Syrian Perspective is shocked to find that some of its readers are gullible enough to believe British lying in the shape of Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Qatari-funded “Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights who irresponsibly announced this canard today.  Here are the facts:


At 4:00 p.m. Aleppo time, a huge truck was monitored by Syrian army spotters from the prison towers and from the ground as it approached the western gate of the Aleppo Central Prison.  The truck had all the hallmarks of a battering ram with its suspension system severely depressed indicating a large load, which in this case was military grade TNT (estimated at 12,000 kilos) coupled with C-4 enhancers.  The truck was driven by a Chechen idiot who was vaporized after he received a direct hit from an RPG fired by one of our infantrymen inside the prison.  Truck exploded about a football field distance from the west entrance with a blast so strong it actually killed some officers standing on the highest tiers of the walls.




The Operation resulted in the confirmed deaths of the Jabhat Al-Nusra leader for Northern Aleppo, Abu Sayf Al-Sheeshaani, CHECHEN (read: “Chicken”) who was burned to death, like a squealing pig, as he followed the burning truck.  Other reports coming in mention the use of trains but this seems unlikely


More reports indicate that the SAA and SAAF were quick to respond and raked the area with artillery and used a “barrel-bomb” on the rodents.


We will keep following up on this story as the facts come in. But, oh, my readers, please do not regale me with British lies any more. No folderol from SOHR or Aljazeera!!



AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE BRITISH PENCHANT FOR DISINFORMATION, SYRPER IS DELIGHTED TO REPORT THE DEATH AND DESCENT-TO-HELL OF ABU LAYTH AL-KHURASAANI THE LEADER OF BRITISH ISIS,  a U.K. national who hailed from the Midlands area of Britain.  He was killed Monday while trying to kill other rats like himself.  He is obviously of Khurasaani origin by his name, or so we think.  Good show rats!  Keep up the good work.










  1. Great update. Now unless I have missed the boat here these past months, the prison presents really nothing in terms of strategic importance, and as has been stated, anyone that the savages may be interested ( their paramours who were captured ) in has been moved.

    This being the case it is maybe somewhat like menagh airbase where it would be simply a "feather in their fetid cap" to capture it.. or this is just an example of we've talked about that the rebels nee satanic wahhabi homunculi are not prosecuting a "war" of strategy anymore, but instead are just conducting a series of ongoing terror campaigns before the wheels finally fall off?

    Either way hats off to the Noble Lions and Lionesses protecting the motherland as always.


    • The Prison factors in the long-term like the hospital (Kindi). These are not simply trophies.
      The apes and their foreign backers obviously realize that victory is not an option anymore, so the plan at this stage is to hold any contiguous territory in the hope for an eventual negotiated settlement.
      Just as the assault on Kindi Hospital took exorbitant cave-manpower, until it finally fell, the hope of the primitoids is that once they control the fortified high ground, any attackers (SAA) will face a similarly daunting task. These fortified buildings are strategic to the rat's north Aleppo corridor (large hospitals and prisons are typically designed as 'post-disaster' structures to endure direct hits in case of war). It is a holding and wearing down tactic not unlike the Germans at Monte-Casino.
      SAA will have to proceed carefully to avoid massive casualties - otherwise tunnel in and use the rat's favorite method of travel!

    • Spinworthy's comment is well-taken. I think the terrorists who attacked the prison are not interested in negotiations or the feckless exile opposition. This was a British plan to further destroy Syrian infrastructure since their core belief is in a failed state scenario followed by a fragmentation of the country. This is British maliciousness at its worst. Ziad

  2. "Fuck The EU" - US State Department Blasts Europe; Revealed As Alleged Mastermind Behind Ukraine Unrest
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/06/2014 12:47 -0500

    • One of the Tylers? An Honor to be sure.

      Ahh Victoria Noodleman, half of the satanic zionazi bonnie and clyde couple with her husband Robert Kagan.

