Rankoos: SyrPer has received a memorandum this morning around 4:00 a.m. EST that the town of Rankoos is firmly in the hands of the SAA. The operation was swift and the rats were even swifter in their escape toward the Lebanon.  Monzer says that 28 carcasses were counted inside the town, but, that much work is to be done to comb it and remove booby traps and mines laid by the enemy.  The SAA is now on its way to Mushrifa.


رفع العلم السوري فوق قلعة الحصن.. قيادة الجيش: انهيار متسارع في معنويات العصابات الإرهابية

SAA hoists the flag and celebrates the victory at Krak des Chevaliers

Al-Hissn area: 11 more rodents were dispatched trying to escape to the Lebanon as the noose has tightened in the area between Tal Kalakh and Waadi Khaaled. We have reports that more border police and NDF are taking positions at unorthodox smuggling routes to prevent any further encroachments.

Also, a SAA commander announced the death of a major J.N. rat commander at Al-Hissn:

Ayman Dandashi (a/k/a Abu Sulaymaan)



Government forces regroup in the village of al-Hosn, near the Krak des Chevaliers castle (L) after they recaptured the Crusader fortress from rebels on March 20, 2014 marking a significant advance in their drive to seal the Lebanese border and sever rebel supply lines.

SAA fighters outside the Citadel in Al-Hissn plan a new operation

Al-Sa’an:  An attack on a military outpost here went nowhere. The rats were immediately overpowered. 4 rodents killed and 3 confirmed wounded.  The others escaped.

Bayt Suwayss: Skirmishing with no details.

Ilkam: No details about skirmishing here.

South Al-Mashjar and Talbeesa: no details about skirmishing.


Kasab at the border checkpoint:  This beautiful, formerly Armenian village, famous for its summer cafes and peerless, delicious sausages became a meat grinder for creeping rats as they tried to infiltrate the town from 3 points originating in Turkish-occupied Syria (Hatay).  The group was made up of Jabhat Al-Nusra and Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya scavengers.  All 17 were killed including their AMEER (“commander”) who was identified as:

Taareq Farraaja.  

4 pick-ups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.







Latakia – Idlib Highway: A confirmed 39 rodents were exterminated in a 4-hour long battle involving SAAF air power.  Finally, the SAA commander managed to push the offending rodents into the direction of a checkpoint where a battalion of our fighters were positioned – sprung the trap on them and killed the whole pack.  2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were seized and 5 IEDs in their possession were dismantled.

IDLIB:  Fighting reported in Kafr Roomaa, Saraaqeb and Qumaynaas.


Fighting reported in these areas:  Jadal Village, Al-Hijja, Simleen, Taseel – Nawa Road (infiltration foiled) and Taseel – Sahm Road (11 rats killed).


Central Prison: SAA took the war to the rats, again.  No details.

Industrial Zone to the North-West, Handaraat, Al-Burayj, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Tal-Jibreen, Hanaanu Residencies, Ba’eedeen Roundabout, Al-Mansoor Roundabout, ‘Ibteen, Al-Layramoon, Old City, Al-Mashhad, ‘Azzaan, Al-Haydariyya, Kafr Hamraa, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, ‘Anadaan, ‘Anjaara, Sharba’, Baabees, Kuwayris, ‘Irbeed and Al-Judayda.

It is impossible to get detailed reports from Aleppo because the situation is very fluid and nobody has time to send reports.  I am doing my best to get more substance, but, there are li




Lew Rockwell treats McCain with utter amazement with a soupcon of acid:








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  1. What is true about the claim of Al Jazeera that Al Tilal al-Humr is the last city in the hands of the SAA left in Al Quintera? Or is this propaganda? Also very surprising that Turkey is giving space to JN to attack northern Syria.

    Can you tell us what the plans of the SAA are now they have some extra forces available after the very successful events in Al Zara and Al Hosn?

    Rankous. That is/was there last big hideout. Wonder why they left it without a fight.

