But, I was wrong.  I forgot that inept British dunderheads were still testing their mettle against our impavid defenders as though to prove themselves worthy of some unspeakable honor.

In any case, yesterday at 3:00 a.m. Aleppo time, at night, 2 trucks reinforced with metal shields, not unlike the one driven by that Pakistani rodent from the U.K., charged at the main gate of the prison, loaded with American-supplied military grade TNT and got blown into a google shreds of cat meat.  All in all, our sources confirmed there were 20 suicide bombers following the trucks, each one wearing a belt designed to kill all defenders around the gate.  I’m afraid that the plan was a bust from the get-go.

Once again, the open landscape gave spotters excellent vision, especially since 4 of them had night-vision goggles captured from Bandar’s heroes months ago. THANK YOU PRINCE BANDAR WHEREVER YOU ARE.

Soldiers around the prison who had served in Al-Shaykh Najjaar were equipped with Kornet anti-tank rockets and launchers.  This was an easy kill especially after the soldiers were informed that they could open fire “at will”.  With SAA inside and outside, guards at the ready, SAA artillery blessed with howitzers and brilliant operators only 300 yards away and SAAF hovering in the area, the open space started to look like a charnel house.

Wael reports that Ba’ath Party sources confirm 101 rats killed so far, 20 of whom were wearing suicide vests.  All of them were killed during the first 15 minutes.  This was meant to be a “corrective” operation, nyuk.

We took some losses too: 3 guards were killed and 20 others wounded, 2 of them officers.  Thank Heavens, my wife’s nephew was not one of the officers.

Old City:  Al-Khusruwiyya Mosque was the scene of rodent exetrmination as (and you’re not going to believe this) FSA joined with NDF and SAA to kill off 7 J.I. vultures.  It was great to have the former criminals now on our side.

Fighting reported in all these areas. I’ll have details, if available, tomorrow:


Bustaan Al-Qassr


Industrial Zone



Handaraat Camp

Daaret Al-‘Izza



Sayf-Al-Dawla Park: Entire pack of rats killed.

Al-Saaliheen: 6 rats on road to Al-Musayfira



‘Ayn Al-Jamaajim


Syrian men are evacuated by bus from besieged parts of the central Syrian city Homs on February 21, 2014, after the United Nation's Refugee Agency (UNHCR) carried out investigations into their identity papers and military service status

AFP. Some of the hostages held by terrorists inside Homs are released by the Syrian government after ascertaining their documents and clearing them of any role in terrorism. 

تسوية أوضاع 38 شاباً ممن تم إجلاؤهم من أحياء حمص القديمة مؤخراً Mayor of Homs, Talal Baraazi, talks to a reporter about the new releasees.

I have lots of news from Homs, but I’m tired, and I’ll work on it early tomorrow.


SAA literally obliterated the Jabhat Al-Nusra at these sites yesterday:







Here are the few rodents we could identify out of the 77 total who were sent to Hell:

Ibn Jandool Al-Hadeedi (Id pending. MOROCCAN PUTRESCENCE)


Radhwaan Al-Sayyid (IRAQI TWINK)



Ahmad Al-Mawsili (a/k/a Abu Rabee’ Al-Dimashqi)

Mahmoud Al-‘Izz

Mabrook  Ja’afar

‘Aassem Khaaled

Muhammad ‘Aabdeen

Faadi Al-Khaffaash

Saamer Al-Haaj

Ahmad ‘Abdullah

Muhammad Al-Sayyid Ahmad



Pretty decent article by Al-Akhbar about reconciliation committees and the very important role played by the NDF:

If you want more photos of the huge pro-Assad demonstration in Tartous, here’s an article from Friends of Syria:

Bandar-baiting is in – Bandar bin Sultan is out.  That’s how we call it.  Here is a nice example:





  1. Prince Bandar might be in the Maldives with Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud who paid $30 million for three resorts for one month. He also needs 100 bodyguards. But everything is honky dory in Saudi Arabia.

      • Ziad, w/ respect to the link in the article and Bandar's so-called punishment/exile.