      You notice that the US government is calling the release of this recording "a new low" for Russia. Ignore the fact that the US is trying to meddle in yet another country. I posted yesterday about US boots on the ground now in Libya fighting, in Algeria, and Tunisia. They are trying their best to wreck Syria and this Ukraine deal is the latest in their efforts to bring the world under their demonic umbrella.

      It is sad - most of the folks who post here, zerohedge, or other alternative media sites consider this as validation of what we already knew, whereas the gum chewing masses consider it a revalation.

    • US official caught on tape cursing EU for handling of Ukraine crisis

      The US suggests the leaked recording of Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland may have been leaked by Russia US official apologises to EU counterparts for undiplomatic language

      By Peter Fell | Fri, Feb 07 2014, 03:15

  3. Dead Chechen commander of the Army of the Neanderthals on his way to heaven, where 72 black with huge tool waiting for him . This monkey probably was not in the truck with explosives

    Only online video explosion near the prison


    How make lie that army advanced in old Aleppo - very simply, London says that Neanderthals occupied a prison in Aleppo.
    My God,London know better what is going on in Aleppo than residents of Aleppo and when London says "truth," then probably video clip from Aleppo do not tell the truth.
    Should not be trusted with my own eyes - should believe what London says .
    However we live in the information age and I might need glasses so better to believe what London say

  5. Ziad some facts :

    The suicide bomber wasnt a chechen, but a brit of Pakistani origin (sulaiman al brittany)

    Second, it approached the south wall as far as i know and not the west wall.

    Third, the attack is said to have started at 10 in the morning and not 4 in the eveninig

    • My dear friend, I corrected the time of the attack in my second post concerning the event. My Intel is that the attack was on the west wall. I have not heard anything about the south wall or gate. The information I have still confirms the identity of the attacking group as Chechen. That the driver was a U.K. subject would only enhance the evidence indicating British connivance in this operation. So far, my sources claim the driver, who was vaporized, was most likely Chechen although, I would agree that Chechens are not known for suicide operations. Interesting you have brought up. Keep sending them. Ziad

  6. Just for anyone who doesn't know, the impressive sounding 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' is actually run from a pokey two-bedroom terraced home in Coventry England by one person, a Syrian Sunni Muslim who also runs a clothes shop and spent three spells in prison in Syria, he came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term.

    This information is straight from Wikipedia !

    Best wishes to SAA and their friends in Syria

    • Maybe around 20-30 thousand, although they died trying to save civilians whom were held as human shields, now the gloves are off the ratio is about 30 dead terrorists to 1 dead SAA, hence the reason why they are dying in such large numbers, no more mercy.

    • I guess it is a bit more. If you combine all the fallen fighters on the government side (which include saa, ndf, police, other militia such as baath militia) you will end up with a number of about 55.000. That´s a lot fur sure, but after almost 3 years of fighting. I am not that optimistic about a ratio of 1 gov. fighter to 30 killed terrorists. But even if you calculate with 1:3 regarding the whole period of war the number of dead rerrorists/ rebels ist still striking: 150.000!

      • Max, the ratio i quoted is pretty close, so out of say 3 years of fighting in the first 2 years those 20-30 thousand , let's say 40 thousand soldiers died, the rest were civilians, police and some NDF as well as the terrorists, the ratio i have quoted is in the last year of fighting.

    • Our soldiers do not fight for Assad. They fight for Syria's flag and her independence. To some extend, President Assad, is a symbol of all those things. I do not know how many soldiers have died in defending Syria from the rat invasion - the number is in the thousands. Ciao. Ziad

  7. Sorry for this, but this youtube video shows how many are killed in one go at one tiny place

    Support Nazir folks, we all need to fight these scum and support in every way we can.

    • The roads are necessary for the army and guards. One of the reasons Bandar the Ape bought hundreds of 4-wheel drive trucks was because of your point. I agree, however, that barriers like the ones here in the states preventing attacks of this kind would be intelligent. But, who wants to work in the crew that sets the barriers up? There are snipers everywhere. Ziad

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