My updated map of Aleppo 1/12/2013

Please note that Al-Naqqarin is officially liberated and the SAA has advanced at the Industrial City. 


My updated map of Aleppo 1/12/2013 by

13 thoughts on “My updated map of Aleppo 1/12/2013

  1. Hey, what happened to the PYD? Your last map in October had a Kurdish-controlled section in the north:

    Looks like the SAA is making big progress on the outskirts while rebels made some progress in the centre of the city compared to the last map. Is the citadel no longer being used by the SAA?

  2. I guess the SAA has come to a halt a bit in Aleppo, probably to fortifie the reached positions. What about the progress in the north toward the industrial zone? Thanks for your much needed work! Greetings from Germany

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  3. I think the SAA controls more of the countryside north of base 80, yes? That's were Al-Naqqarin is. And I though the SAA was moving towards Hanano from this side. It this not true?

    And if it is true that the Industrial Area is taken over, when will we see reinforcements at the Central Prison?

  4. I read there is a SAA advance towards town Urum , which is close to Aleppo (at the west side)
    Moreover, al-Zarzour and Tel Ta'anah are now controlled by SAA at the northeastern side of Aleppo.
    Keep up the good work all of you at SP


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