        Any publically disseminated story of Bandar's rebuke is pure ass-covering theatre. How could anyone believe that Bandar was the sole reason for foreign terrorists attacking Syria? Bandar has been hung out to dry like any other asset that turns into an embarrassment and liability. Bandar was the (most visible) agent by which the orchestrators pushed their agenda – now just as in the ubiquitous case of the ‘lone assassin’ he will be the single fall-guy for everyone else’s (in this case, failed) plot. No doubt this maggot has the blood of thousands upon his hands, but we must all acknowledge that he never acted purely on his own behalf in this matter.

  2. Our teachers are not dictators or secret services or oilrich arab stuff. ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................American dudes

  3. Here's a thought, rig the outer perimeter with land mines for tanks, and the roads need to be rigged with a few land mines that can be remotely detonated, all SAA and NDF advised of this, anyone trying to come in from outside these areas will go up in smoke, any truck from the terrorists will go up in smoke, if they go on the main road they will still go up in smoke by remote detonation.

  4. This is old news here now, I remember Ziad mentioning it, but maybe some have not heard about it yet.

    'S Arabia ditches Prince Bandar from Syria case over US'

    "Reports say the Al Saud regime has relieved its spymaster, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, of his duties in spearheading the kingdom's mission in the Syria crisis.

    According to recent reports, Saudi Arabia has assigned Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef to lead Riyadh’s anti-Damascus policies instead of the kingdom’s veteran spy chief, Prince Bandar, who has been a staunch supporter of Takfiri militants operating against Syria.

    Diplomatic sources say Washington had demanded the removal of Prince Bandar from the Syrian file because of his mismanagement of the situation in the country, which has been grappling with a foreign-backed crisis since March 2011.

    On February 19, the Washington Post also reported that the Saudi interior minister had recently represented Saudi Arabia at a conclave of Western and Arab spymasters in the United States, where he held talks with US National Security Adviser Susan Rice over the policies in Syria.

    Reports also indicate that Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s son and the head of the kingdom’s National Guard, has also assumed a bigger share of responsibility for Riyadh’s policies on Syria.

    The Wall Street Journal cited an a Saudi analyst serving as an adviser to top royals as saying that the world will begin to see a “new strategy for Syria -- quieter, more open, not too extreme. There will be more politics to it, and probably much less military.”

    According to the report, Saudi royal advisors said the removal of Prince Bandar from the task may lead to smoother Riyadh-Washington relations.

    In the past years, Prince Bandar has presided over Saudi Arabia anti-Damascus operations with little success. There has been no mention of Bandar in Saudi media outlets since January. He was reportedly in a hospital in the US for treatment and is currently living in Morocco."

    So Bandar bin Sultan has become Bandar bin Binned. (sorry about that, couldn't resist the pun) 😀

    In all likelihood, the zionazis decided they needed a change of face for their colony sponsored "Muslim" terror ops since Bandar's zio-buggered role has received to much "bad press".

  5. Good work SAA. Keep it going. Hope that the SAA forces advancing from south east will soon reach the prison.
    My "five cents": Can Syrian army make "EMP" bomb? If they detonate it over enemy strongholds it would kill all of their communication equipment and civilians stay safe. Watch this video:

    • There are a million ways the Syrian Army can seriously damage the terrorist Organization and logistics but they keep doing things the old way.. wasting human lives. Russia ,China or IRAN should have EMB bombs.. Mines and mini drones that could provide the SYrian army with a clear view of what the rebels are planning and attack them before they start any attack. Get a drone and attack the dam trucks filled with TNT hours before the attack happen. Allowing the Rebels to try an attack is a big mistake. IRAN ,CHina or Russia should have civilians drones the Syrian army could use. .. On other news the White house is planning a major invasion from Jordan with 15,000 terrorist in armored vehicles ,backed by US attack drones and anti air defenses.

      • I still say an international defence force is needed, no need to allow anymore Syrian civilians to die in vain, i love the SAA but i feel they are over stretched, guard the border with the International defence force or ex-pats and known pro-Syrian militia's.

        • While were discussing tactics: How can we be sure that, as we speak, the rats are not building the tunnel under the prison? Looks like they love their tunnels, that's why I am so worried about it...

