else, we all have a SHIT problem!

  50. As a Turkish citizen, I'm ashamed of my country. We are committing war crimes, shooting Syrian planes, actively helping/arming terrorist el-nusra and fsa organizations. I hope the conflict between us and Syria stops soon, we -as citizens- do not have anything against Syrian population.

  51. DT, I think you may be on to something. We do know that about a regiment + sized armed force has been staging and training in Jordan,
    supposedly an 'insurgent' force. The Turkish invasion may, still, prove to be a diversion; with III Corps occupied in the north, an attack from Jordan north through Dra'a is still a distinct possibility. I've no notion of how much of III Corps is up there, or the disposition, nor where other major elements may be located but since it's mostly tracks and tubes, the south may be perceived to be vulnerable. TheI guess we'll sii, huh? The Syrian military has come a very long way since the days when it would send a single unsupported T55 to deal with a fortified guerilla strong point, and has matured into a very powerful armed force. It took SAA a while to get rid of the deadwood, driftwood, deadheads and dummies in command but now it has it's fecal matter together.

  52. Hail from istanbul. Some fools here are being dipshits and provoking this shit. No matter against whom, war is hell, so for all those hitting their keyboards full of hatred as they slobber, barking "war war war", slinging mud at my people.I tell you, no man here desires a war. No sane, educated man supports Erdogan or his acts.

    And since there is no proof that turkish army marched or entered the lands of Syria, i believe this is, all this above is bullshit. But if it is, its bad for me, for you, for all on this earth who owns a heart. We, apes with thumbs, blessed with reason and intelligence killing another man over nothing, over a piece of mud,gold,oil or whatever the fuck it is..

    So before speaking of Turkey, syria, this bla,that bla, war. Shall think about the children, if lucky enough to survive yet damn so unlucky to witness it. Here i believe many of above, many... maybe never got into a fist fight, maybe you backed off when you should not, when you were right. Maybe you thought "nah man let this big dude bark, i wont risk taking a punch" .Yet i see many of you speaking of war, provoking like you ever, ever tasted a micro bit of war. No you did not. you let the man in that shitty bar insult you,bully you.
    So stop it,stop the whole race thing, you are not any different than me.

    And if this is true, that Turkish army has entered Syria. Its Erdogans final and greatest try to remain prime minister,to survive elections. But no he will be gone, we will make it so. Everyday we are losing children,12-15 years old. There is not a single protest since "Gezi park" ended peacefully,without blood.Police aims for heads when firing gas cannisters, by cannisters i mean thousands of them.

    So as a Turk, i assure you we need no war, we are having one already.
    cut the bullshit. peace

  53. Today i am ashamed to be a Turk, feeling so sorry for all my brothers and sisters who are living in Syria. My government and the ones working for it will pay for what they have done and still doing to Syria. Please forgive us brothers and sisters...

  54. My god, so many people in this page are looking forward to war and more bloodshed in the region. this has not even been confirmed by either sides yet and you people are already salivating-- your hunger for war disgusts me. Don't you see this would cause irreversible damage for both sides?! where is your blood thirst coming from? how do your brains function?? how come you bring up the "constantinople' argument or the painful history with Armenia to justify a Syrian-Turkish war?? How are they even tied together other than death and hatred? Don't you realize that you are becoming a part of the problem and not a part of the solution when you poison yourself with hate?? There is so much provocation going on right now in both sides, prior to the local elections that threaten Erdogan's filthy throne-- even more so that have international origins, because, well, what do they care- it's like watching the fricking Survivor on their TV's for them. Like that Anonymous dude from the US- what the hell man, why would you even bring up the Ottoman Empire to provoke? I mean, by all means, I will stand by your freedom to say whatever you want-- but that doesn't mean that i'm not gonna call you out for being a moron... You're a moron. there you go. Now everybody calm the fuck down- provocations may get worse until the elections on the 30th, but hopefully soon the sultanate of Tayyip Erdogan is gonna end and he'll be taken to court for war crimes. None of the other parties in the Turkish parliament are anywhere near wanting to get into a dogfight with Syria right now.

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  56. we are citizens as real owner of Turkey don't accept any war, even a little problem. We love our brothers, there are a lot of Syrian people around here and we help them as much as we can. Responsable person is brainless Erodogan.


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