    • According to a 'pro-opp' source there is fighting in just 3 of the villages in al-Quneitra governorate - Quneitra,Bariqa and Beer Ajam.According to Wikipedia,only Quneitra is under government control.I can't see any such village you stated

  2. Hey,Ziad! I heard that there was some fighting in Qudsaya,Damascus.That is very close to the Presidential Palace as far as I know(It was in Dumar,right?) .Let's hope that this is some false-flag operation conducted by al-CIAda.
    As for the Qalamoun offensive I have a perfect song for this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDFo49Sk4XU Apparently it's not the F$A who dig their grave,but SAA is digging their grave (I'm referring to the bullshit song - I dig you grave in Yabrud)

    • "Let's hope that this is some false-flag operation conducted by al-CIAda." - that sounds like a idiotic disinfo. In other posts you seem to push the propaganda showing the government side as weak and loosing.
      Which side are you really on?

        • Saudis Step Up Help for Rebels in Syria With Croatian Arms

          By C. J. CHIVERS and ERIC SCHMITT

          Published: February 25, 2013 The weapons include the Croatian-made M79 portable 90 mm anti-tank gun and M60 recoilless anti-tank weapons.
          Croatia send weapons to the Syrian rebels
          Posted on May 23, 2013 by Grey Carter
          The Croatian weapons began reaching Syrian rebels in December via shipments shuttled through Jordan. Jutarnji list, a Croatian daily newspaper, reported four sightings at Zagreb Airport of Ilyushin 76 aircraft owned by Jordan International Air Cargo. It said these aircraft had been seen on Dec. 14 and 23, Jan. 6 and Feb. 18.

  3. Another day, another town liberated. 🙂

    The Turks may be contemplating an attack on Syria, with help from their masters:

    Удар по Сирии http://sokol-ff.livejournal.com/750285.html

    (auto trans) "Leader leading Turkish opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu warned today Turkey's parliament plans to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan launch a military strike against Syria in the near future and asked the Chief of General Staff Gen. Necdet Özel "is not to seek adventure for Turkey" by military intervention in Syria.

    Formal reason intervention is the grave of the founder of protection Seljuk Empire Süleyman Şah, which is considered sacred in Turkey. The tomb is located a few kilometers from Aleppo, where the heaviest fighting between government troops and the Syrian opposition.

    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said the reason for the planned military strike is not protecting the "shrine", but rather the elections in Turkey, in anticipation of which Erdogan is going to raise your own ratings and led them to the ruling party of the Islamist electorate military operation to protect "Muslim holy"

    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also suggested that Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already secured the support of NATO intervention in Syria holding."

    Erdogan is sinking fast. There are around 27 USN ships in the Med. right now. The subhuman zio-bum bandit gang to the south would likely join in, as well. The Israeli-Americans may think they have Russia distracted with the Ukraine. Not a healthy combination of factors.

    • There was reports of an attack on the border of Turkey whereby some border guards were shot.


      There was then some fecally enhanced propaganda from a turkish minister that the Syrian government was responsible for the attack.


      Combining the above with the recent israeli provocation, and the new Zionazi stooge who replaced RObert Ford delivering the news that diplomatic relations between the US and Syria are now frozen paints the picture that the west is still angling for war despite these recent measures being particularly pathetic. I've said before that in my view it is like a scorned ex lover lashing out - they are desperate as they see the wholesale collapse of their neo imperial terror operations and are in a hysterical fit.

      Looks great on them. A pack of wild dogs would look better on them however. LOL.

      • My friend, I agree, the whole situation in Ukraine is being used by the coalition of the killing to step up efforts to beat the Syrian Government, I would go further in saying there is a high probability of an attempt to assassinate Dr Bashar Al Assad. What we see is a clear try for excuses to get Syria to react to provocations, either this is coming from Israel, kSA or the US.
        Currently I do not see Turkey engaged to ouster the Syria Government, influences from Iran as well as the recent relationship breaking between KSA and Qatar (due to Its support to MB, the same Erdogan is affiliated), it is more likely to see Turkey and Qatar slowly pulling back forces and support for their terrorists and letting KSA, Jordan, Isarael and the US alone in dojng the dirty job against Syria. No matter what the struggle between terrorists rats and pigs does reflect the fight between their supporters. SAA and its allies do have a window of opportunity to get solid advances, as they have had in Qalamoun, in Aleppo and Damascous country side, closing the core of Syria for rodents, then slowly cleaningAl Rakka, Der Er zor and the boaders with Iraq, Turkey and Jordan, not an easy task at all.