          • Yes that would be the Vauban-fortress tactics... Soldiers would listen in the caves if they heard digging around. Or in the siege of Zaragossa in 1811. But the strange result is that the more buildings are blewn up, the more open flat terrain is created and the more the strongholds remain up.
            Ziad, you wrote somewhere that the army has good ways to detect tunnels. That is good.
            And, ex-convicted rats love and know the sewers of prisons.
            Anyhow, the defenders are the heroes of now ! They are the best !

  6. A Syrian opposition leader has praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for expressing support for militants wounded during the conflict in Syria.

    Muhammad Badie told Israel Radio Friday that the Syrian opposition is grateful to Netanyahu for his February 18 tour to a field hospital in the (occupied) Golan Heights.

    Speaking from Istanbul, the Syrian opposition leader added that Netanyahu’s public presence near the wounded militants sent an “important message.”

    Badie also said that he and his friends thanked the Israeli premier for publicly voicing support for injured militants, especially after the collapse of the recent talks between the Syrian government and the opposition in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Israel Channel 2 News recently aired footage of a secret Israeli field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights that has treated over 700 Syrians including militants over the past months.

    Last year, the Israeli military carried out at least three airstrikes against Syria.

    Damascus says Tel Aviv and its Western allies are aiding al-Qaeda-linked militant groups operating inside Syria.


    Syrian opposition hails Netanyahu for visiting wounded insurgents

    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

    A Syrian opposition leader has hailed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for expressing support for insurgents wounded during the conflict in Syria.


    • Israel now openly supporting "al qaida" terrorists and "al qaida" terrorists praising Israel.

      Wait a sec, wasn't the main beef that "al qaida" had against the USA was that they supported Israel? 😀

      Oh, well, I guess the zionazis don't need that line of bs any more now that the USA "killed" bin Laden and "al qaida" can again be considered just another warm fuzzy group of democracy seekers, working to remove the evil dictators the Russians have been foisting upon country after country in their pursuit of world dominance... 😉

      • it's so obvious,straight up in your face they dont give a shit who knows Israel now openly supporting "al qaida" been that way all along as you know. Seen them before i bet.Israel Defense Force (IDF) Sniper Team Kills 400+ US Troops

        • Does this mean that the hundreds of actions undertaken against US forces and filmed by the Islamic Army in Iraq (2004-2010) were all Imperialist / Israeli actions? unlikely I think. Anyway have a look yourself:



          I would love to know who was actually responsible for a) the operations shown, b) the filming of such operations, c) the editing and release of the videos.

          While we are on the subject, is it the Saudis who originally supported the Islamic State of Iraq back in the imperialist occupation days in Iraq, before they transmorgrified into the ISIS or ISIL that is currently assaulting Syria?

  7. I'm pleased to hear about another sucessful defence of the Central Prison by the brave and professional Syrian army garrisoned there. Unlike you Ziad, I had an inkling that the rats would try again and I thought a dawn attack or nightime attack would be the way to try and avoid being spotted. The defenders need to be on top of their game at the prison as the cannibal, Wahabbist, cut throats want this one badly. The good side of this of course is that the jihadi terrorists have taken huge losses and it has helped thin out the numbers of Chechen barbarians and other associated Salafist savages.

    Like some of the other people commenting here I am also frustrated with Russia and China for not doing more to provide the latest, advanced weaponary to the Syrian armed forces. Modern attack helicopters for close air support are the key to American success against the Taliban in Afghanistan for example (the same Taliban that they ship to Syria to kill innocents!). It would be good to see numbers of the latest Russian Mil and Kamov gunships in Syria as it would save innocent lives and quickly help contain the terrorists. Keya has a contract for the advanced Mil 28 gunships which are for use against Al Shabaab terrorists. Syria's need is even greater. Let's hope Putin changes his stance on this issue.

    • Russia has been very good at sending high quality weapons to Syria. The Chinese have been very diligent in getting us the best Satint possible. The U.S. has lost in Afghanistan and it's a matter of time before they leave with their tails between their legs a la Vietnam April 1975. Don't worry, we are getting great help. Ziad

  8. It's interesting that nobody here is thinking about the future, when the Syria is free again. I mean nobody is offering to come and help the Syria after the war to rebuild infrastructure and the rest of the country. If Syria can't "mobilize" foreign solders maybe it can specialized people to help rebuilding...?
    I am sure that people of Syria would see that as an visionary and positive thinking of their government...
    Just a thought...

    • Not all of us can just drop our responsibilities at home and travel to another country nor do all of us have the resources to afford it. As I'm sure you are well aware of this, I find it strange you would want to antagonize people who support Syria by trying to make them feel guilty about not doing things that most are not really in a position to do. That doesn't sound like something someone who supports Syria would do.

      • My comment wasn't meant that way. Are you trying to say that nobody should go to Syria? Why are you so negative, if you can't go it doesn't mean that nobody should go and help. People relocate to different countries for many reasons and I see Syria as an beautiful country with great potential for real progress and there must be other people around the globe that would consider going there to work or even relocate there, once the war against the terrorist rats is over.

        • "My comment wasn't meant that way."

          OK. Your original:

          "It's interesting that nobody here is thinking about the future, when the Syria is free again. I mean nobody is offering to come and help the Syria after the war to rebuild infrastructure and the rest of the country."

          That is actually quite wrong. I've seen several commenters say they wished to help, either by going to Syria, or doing something where they live, and they asked Ziad if he could suggest things. Perhaps in the future you might spend some time looking around getting to know what has transpired on the site before labeling the people here with false accusations.

          "Are you trying to say that nobody should go to Syria? Why are you so negative, if you can't go it doesn't mean that nobody should go and help."

          You are deliberately twisting the meaning of what I wrote. That's not very honest.

          • First of all, You haven't read my first post correctly and accused me of trying to antagonize the people and make them feel guilty, so You first twisted my words in the wrong way and you continue to do so. Quote:
            "I find it strange you would want to antagonize people who support Syria by trying to make them feel guilty about not doing things that most are not really in a position to do."
            That's why I said, quote:
            "My comment wasn't meant that way."
            If You would like me to elaborate; I was thinking about myself, my company is closing soon and I am looking for a new job. While doing so I got it, like an idea, that there must be plenty of work to be done in war torn Syria and I was just wondering about the work there... Nothing personal against ANYBODY, you see?
            Second, Quote:
            "Not all of us can just drop our responsibilities at home and travel to another country nor do all of us have the resources to afford it."
            That's why I said, quote:
            "Are you trying to say that nobody should go to Syria?"
            Again, I was thinking about myself or the people like me which Can relocate and would consider going to Syria to help rebuild it, which is why I said, quote:
            "People relocate to different countries for many reasons and I see Syria as an beautiful country with great potential for real progress and there must be other people around the globe that would consider going there to work or even relocate there, once the war against the terrorist rats is over."
            I really don't see why would you feel antagonized by people that wants to go to Syria and help rebuild it...? I have already relocated my family once to a different country and I know what I am talking about.
            I am not dishonest, you see, you just read my first post in a wrong way and you started this crusade against me because you feel antagonized.
            So, now, I am the enemy of yours and enemy of Syria because I am considering relocating there to help rebuild?!
            You got to be F kidding me...

        • Listen you two, your both of different countries and express your words in different ways, there is no need to quote a hundred times, "M" is pro-Syrian and i understand what he is saying, i for one will be going to help, and as for BOT TAK he is also pro-Syrian and also from another country and I understand his concern, so please guys learn to understand each other.

  9. Remember this guy?

    Prisoner X leaked Israel intel. on Iran, book claims

    "An Australian-born Mossad agent, who died in an Israeli prison, had been leaking intelligence about Israel’s espionage operations against Iran, a new book claims.

    On Saturday, Rafael Epstein, the author of the book “Prisoner X,” said Ben Zygier, known as Prisoner X, had been spilling details about Tel Aviv’s spy activities against Iran.

    Epstein’s statement contradicts allegations that Zygier was charged because he failed to recruit a Lebanese double agent for Hezbollah, and ended up betraying double agents who worked for Israel.

    Zygier, who was part of a significant Mossad operation targeting Iran's nuclear energy program, was captured by the Israelis in 2010 after he revealed details of his work to an Iranian in Melbourne.

    He was said to have attempted suicide several times in Ayalon prison before he took his life in late 2010.

    Originally born in Melbourne, the 34-year-old man with a dual Australian-Israeli citizenship had worked for the Israeli spy agency since 2003.

    Following the revelation, the Tel Aviv regime was forced to admit that Zygier had been jailed under a false identity “for security reasons.”