        • I have no doubt that there is a constant effort to kill Dr. Assad, as well as anyone of prominence in the government. I would remind all our readers about the bombing which killed the then top military officer, and as I recall highest ranking Christian in the Assad administration.

          As an aside, as I typed the above I was stricken with the notion that only a handful of people within a hundred mile radius of where I'm at now would have any clue about what I just said, which is a source of shame for me.

          I agree that Turkey probably would not attack Syria directly, but I think the over arching concept at play here is that in any way possible ( be it small, large, diplomatic or otherwise), the Satanic Cabal of Western countries / the Gulf retards / Israel / Turkey are trying to isolate and escalate things in Syria. I expect that they won't be successful of course, but at this point they are all in and in the face of their savages being liquidated they are hysterical about it.

          There is a growing list of international politicians who have been directly involved in this heinous undertaking who have fallen while Dr. Assad has remained, and I expect Erdogan will be added to that list shortly. The only question is how many of his own people he imprisons or kills in the process.

          In a final thought, weighing the crimes of the likes of Obama, Erdogan, the Zombie king of Saudi Arabia and the like. If you want to know what your enemies are guilty of, simply look at what they accuse you of.

          • I thought this article brought some good points on the alliances being formed in the backstage, of course yet to be seen executed, anyway it could be a good thing shoud Qatar stop financing its rodents, no money no Jihad for their rats, either they quit and go home or they join for less money the other rats. Anyway I thought it brought good news.


    • Now that's obvious that you are a ziocon shill pretending to be worried to sneak in and drop some BS propaganda to undermine the joy and celebration among the commenters emanating from continuous successes of the Syrian armed forces and the government. hasbara and sayanim are not welcome here, so go away party pooper.

  4. Aleppo yesterday. The rat's lose KRAK DES CHEVALIERS and Yabroud, Rankoos, Al-Hissin. So they take it out on the civilians. At least 8 dead in car bomb, and many more in hospital


  5. Hello, C - - nice to see you again! I'd say that your analysis is pretty close. So far as I can tell, Ukraine/Crimea was supposed to be a diversion, setting up for an invasion of Syria, since the phony popular uprising has fallen on its several faces. I believe that NATO has refused, en bloc, to participate in an American military operation in Ukraine.

  6. Question for Ziad: do you have any info on the Russian 42nd MRD and elements of IRGC having been deployed to Syria? Nagging little tags crop up here and there that both are currently in country, and engaged in combat operations against the guerillas, and that IRGC is training NDF. Neither military would be incountry except at the invitation from, or permission by, the Syrian governement. Would appreciate any info you may have. Regards,

    • Here is what I can tell you, only: General Qassem Sulaymani of the IRGC is a regular visitor to Damascus and he consults frequently. NDF has been trained partly by IRGC, but, mostly by SAA and Hizbollah. Many NDF require no training because they are military reservists. I have no Intel on the 42nd MRD although I know there are marines off the coast of Syria as part of the Russian battle group. Ziad

  7. More good news. The border between Syria and the narcissistic colonialist settler state to the south is heating up. Hezbollah is, as always, prepping for the next round with the sub-human zionists. Let's hope the SAA is ever vigilant regarding the Zio attempts on the life of Assad. May their attempt explode in their face.

  8. I know it is off topic a little but I would like to give this example to Aussies about European sanctions to Russia. It would be same like when the Australia put the sanctions against China. How would that look like? You understand now why is Europe so reluctant to sanction Russia...?
    This (shit stirring the Ukraine and messing up with Russia) is good for Americans ONLY. Fuck up BOTH Europe AND Russia... US wins anyway... I say Europe together with Russia should flick the "bird" to US.

  9. Another thought, if somebody can explain, please. US debt is bigger then their GDP. Doesn't that mean that the US is "broke"? If so "Standard and Poor" should give them negative credit rating, isn't so...? I'm not so good with finance, just asking?

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  12. http://jimrickards.blogspot.com.au/ Try Jim he's a walking talking crystal ball,As for Australia don't get me started,but you can try The Daily Reckoning, http://www.dailyreckoning.com.au/ ,great info! or Steve Keen, http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/ Enjoy your dose of reality.


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