    Zygier's family later received around one million dollars in exchange for agreeing not to pursue a compensation claim.

    The New York Times said on February 14 last year that Zygier was among the 26 suspects in a murder plot in which Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas official, was tracked and killed in his hotel room hours after his arrival in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in January 2010."

  10. SAA haved in equipment no night vision?Thumb up for coordination be repel enemy attack.Using cornets on flat terrain are far more effective as RPG.One thing can be better,Squad of mortars inside central prison and correct fire with spotters.Thats give u flexibility and time in case thats enemy surprise u with attack.Another thig are 2 days back SAA clear place around Central Prison - how can get these terrorist so much close prison when place are cleared?

    • We have artillery in the prison and there are infantrymen all over the area now. They get to the prison by reinforcing their trucks with iron plates. They think it will give them enough time to reach the gates. But, in every instance the Kornets stop them in their tracks. Ziad

      • I dont know wich caliber are this artilery - anyway u can use only indirect fire trough walls around central prison like howitzer and caliber up 122mm Gvozdika without autoloader shoot -1 1,5 round per minute.Thats are too low for angle of me view are better mortars they can flood area with enough explosives in less time as artilery.Anyway thx for info

  11. Ziad the mentat, you have the scoops yet again!
    Extraordinary to read about the Not-Very-Free, Not-Very-Syrian Army fighting alongside the noble SAA and NDF (not to close alongside, hopefully) - and killing the vile JNs!
    And what of the pygmy Bandar? Did he lose his disability pension when it was found his nightglasses were instrumental in offing the saddos at the Central Prison?
    What is the Bonobo being treated for in the axolotl tanks of Amerika? Corrective surgery for prehensile toes? The world stands breathless.

    regards from the Antipodes, where we keep watch for marsupial rats.

  12. Hi Ziad, you probably won't spot my message at the bottom here, but have the SAA forces considered that the terrorists are tunnelling towards the prison? This is a common tactic that has been utilised by the cave dwellers.

  13. Oh, I spotted your message. The tunneling worked at the Al-Kindi Hospital because of the terrain and areas for concealment. It cannot work at the prison because of the length of the tunnels. In any case, the rats are being monitored and our troops have good equipment inside. Ziad

  14. Never forget that many of the jihadies are on drugs, so it is no wonder that they try to storm the prison again and again. The SAA should do drug tests with the bodys of the dead terrorists, i bet you´ll find amphetamins, cocain, heroin etc.

  15. Dude, ISRAEL IS EVIL!!! i'm not even from the middle east and i know it... every citizen well studied, with a considerable amount of culture and intellect knows that Israel is the villain of the story...always trying to subjugate the arabs...

    Israel is responsible for great part of global terrorism and it is nota opnion... is a fact|!

  16. every one who supports israel is an imperialist person... not a democratic one... US and ISRAEL manipulated their own people to believe the arabs are enemies... when the real enemies of our World is the united states of america and israel... i said enemy of the world because all they want is power and oil... not peace and democracy... accept that!

  17. Yeah, I hate to burst your extremely small bubble but Assad is not a dentist he's an ophthalmologist. Maybe if you are a really good little boy Assad might examine your eyes because the last time I checked there is no word called hatredness in "any" dictionary. Just saying.

  18. Dear sir. Isreal is but a tool and most israelis are misled into acting badly.
    We here in America keep a mans corps in/under the most grandiose headstone that any man on earth has ever had in all of recorded history, and it was he who cooked up the plot more than 150 years ago. Furthermore, the plan calls for the complete destruction of israel and the Islamic-Arab based Governments in the Middle East. (but NOT Persian.) The end goal is the whole world become disgusted with magic-sky-man religions and the world turns to science as a new religion.

    Get a load of the > topless pyramid < that is in fact the most grandiose headstone EVER:

    These dudes are not messing around.

  19. There is no doubt that Zionism as it is manifest in one of its incarnations, the Neo-Con Movement, is a part of the circle of tyranny infecting this world. Jews, on the other hand, can be like anyone else and most don't even know what a Neo-Con is. In general, it is safe to say that the apartheid practiced in the Zionist Entity is a natural phenomenon born of the evil to which you refer. Ziad


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